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  1. Hello, This issue has been resolved. Station, Kum & Go at 5480 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80421 has been verified in the e85prices.com database. Please be aware that stations that are submitted have to be verified and confirmed to make sure the location is selling e85. Once verified you can now submit prices for that station. You can not submit prices for stations that have yet to be confirmed. Please fill free to contact me directly for any further questions.
  2. Billy, Looking to get to the bottom of this issue immediately. I direct messaged you my email last week about the similar issue. Do you mind emailing directly?
  3. Billy, Fill free to contact us with all the updated information when the stations become open. I'm direct messaging you my contact information.
  4. Stroky, We are getting to the bottom of this issue. We will be monitoring this user very closely.
  5. Thank you for the submission Paul. It has been updated.
  6. Thank you!!! We have added this store to the E85prices Website!
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