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  1. Mobil 8575 W Dempster at Greenwood 847-384-0352 E10 2.56 E85 1.99 Site says this station is in the system but the interface wont let me find the station. Currently impossible to add price
  2. never mind. The system is fine. Seems like E85 users took a break from posting.
  3. Its Aprill 22 but latest prices are from April 17 . Did the site administrator take a vacation or maybe this is just an illusion ? Gas prices are spiking and until this is fixed, E85 customers are powerless in defending our wallets. Help !
  4. BP 3100 Cicero Avenue Cicero, IL 60804 (708) 652-9025 Latest Price E85 : $1.99/ Gal If this is already in the database, sorry in advance -- let me know.
  5. Tapping the station field the second time did the trick. Thanks !
  6. I loggged in fine. I can add favorites fine. Except those 3 stations. Burbank and New Lennox Speedways and Western Ave- Chicago phillips66. Those 3 stations cant be added as favorites right now. Note: I WAS able to add 447 Bolingbrook Dr Speedway in Bolingbrook fine, no problem.
  7. Using android Chrome browser http://www.e85prices.com/illinois.html For instance, i try Burbank Speedway and 7901 natchez is the only address (that's a citgo). I had no problem adding the Bolingbrook Speedway.
  8. Found the list of Illinois stations. Still can't add them to favourites or update their prices though.
  9. Whats the link to that list? These stations couldnt be added as favorites and I couldnt update the prices on the e85 prices website(those 3 stations couldnt be found). Guess theres a lagtime before that list is integrated with the price part of the website ?
  10. Ah. I found you do have the Bolingbrook one. However, looks like the Burbank(Speedway), New Lennox(Speedway), and Chicago (Western Ave Phillips66) are new. If you do have'em, in the list, I couldnt put prices for them or add them as favorites.
  11. Phillips 66 225 N Western Chicago, IL 60612 312-421-7730 Regular 3.649 E85 3.359 ********************** Speedway #7422 7859 S Harlem Ave Burbank, IL 60459-1085 (708) 430-2227 ---------------------- Speedway #1431 939 S Cedar Rd New Lenox, IL 60451-2206 (815) 485-9636 --------------------------- Speedway #5373 447 N Bolingbrook Dr Bolingbrook, IL 60440-1954 (630) 759-3006 --------------------------
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