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  1. Working on one in the shop right now. Still waiting for a part or two. Looking to build for less than $100.00. Will post results as I work out the bugs.
  2. 4.10 gears and the converter flash stalls to 3500. Running a 700R4 transmission so freeway cruising is joy! Hoping to get to the strip in the next month.
  3. The engine is E85 specific built. 385 cubic inches (.040 0ver 350 block with a 3.75" stroker crank), 12.8:1 compression, aluminum heads, rather large hydraulic roller cam, Rob Mix modified 750 Holley carb, over 500 HP and 490 lbs. ft. torque. Makes for a real fun ride for sure!!
  4. Sinclair station in Austin, MN no longer exists - so obviously not selling E85
  5. Cenex in Blooming Prairie MN is no longer offering E85. They do however still show up on most lists of E85 retailers.
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