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  1. I understand why your asking the question but almost all cars are able to run ethanol in small mixes to begin with  and there are no issues.    The newer cars are made to run this stuff they just dont tell people.  Dont run what I run yet but about 20% should do you well.


    I have no issues, I've been using E85 in a 1999 Ford ZX2 for over 5 Years with a Flextek converter I bought from Brazil.


    My point is that if it is made to handle today's gasoline (High aromatic), it will handle straight E85.


    Gasoline (High aromatic) has a "D" rating with aluminum


    Denatured Alcohol has a "B" rating

  2. Ethanol supposed to attack aluminum, copper alloys, magnesium, and natural rubber. Natural rubber not used in autos for a long time, that I know of. Magnesium to expensive to use. Copper and aluminum alloys would be the primary concern. Haven't seen many problems nor start of any problems. Go figure? Wish the testing labs would publish results in quick easy format for general public. As always the information to valuable and agencies afraid to release. They want the power to decide for you as you may make a bad decision. The public can't be trusted. Unfortunately for citizens we have promoted way to much of this thinking to nonprofit agencies. 



    Attacks aluminum (So does high aromatic gasoline, even worse)

    That's why todays vehicles have to use aluminum that has a protective coating.



    Copper has an "A" rating with ethanol.

    Copper only has a "B" rating with gasoline.

    (High aromatic would be worse yet)


  3. Hey hows everyone doing lately. I haven't been able to drop in here as much as I would like to anymore.


    I'm Doing good, My car is still liken the E85 baby%20bottle.gif

    I've been buying E85 for $1.97 lately W/ a U-Stop loyalty Card (-2¢/Gal).  25% difference in price compared to reg. I loose about 11% MPG on E85. Can't complain here.




    I still haven't made a fuel ethanol still, E85 prices here have been pretty good. Maybe some day I will.  ;D



  4. This thing reminds me of the ethanol Reverse Osmosis scam a while back.


    These RO system was suppose to have special ethanol RO filters that could separate the ethanol water out of the ethanol.


    Turned out all they were was a plain old water RO system nothing more.


    $10,000 man somebody is gonna get screwed!  ::)

  5. I am using the http://www.fueleconomy.gov/ web site to get the mileage figures for both E85 and Gas.  This gives me a baseline from which to compare.  I'm sure that in some situations you may exceed the mileage figures the government has determined for E85. The government's uses the same testing for both fuels, so any disadvantage is applied to both fuels.





    http://www.fueleconomy.gov/ uses a standard fuel to run all test. They then Calculate  all fuels using the energy content difference from that standard fuel. Gasoline MPG and E85 MPG are both Calculated mileage and Not a Lab test using that fuel.  They do not account for added fuel efficiencies of a different fuel. That's why you see the MPG  of a FFV is reported by drivers to be 15-20% rather than the EPA milage difference of 33%.


    If you had a FFV that got 33% less MPG, you would need to contact the dealer.  We have had some on this sight even that have had to go back to the dealer to have the vehicle's computer program re-flashed. A few FFV have a service bulletin from the dealer about problems with improper vehicle tune for E85.

  6. I can't get to the tripod site. I never can. If it is about the Charles 803 still, it is a three inch column and will produce a quart to 1 1/2 gal. per hour hardly worth the trouble. A six inch column would be more in line if you were producing fuel for your vehicle and generator to supply electricity for the homestead or just your vehicle. Later.


    Their forum has change and split off several times.


    I used to regularly check post on a few of them but not lately. Not sure they are all still around. I will have to check.



    I found the latest post:

    RE: Please Help .. LOL    Al Cantrell 

      May 05, 2008 12:47 PDT 




    Hello Amy,


    I believe the robertwarren@topica has moved to RobertWarren on Google groups.


    Also another good source of information for you will be the Yahoo AlcoholFuel group. If you are not already a member there, go ahead and join.


    The information on the mix is available on the Yahoo group under Files, Recipes. One is titled "55 Gallons of Corn Mash" and the other is titled "Using enzymes".


    As far as materials go, stainless or copper is fine to use. Just whichever you are most comfortable working with.




    The official forum:



    I think the first break off forum:



    Another of the break off forums:



    Some of the guys don't get along as good as our sight does.

    Even so you see many of them on all the sights listed. They get some pretty good arguments sometime but end up apologizing and somewhat making up. A dysfunctional family you could say.

  7. This happened at the state level of gov. My Dad had a friend in Neb. that was a farm implement dealer and state representative. When elected he was going to clean up some corrupt aspects of a big electric utility or so he thought. I always remember him telling my Dad how one of his fellow rep's pulled him aside and told him to back off because "you can't swim with cement overshoes".


    None of these candidates are leaders, they're just followers following the oil companies' lobby money around.


    Neb. is a Public Power State. We have some of the cheapest electrical rates in the Nation. NPPD is a major reason Neb. is the 2nd largest ethanol producing state. They did a lot of the leg work to pick out good spots to build ethanol plants on. http://www.ethanolsites.com/ Look down at the bottom.


    Here's another sight: http://sites.nppd.com/default.aspx


    (Now where's that Bag of cement mix?...)


    Where did you say you live Cessna?  ;D ;)


  8. Just found a small problem with the Calc.


    I put $2.59 in for E85,  $3.14 in for gasoline

    27 MPG for E85,  31 MPG for gasoline


    Cost per mile on both = $0.10


    Maybe it would be better to add one more decimal place to it? Looks like it rounded one up and the other one down making them the same.

  9. I would agree Rower that the air would be easiest, fastest, and should be set up to automatically go off when the key is turned to crank- this should be easy to do through a relay. Somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to recall that a way to preheat a cold battery to prep it for extreme cold weather start was to apply a brief load by turning on the headlamps then back off again before crank- theory was to warm the battery by brief chemical activity before applying a heavier load especially since it is not an issue of reserve as it is of available chemical action at low temp. (was this a wife's tale?)- if this is true, then the preheat battery drain should have very little effect if the load is brief.


    Preheating a battery by giving it giving it a small load (normally headlights for 20 seconds) before starting on an extremely cold day does work and is good for the battery.


    I learned that trick while I was going through college for my electrical degree.  I have tried it on extrem cold mornings where the engine would have turned over slow because of the thick cold oil.  I had it work when I couldn't even get it to turn over once. I figured I was already stranded with a dead battery, what did I have to loose.  Might as well give it a try, it worked. Turned on the head light 20 second, turned them off, turned the key and it started.


    The electrical current heats the battery acid just enough to get the chemical reactions going in the battery. Batteries won't work well or take much of a charge when cold. So it not only helps the battery put out its full cranking amps, it also let's the battery charge back up sooner when driving.


    So loading up the battery a little with a heater just before starting will actually be good on your battery.

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