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  1. Megasquirt is another sweet option that I have used on alot of cars.It is a really cheap and very configurable standalone ecu(I paid $143 for mine and had to solder it togher myself).
  2. Here are some of the options as far as switching goes. http://www.moates.net/index.php?cPath=25_41 On my van I just switch chips under the drivers seat for now.On most of the GM ECUs there is a main injector scaler # where you can almost tune it for E85 by changing one 16bit value.If we can find another input thats not being used by the processor we may be able to move that value into a seprtate loop to run a fuel sensor to change it automatically. If the Saab 93 is a motronic car I could do it with some work,if its not a motronic car it can also be done although its even more work.
  3. Just so you guys know its really easy to reprogram most ECUs.Here is the configurable program that I use for tuning most of my cars at the shop.Its free for personal use and recomended to pay some $$ for licence if you are using it for making money. http://tunerpro.markmansur.com/ A cheap chip burner from this place is the rest of the puzzle for tuning your car. www.moates.net You will also need a laptop with good battery an eeprom and possible conversion board for whatever vehicle you have (look on moates site for this).You will also need a definition file for your perticular vehicle to use with tunerpro.If you have any questions where to get these files just let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.All total you should be able to tune most GM cars for ~ $100 and fords will be marginally more expensive.
  4. load sensor signal modifier to change the fueling for E85.
  5. I use tunerpro and have been using a pocket programmer and a romulator when I can borrow it off the honda guys.I have a 7727 ecu in a GMC van.
  6. I have been having the same problem with my chevy van.I am running a chipped ecu and I'm kinda thinking the atomization of the fule at low temps may be the problem.I can get it to run if I run foolish off the scale fuel mixtures,but the moments later it will kill and then I have to rechip with a leaner file.Any ideas?
  7. Are these some kind of piggyback contraptions?
  8. Whats your lambda #?A wideband O2 sensor will read 14.7 stoich on gasoline and 14.7 stoich on a 9:1 af ratio E85.
  9. To a certain extent that info is relevent although the VW/Audi(and alot of other later model motronic powered euro cars) have a wideband that is used under all conditions(full and part throttle).This is the main fuel mixture factor on these cars(you can unplug most other sensors and you will still see the same fuel mixture all the time).The motronic 7 cars in the article will run up to 100% duty cycle to achieve a certain programmed in fuel mixture.These cars also have a very high compression ratio(9.5:1) with a turbo.They run very well on straight E85 at stock boost levels,but if you run this stuff in a high boost car(chipped) you will run out of injector and run the car lean.
  10. Wow total gohst town here My name is Chuck B from the Boost Factory in Minneapolis MN (where E85 is everywhere).I do alot of ECU tuning on cars (motronic BMW,VW,merc and almost all other european vehicles) along with most GM,Honda,and a few others.My experience comes with modifying cars to run for boost and the same technology works for tuning with E85.My shop van is a 88 GMC 1500 with 4.3l TB injection converted to E85.If anybody needs a chip file for this vehicle I can email it to you.
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