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  1. Looks like this turned into a Sunoco and no E85 pumps. :-(
  2. Pretty neat being able to fill up in front of where the corn juice is made. I was heading off to Gun Lake to watch the Fourth of July fireworks and with the tank getting pretty low I made getting to the plant for a fill up my goal. This was the first time I've filled up there so like I said it was pretty neat to just stand there and fill up my tank (for $1.99) :-)
  3. So how have the USA 2 GO price spreads been at other locations around the state? And on an off topic note I was leaving Chicago a few years back and they had lots of rain causing flooding that closed the freeway I would have taken to get back to MI. They forced me onto a detour thru the city steets to get out of town. It was dark, raining, with poorly lite streets and I ended up hitting a deep pothole that popped my front tire and cracked my rim on my Subaru. What a wonderful thing to happen at 11pm on a Sunday night somewhere in South Chicago. Long story short I sent the city my bill, stayed persistent on following up to make sure they knew I was not just going to let it go and low and behold about a year later, lol, I got a check in the mail from them to coverage the damages.
  4. Well shoot you are on top of everything. Thanks for the additional info and the additional uncertainties we must now ponder. Now how do I change the title of this topic from Sunoco to USA 2 Go? Oh, and I absolutely agree that stretch of Jolly is in horrible condition.
  5. The new 2014-15 GM full size trucks utilizes all this. An ethanol content (%) sensor, VVT, Direct injection, and a 11:1 CR. I have a 14 Silverado and I also have a Diablosports tuner that I can adjust parameters. I've been using their flexfuel tune for awhile now and have seen an increase in 1mpg avg over the stock GM tuning. I'm interested in your comment about lowering the shift points to further increase mpg. Do you have any further info on this? I could easily test this with my tuner.
  6. In Okemos, MI on Okemos Rd just North of I96 they are building a new gas station. They appear to now be doing the digging up front for the tanks and pumps. I believe it will be a Sunoco as one of the construction workers (while at Culvers next door) said the new building was housing a Dunkin Donuts and a Jimmy Johns and since the Sunoco just up the block currenty has a Dunkin Donuts my guess is the entire gas station is moving off the corner of Okemos and Jolly rds to this new location. I can't really confirm this but hoping whatever gas station it ends up being will have E85.
  7. That's good news. A lot of guys on the gm-trucks website with 2015's are kind of disappointed to find out their trucks were not ffv when all the 2014's were. Hopefully GM will keep it as a standard option. Doesn't make much sense not too with all parts already the same except the exclusion of the sensor and the fuel mapping in the ecm.
  8. Great post. The premium fuel and performance side of E85 should definitely be promoted more. I've got a new 2014 Silverado which increases HP by 23 and torque by 33 when using E85. Just like your Cadillac it has the fuel sensor to adjust the tune for any % of ethanol. And the cylinder deactivation kicks in more on E85, I think due the the extra power it produces, so the fuel economy doesn't take as big of a hit. Only 10% less for me after 1200 miles. I can't wait to tow with it to see how well it does. I frequently read GM truck forums and a lot of the guys on there are using E85 just for this reason and don't care as much about the price. They love the extra pep. If you think about truck owners or performance car owners fuel economy and cost are not priority number one. There are still a lot of people out there that think E85 is bad. My entire department at work looked at me like I was crazy and one guy said E85 sucks, its horrible for your engine and you get terrible gas mileage. Its kind of sad people think this way. At least there are a few more people at my work that are now educated on the benefits of E85 :-)
  9. South Lansing Meijer appears to now have E85 priced only 35 cents less than 87 today. Still cheaper cost per mile wise vs 87 for me. 12% less fuel economy after about 1200 on E85.
  10. $1.37 at S Penn Meijer today around lunch time but I wasn't in my truck. By the time I got back there after work it had jumped up to $1.59. I missed out...
  11. Very good point regarding the contents of E85 vs regular gasoline. Nice to know less of all those ingredients is going thru my engine and just as important back out into the air we breath.
  12. Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the info. I work off of Okemos Rd and 96. Since I pass by that exit for the Meijer station on Penn I think it's going to now be my primary fill-up place. Guess I'll need to use up all those speedy rewards points. I'll probably be stopping in once a week so I can try to keep posting that Meijer and save you some gas. FYI the Mejier off of E Saginaw and 69 was $1.47 today. I couldn't post it since that location didn't populate when I tried to add it to my favorites. Only had it about a month now but I really like the Silverado. I started to read into E85 when I read the HP increases 21 to 376 and torque up 33 to 416 in the new engines! Sounds kinda cool if you were gonna tow something to have that extra power without other mods. It has a fuel sensor to determine exact percentage of ethanol and adjust the engine tuning accordingly. Sorry dont wanna get too off-topic. But if my reseach is correct ethanol has a higher octane, burns cooler, and should keep my engine cleaner? Fisrt couple tankfulls and I'm down only about 12% in mileage. I've read others are at about 15% with the Silverado. I can get used to this.
  13. Are you a fan of CGB? Their website makes them sound pretty good for Michigan and that lowest cost per gallon banner on the homepage sure sounds good.
  14. I'm new to using e85 with the purchase of a new truck. I didn't know Carbon Green Bioenergy existed... Any idea on why the price is higher when the Lansing area Meijers I fill up at are 40 cents less. Do you know where those Meijer stations get their e85?
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