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  1. Great news on that location. Although Hill Petro seems to be slightly cheaper than Western, it is a nice addition to the folks like me that come down from Ft Collins to go skiing.
  2. In Colorado, you are missing the Greeley Cenex stations at 1607 2nd Avenue and 2449 35th Avenue. I have filled up at both of those stations recently. According to the http://www.eere.energy.gov/afdc/stations/find_station.php site, there is one more station in Greeley, but I have not been there. I will try and check it out soon. I sure wish there was a station in Pagosa Springs or Durango Colorado.
  3. I was the first station at Drake and Shields. I filled up in Greeley at the Cenex and my air/fuel is back to normal. Hopefully they will get a new batch in soon to "fix" the mixture.
  4. I have been running various E85 "blends" from the different stations along the front range without any problems for at least a year. My engine management is MAF based with a wideband O2 sensor installed and calling the shots. My EMS is not flex fuel, I have tuned it for E85 only. I didn't have any problems in the winter until the temps got below 5?F. My EMS will adjust +/- 20% blend in fuel, so this batch of fuel must be in the E50 to E55 range. I will wait a few days before filling up, hopefully they will get another batch of fuel to fix the issue. I wonder if the tanker driver accidently started filling the E85 tank with 85 octane?!?
  5. I have been running E85 in my turbo Ranger for well over a year and have it tuned well. I fueled up on Saturday night and now my tune is way rich. I had a pretty neutral tune for both summer and winter blends,but I am way too rich. The blend from the pump must be well below E70. Anyone else had any problems with Western? I called Western and leaft a message with the fuel dude, but he has not called back.
  6. Just drove by the Western station at the NW corner of Mountain and Riverside and they now have e85, $2.69/gallon. Address is 382 E Mountain Ave
  7. I believe it is the GSL392, but I will need to double check tonight. Yes we are running E85 with the external pump, it seems to work fine, no hint of fuel pressure or supply issues.
  8. What kind of fuel flow are we talking here? We have a vehicle here running with an external Walbro 255HP pump and put 405hp to the tires with 25# boost pressure and 1000cc injectors. We have no signs of the pump being the weak link.
  9. I have no problems with "old farts". You must admit the Corvette old farts are a different breed. You know the type, the ones that spend an entire afternoon washing and waxing their car. Then they go out and drive in the left lane on the interstate at 3mph over the speed limit backing up traffic. Have you ever seen those old farts?
  10. No kidding, I am sure people look at my Ranger and think, "what a POS." I like it that way, it won't get stolen. Under the hood is a turbocharged 2.3 that put 325hp to the wheels with 17# of boost. It is enough to piss off the Corvette old farts.
  11. Man, if you can't trust a government website, who can you trust? : : Sorry about that...
  12. Hmm, yep you are right. the gov website is wrong: www.eere.energy.gov/afdc/progs/station_detail.cgi?STATIONS/30402/8/1 Hill even has a website: http://www.hillpet.com/ BTW, Western on Drake is $2.19 and $2.87, so I hope they drop the price down another 10 cents soon.
  13. It was pretty cool at first, but now I am a little annoyed, unless it is a hot chick!
  14. Dan, There appears to be something wrong with the database, I entered all 3 stations on the 7-26-07. I submitted them about 5 minutes apart and closed the browser between submittals. Chris
  15. I have two older 2.3 turbo Fords I drive and have converted to E85. One is an 86 Mustang SVO and the other is an 89 Ranger with a 2.3 turbo. Almost everytime I fill up at the pump I get someone saying, " I didn't know the older cars could run E85." I explain what I did and am always asked either, "can you convert my car?" or "what would it take to convert my car?" Does anyone else have this problem? I just want to fill my vehicle and continue my day. I find myself going to the pump late at night to avoid people.
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