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  1. Break Time (MFA) in Columbia near stadium has E85 @2.07 and 2.33
  2. good news, the price for E85 around St. Louis just dropped below $2 to $1.79 with the E10 price $2.41 so quite the savings.
  3. Not much to add but letting all know Sikeston is $2.19 for E85. Still looking for E15 in the future.
  4. Anyone know where these blender pumps are and if they have E15 yet? I know of one near St. Louis in Moscow Mills but there doesn't seem to be a ramp up of stations like I expected and it has been a while since I found any new ones added to Missouri.
  5. The price today for E85 is 2.10 on 11/11/2017. St Louis finally below $2 mark which seems to be a critical line to break through
  6. I live on the west side of St. Louis and we finally have E85 @1.79 down from 1.99 where it stayed at many stations in the area for probably 2 yrs. not sure why but finally some downward pressure. Next is E15 in the area and it hopefully doesn't take another 2 yrs. Can't wait!!
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