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  1. I remember the micro fueler. I was looking at it the other day but sadly, it's no longer affordable. Hey Greengenes, what are you planning to do with your coproducts? I was looking at David Blume's November 2013 presentation on you tube and towards the end, he has a chart showing the that a micro ethanol plant (10,000 gallon a year) can produce up to $400,000 in sales if you properly use the co products such as wet solubles, dry distillers grain and carbon dioxide. The products produced using the coproducts were tilapia fish, mushrooms, vegetables fish emulsion and something else.
  2. Just curious to see if any one here makes there own ethanol or have ever tried distillation? I think about it all the time lol....but my jeep aint ready for it.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. I got a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.0 Liter in line six with 307,000 miles on the original engine. I might get it to 400,000 miles. At that time I'll install a remanufactured engine. Hey Cessna, I'll definitely check out that FFV Focus.
  4. Hi everyone , Event though I'm a new member, I've been an ethanol fanatic for at least 5 years. Once I read Alcohol Can be A Gas by David Blume, I was hooked. Ive used ethanol in my jeep off and on, however after watching a documentary about the gulf oil spill and it's effects on people and the environment, I'll never again go back to full gasoline in my jeep. I'm currently running an estimated E50 mix with out a conversion kit and estimated 11% loss in mpg. Not bad. I researched ways to boost the compression ratio on my engine to take advantage of the higher octane but aside from spending $5000 on a stroked jeep engine or a supercharger, I was pretty much out of luck. Also, with the exception of the new Mazdas with the high compression ratio Sky Active engines, the new cars coming out don't have ethanol optimized engines even though they can run e85. I've searched the internet for ethanol optimized engines in the vehicle world and I really couldn't find anything out there that would that would take full advantage of the high octane rating. Is there such a car?
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