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  1. Well apparently GasBuddy has now added E85 price reporting to their site. You can add E85 as a fuel type to a station and report prices.
  2. Well I did repost immediately after because I realized what I had done. I am talking no less than one minute in time frame between both postings. Instead of removing the wrong one, both prices were posted. So I think that feature was removed. It still shows the wrong price as well as the correct price. Has anyone deleted the negative spread yet?
  3. I apologize, however I had a moment of delirium and posted the prices backwards creating a negative spread at the Kroger location in Sachse Texas. The price spread that is negative needs to be deleted. I am sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. I am extremely excited to see this. I hope I can win!!!!!
  5. Since the website change I have not been able to log in to the new site on my Samsung Galaxy Note II. I have not been able to find an option to reset my password either. Each time that I attempt to log in, the site says incorrect password. Am I missing something, or is there no way to rest your password?
  6. I too use to post prices very frequently (almost daily). After the acquisition by the RFA the E85 price submissions have just been a joke. It took two whole days after my submission to get it approved. I am no newbie to this site, nor the app for posting prices. I have been very disappointed with the way it has been ran up to this point by the RFA. For the first couple of months during the RFA take over I was working at a station that sells E85 and I attempted to post the price for that station daily. Eventually I got frustrated and gave up posting prices altogether because by the time I went to post a new price the next day my previous days (which was at least 24 hrs old) had not even been approved yet for the same station. I can handle the android app not working correctly, I can handle it taking 4 hrs even though the app states it will be approved within 3 hrs, but I just don't even see a point with posting prices if it takes 48 hrs to even get it approved. Fuel prices can change daily, even a couple times with in the day. I know there are people who use the app the check prices before fueling and I feel bad that they might expect one price then arrive only to find a different one. I have spoken with numerous customers looking for other locations with in the Dallas Metroplex who offer E85 besides the one or two they are aware of and I have always enlightened them to E85prices. I have spent time at the pumps at work talking to flexfuel owners about the option of using E85 and mentioned the site and app to them as well. I have spent a lot of MY own time trying to help grow E85 use as well as the use of the website and app. So to me it feels like I am not really doing these people a favor when I was not even able to keep daily prices for my station that they frequent. I can not even put into words the frustration I have with this. I honestly hope it turns around very soon, otherwise my participation in this site may cease along with my mention of it to others.
  7. I am not sure if anyone on the site besides Aaron is aware that I work for RaceTrac. I wanted to toot our horn though and brag that the station located in Dallas TX sells an average of 2,000 gallons per day of E85. I used to work at this location before being promoted so I saw the daily volumes first hand. I must say I am fairly impressed that one location can sell that much E85 in a 24 hour period in a big oil state with low gasoline prices. My understanding is that from all 7 Dallas metroplex locations an average daily volume of 20,000 gallons is sold. So hats off to RaceTrac for this accomplishment!
  8. It always makes me happy and feel great about the expansion of ethanol every time that I see a new station selling E85. Thanks for finding and adding this station Aaron!
  9. So as many of you know, back in November of 2014 I bought a brand new Dodge Charger with the 3.6L flexfuel engine and have been running E85 in it since I bought it. The ONLY time that E10 has been ran in it was the first tank, and that was only due to the fact that the dealership filled the tank with it. Also, on ONE other occasion I was out of the "E85 grid" and filled with 2 gallons of E10 to have enough fuel to make it back to the "grid". So I decided today that out of curiosity I would take a white napkin, use my fingers, and really wipe out both tailpipes of my car very good to see how much carbon soot and build up there has been after 256 hours on the engine and 8,000 miles of driving. I have included a picture of the napkin so you guys can see how little amount of carbon there is on the rag. I am very excited and a firm believer now that yes E85 is so much cleaner than "crapoline", as my good buddy Aaron would say. I thought before that yes sure E85 is a small amount cleaner but that surely it was not even half as clean as gasoline. Tailpipe3.bmp
  10. I love how up there they try to "hide" the pump by placing it in awkward places on the property since they know that plenty of people would use it if it were convenient. However down here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of Texas, RaceTrac has E85 at all 24 pumps right alongside diesel and gasoline. I wonder if this is due to the fact Texas is a big oil state and they are relatively sure hardly any one will choose it. Kroger has E85 at half of their pumps alongside gasoline, with diesel sharing the other half of the gasoline pumps. My how the pump placement is different when the demographics are different.
  11. Adding the following station to the list: RaceTrac 6421 Broadway Blvd. Garland, Tx 75043
  12. Dan I think that the cheapest solution for Aaron would be for him to stop putting that ethanol junk fuel in his tank. I mean, my God, that's what is eating up his starter and air intake system! The cheapest fix would be to use EXCLUSIVELY E0 pure gasoline at this point. Shoot, we all know E0 pure gasoline gets like 414% better fuel economy than that E85 junk. That E0 pure gasoline will have that 6 banger purring on the first crank like it is meant to in that -90 degree Fahrenheit weather. Besides if he was going to plug up then he needs to buy one of those electric Nissan Leafs and plug it up every night lol!!! Dan I also feel like Aaron needs to be given a member warning on his profile due to the fact he is knowingly and deliberately driving a flex fuel vehicle on E15 instead of E85.
  13. I was bored tonight and couldn't sleep so I did a price check at RaceTrac around 3am. When I pulled in the parking lot I noticed a younger guy no more than 19 years old in a flex fuel impala getting E85. I pulled in on the other side of the pump and wanted to make conversation and see what made him chose the E85 and if he uses it regularly or not. I found it very interesting that such a young guy was using E85. I wanted so bad to see if it was just due to the price being cheaper or if he knew it was American made or what his purpose for choosing it was. As I pulled up and was getting out he had finished fueling and was getting back in his car so I did not get the opportunity to ask. Anyway I just thought it was really cool to see a very young person filling up with E85 in a flex fuel vehicle. I hardly ever see someone else getting E85 when I do and usually they are 35+ years old and white so it was a shocker and I wanted to share. Sorry for any errors in my post, but I am using my phone to post and it is hard to look over the post for errors. Out of curioucity what demographics do you guys usually run into at the pump that fill with E85? Have you noticed that demographic changing as E85 becomes more common at gas stations and people become familiar with it?
  14. I guess that could be why the prices look so good. Part of it is the fixed 50 cent spread Kroger has. I heard from a little birdy that RaceTrac is making a good profit on the E85 even at current prices. So, it kind of causes me to wonder who is eating the loss in profit that there must be in ethanol right now. Are the ethanol refineries taking a hit in the pocket book? Don't get me wrong I love the cheap prices we are seeing, but I don't want to wind up paying $3 or $4 a gallon later this year for E85 because the ethanol refineries are hurting from these cheap prices. I also wonder if E85 sales has increased with cheaper E85 pump prices, or if it has declined due to gasoline being so cheap right now.
  15. Ok so RaceTrac has two more stores that are carrying E85. RaceTrac #2306 3310 South Cooper Street Arlington, TX 76015 RaceTrac #2377 2236 North Main Street Cleburne, TX 76031 There is one other store currently under remodel and I am unsure if it will carry E85 yet. I heard of a possible new store as well in the area, but it is not under construction yet so not sure if it will carry E85 or not. Also, the store I work at is still supposed to receive a remodel so I hope with the remodel we will get E85 added.
  16. My 2014 Dodge Charger has the same 3.6L engine and I have not had any hard start issues at all. Now this is Texas and the coldest we have been since I purchased it was 28 degrees, but I would think at that temp after 8+ hours of sitting out in the cold I would witness it. Now I will say my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 4.7L engine did have delayed and hard start issues in the winter. In the owners manual though it stated that on E85 fuel at temperatures below 40 degrees delayed and hard start was to be expected and normal due to the nature of the fuel. If you guys find what might be the cause please share, and if I have any issues as winter goes on I will post them here.
  17. This is a post in the Texas section, celebrating low TEXAS prices on E85 .... so gasisoutrageous you lose because your posting to the wrong state LOL!!!
  18. I just wanted to take a minute and brag about the price at the RaceTrac at 10707 Ferguson rd in Dallas, TX. I couldn't believe it was $1.99 a gallon .... I was ecstatic when I saw this!!!! It made my Friday
  19. Why have a sign for the price per gallon for cash and for credit if your just going to charge the same price?? Apparently E85 pricing isn't the only thing they have fuel pricing issues with. It looks like it would be a lost cause to say anything to these jokers.
  20. No Dan mine is RWD. I don't think I need an AWD since we don't get much of that frozen stuff here like you guys in the north.
  21. Well guys a lot has happened since I posted on here last. I started working for RaceTrac which has been very exciting and I really like it so far. Been with them 4 weeks now. I also bought a brand new 2014 Dodge Charger yesterday!! It is the flexfuel 3.6L engine. Man I LOVE this car!!!!! It is so fun to drive, has a lot of power, and is FAST! I was actually surprised at how fast it is. The unfortunate thing is that the dealership gave me a full tank of gasoline. However, I took a little road trip and did some driving yesterday and ran a little over half of it out. So, soon enough, I will be filling the Charger with E85 at RaceTrac. I included some pictures for you guys to get a look at my new Charger.
  22. Your welcome Dan! I like to try and keep the prices as current as possible. That way if people don't post and just look on the app for prices they can see them. I am actually very happy with the prices we have been seeing down here since gasoline started dropping. As I'm sure most on here already know Kroger has a 50 cent set spread tied to the gasoline. So the cheaper gasoline is the cheaper E85 will get! Also the New RaceTrac near me is half the distance that the Kroger I use to purchase from was. Surprisingly, the RaceTrac is usually cheaper or the same on their E85 price than the Kroger. Also, RaceTrac keeps roughly a 50 cent spread but sometimes its a tad less and sometimes it is a tad more. I am wondering if the price of gasoline continues to decline here if we will be able to see E85 for under $2 a gallon. It would be nice to see for sure!
  23. Silly teen, cannabis is for cars!! Your doing it all wrong; it goes in the tank. Government would be pleased since it would be more taxes collected from the sale of a motor vehicle fuel.
  24. Gasisoutrageous is that really the number?! I found that too but thought yea right that's not it so I didn't even call it lol! Husker that regular is E10. I don't know of any station carrying E85 that carries E0 as well. I know there are a few stations left that carry E0, but how long they will hold on to it I don't know. One station I pass regularly that carries E0 outside of the Dallas area is always $3.85-$3.99 a gallon for E0 and it is the 92 octane super so it's not even regular 87 octane. Pure-gas website lists only 85 gas stations in Texas that sell E0 anymore. Thank goodness there are more E85 stations.
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