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  1. Your injectors are just solenoid valve that can only be on or off. So they are pulsed on and off at high speeds. (Like taking a light switch and flipping it on,off,on,off,on.) To get more fuel the injectors stay on longer than off. For less fuel it doesn't stay on as long for each time it cycles on and stays off longer. A conversion kit like Fullflex, Flextek, Autoflex, ... just make the pulse stay on a little longer than it would with gasoline. That is how it makes the air/fuel mixture more rich to run E85. The car's computer still thinks it is running gasoline and uses the O2 sensor to make the adjustment for smaller differences in alcohol percentage like it normally does. Most vehicles can run up over 40% alcohol without even making any changes at all.
  2. Hey how about a little loyalty here .. The NEVC should be concentrating on pestering the auto manufacturers to create real e85 optimized engine and quit pretending that older vehicles cant be converted :D ;D
  3. On the alcohol again (E85), I was able to get 29.2 MPG on my car on straight E85. Still working on raising my MPG's. My alignment is out of wack so it should be better after I get that fixed. (Replaced my tie rod end awhile back but never did get it realigned) Normally my car would get around 31 MPG on gasoline. 31 - 29.2(E85)= 1.8 MPG less. E85 here is going for $2.79. So my gasoline equivalent is around $2.96. That's 05.8% less MPG on E85.
  4. ??$2.79?? at Phillips - 1st & W "O" Street (I didn't see this price, but it usually follows Sinclair/Gas N Shop) $2.79 at Sinclair/Gas N Shop - Yolande & Cornhusker Lowest regular gasoline price in town - E10 around $3.29 My car is now finally up and running, of coarse the e85 price goes up. Still I'll do a little better price wise on E85.
  5. Looks like this is a New company, not Full Flex: http://flexfuelus.com/s.nl/c.641489/sc.1/s.nl/sc.2/s.nl/sc.1/s.nl/sc.1/.f They clame EPA certification also.
  6. Let me know if you find out when that will air on American Chopper. I'd like to see that!
  7. $2.59 at Phillips - 1st & W "O" Street $2.59 at Sinclair/Gas N Shop - Yolande & Cornhusker Lowest regular gasoline price in town - E10 $3.19 My car is almost back together, I've been out of town all last week. I went to a CEMS (continuous emission monitoring systems) conference for the electrical power resource institute. It was held in Phoenix,AZ. Wow what a tough week listening to EPA Regulations and new proposed laws for Mercury monitoring. :-\ Glad to be back home!
  8. SPARK PLUG INFO: http://www.sparkplugs.com/sparkplug411.asp Iridium page: http://www.sparkplugs.com/sparkplug411.asp?kw=Iridium&mfid=0 Technical paper from Denso: http://www.sparkplugs.com/pdfs/iri.pdf
  9. NKG AUTOLITE http://www.autolite.com/enlarged/images/racing0.jpg[/img] DENSO http://www.globaldenso.com/PLUG/topics/2006/images/12_1_1.jpg[/img] Autolite has a platnum side electrote. Denso has a slightly different design and a .4mm electode instead of a .6mm: http://www.globaldenso.com/PLUG/topics/2006/images/12_1_1l.jpg Now I just have to deside which one to buy :-\
  10. I've been looking into buying iridium spark plugs. Autolite makes them They are like platnum spark plugs, but with a alloy in the electrode so they can make it even thinner (0.6mm). The sharper an object the better it can through a spark. The problem is if you get it too small it increases the wear. The iridiam is a very hard metel that takes care of the wear problem. XP Xtreme Performance: http://www.autolite.com/products/xpXtreme.php I see they make them for FFV also, So they must be able to handle E85! ;D
  11. There is a Flextek converter that will handle a 10 cylinder. http://flextek.com/shop.htm $978.00 May be cheeper to have it tuned. A few guys on this forum should be able to point you to a good E85 tuner. Have you mixed any E85 in your tank already? Most newer vehcles can handle up to around 50% ethanol without causing a check engine light even unconverted. A few can go higher.
  12. I've had the battery problem before. Low voltages on newer vehcles cause sensors not to read quit right giving you poor mileage. The problem I had was from a bad alternator. You can check the battery voltage when it is running and see if it is up in the 14.5 Volt area.
  13. http://www.edmunds.com/maintenance/MaintenanceServlet Here you go, You can seach for it here.
  14. Have them check service bulletins. Or search for the service bulletin yourself and take the bulletin number in with you. I think you can search for that on kbb.com
  15. I guess it was a deduction not a credit. Clean-fuel vehicle deduction. ;D
  16. Maybe I messed up then. :-\ I'll have to see if I can find it and check. Crap, I still have to finish up this years taxes yet! :'(
  17. Looks good! I'll have to spend some time looking it over again. Looks like alot has changed sense I was last there.
  18. Was that for the State credit? I was able to get back a little from the Fed deduction for my conversion.
  19. OK Schaid, Wipe the druel off your mouth and quit pollishing up that still out in your garage. You'll wear off all the copper before you even get to try it. :D ;D I will be waiting to see how it works for you. Let us know all the details when you get the first batch going.
  20. Dan, If you keep having your dead zone problem, change your fuel filter. My car had the same problem when the filter started getting dirty. It may be the problem if the other things don't work for you.
  21. The car's own computer already has the ability to fine tune up to a factory set range. Flextek just adjusts the width of the pulse alittle higher so the car's own computer can fine tune at that high level using the O2 sensor. G setting is off - up to around 40-50% on most cars A setting is on - down to 50-60% alcohol. So I would not be supprised to see a tuned vehicle still have that + or - range after it is tuned to E85. I am not a tuner, but I do know factory vehicles have the abillity to adjust for seasonal blends and/or E10. They use the O2 sensor to fine tune A/F.
  22. A piggy back tuner would be like putting a flextek type converter on only it would be adjustable. Flextek relies on the ecu to fine tune the a/f mix using the O2 sensor. The factory ecu is designed to self adjust within the seasonal ranges of regular gasoline and E10. I would think the difference in E85 and E70 would be handled by the ecu at least in the closed loop? Any thoughts on this by some of the tuners out there?
  23. Nice new look, and you can even pick your own color! COOL! 8)
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