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  1. CEL once in July. It went away shortly thereafter. No coldstart issues either...
  2. 9 1/2 months on e85 and no conversion kit in my stock 01 Dakota. No problems whatsoever...
  3. I returned my conversion kit the other day. I really don't think that I need it. My stock 01 dakota (4.7L v8) has taken a liking to e85 with no conversion and no check engine light. I'm positive that the summer blend is out and I haven't had problems (yet). I noticed it when it was still cold here and it started harder than on winter blend about 1.5 months ago. I drive alot, usually 1 tank every 4-5 days. My mpg: Gasoline: 18-20 hwy E85: 13-16 Hwy The one drawback I did find with dakotas, is the fact that the fuel filter is in the fuel tank as part of the fuel pump. I haven't done anything with it, but I am concerned as I have 180,000 miles on it.
  4. Now it has been 2 months of e85 on a stock 01' dakota and no light... It is looking promising.
  5. I'm not sure what size the injectors are. My guess is that they are using a winter blend of E85 up here (i think they can go as low as E70).
  6. I have an 01 Dodge Dakota with a 4.7L V8. I blended the first tank of E85 about 50/50 and have run 3 full tanks of straight E85 since with absolutely no conversion kit and no check engine light. If the light is staying off, do I need a conversion kit, or is my ecu capable of compensating? It is also cold here, it has been form -10 to -25 in the morning fahrenheit while i've been doing this and the truck has started the same as it does on E10. thoughts? I would like to think I don't need a kit and my ecu is doing enough...
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