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  1. Nice experiment. Never thought of using baby bottles. Cheap and available. Might have to do some testing to, my usual station has E0,10, 15 & 85.
  2. $1.60 for E85 last weekend, also has E30 I think it was $2.12 701 Railroad Hwy St., Underwood, Iowa 51576 Good price and close enough to E85 with a easy on and off exit.
  3. I've been running E15 (Kum & Go) in my 09 Cobalt for over a year now, occasionally I'll top off a half tank with E85 for a E50 blend, I loose about 3-4 mpg (8-10%) with E50, much over E50 I'll get a CEL. Off topic: Got my wife a 15 Rogue last December, her previous 2 cars were FFV. Got in it one Sunday morning, didn't start as quick as normal, after a few miles noticed a CEL, it was full so stopped to check the gas gap. Few miles it didn't go away, asked where she filled it up. Sure enough almost a full tank of E85. After 50 miles, I squeezed in 3 gallons of E10, still didn't clear, brought the blend down to about E65, it got 24 mpg per the display on E85. On E65 for the next 160 miles I got about 25 mpg per the display. I topped it off with 6 gallons of E15 bring it down to E45 and got 28.2 mpg when I got home 60 miles later. I would normally expect 30-31 mpg for that trip. The next day the light was gone. Other than not starting instantly the first time no other symptoms. I'd run E50 in all my cars and never give it a second thought if available.
  4. $1.15 E15 today at Cedar Rapids, Marion, and North Liberty Kum & Go's. Got 13 gallons in my 13 gallon tank in car and another 13.25 in the trunk. Almost 43 mpg last 3 tanks. They still have more E85 pumps than E15.
  5. No, SW side of Cedar Rapids. Was at Coralville K&G last spring, was first time I saw a E15 pump, don't recall how pumps were set up but they have E85 as well. New Kwik Star on SW side at Westdale apparently doesn't want to sell much E85 $1.89 vs the K&G 1/2 mile away at $1.59. Haven't pulled in to check other blends available yet and have it added as a station. Minor pet peeve, it would be nice when picking a station to see the price it would list mid range E blends including E15.
  6. I've splash blended quite a bit, all depends on the prices of the day if worth the effort. For the most part $/mile comes out so close hardly worth the effort. Been planning on getting HPtuners for over a year now to basically flip the switch on my 2 Cobalt's to enable the FF, and then learn to optimize the timing. John shared his Cobalt's maps with me so I have those, just haven't spent the $600 yet.
  7. In Iowa we have a Kum & Go chain that seems to be jumping on the E15 bandwagon, but have E85 at the same pumps at the station I normally use. It is a fairly new station, but they modified pumps sometime this summer. It has maybe 8 double sided pumps, probably half have E15, E85, E10 & 91 on them, the other half have diesel and E10, 87 & 91. I've been running E15 in my Cobalt with barely a MPG notice. June over 2000 miles on E10 42.4 mpg, July about same miles 41.6 mpg, last 3 tanks of E15 42.2. I did run 3 tanks of E30 a few weeks ago and dropped to 39.6 but pumps are too far out of my way. E15 is $0.10(5%) cheaper than E10, I might be losing 1-2% mpg. E30 was actually cheaper per mile, but 10 miles out of my way, I calculated it would save me $0.25/500 mile(average tank) but the 10 miles cost $0.50.
  8. Would this method be preferred for other GM's as well? Using enough fuel isn't a problem for me should I stick to the other method for my 09 & 10 Cobalt's. (Still planning on getting HPtuner setup in Jan) Are you able to run E10 without a CEL?
  9. I'm pretty happy with my wife's 2010 Impala, last 2 tanks of E10 netted 29 mpg & $0.09/mile, 3 tanks of E85 before netted 24.5 & $0.07/mile. 16% loss in mpg, 32% cheaper fuel, and 22% cheaper per mile. Did a 200 mile day trip last month on E85, that tank was 26.5, I'd would have had to get 47 mpg with E0 that day to match $/mile.
  10. I thought most of the conversion don't work for DI cars? My last too tanks in my stock 2009 cobalt xfe running almost E50 I'm still breaking 40 mpg. Last few E10 tanks were 42.5. I'd like to run E85, but for now 50's gonna do, half E10 and half E85. Attach a snip of my fuel log,
  11. 2013/2014 Dodge Darts 2.0's are rated 34 hwy is the next highest factory FFV, followed by the 2010/2011 Malibu 2.4 6 sp auto's at 33. I'm not sure current Malibu's are even FFV. The 2013 Equinox/Terrain with 2.4 6 speed is rated 32 hwy, but seems to have a rap of not making rating. My MIL has a Terrain and I know she can't but doubt she ever has in any car. EPA calculates E85 loss using a 28-30% loss, no real testing. I owned a 2002 Suburban for a few years, it lost 18% over quite a few miles (records are on fuelly) My wife drives a 2010 Impala 3.5 ffv, I don't have as good of records on regarding different fuels, I know I can get 35 mpg E10 at 55, I think I can get 29-30 with E85 same drive. Calculates out to pretty much same 18% loss.
  12. Fine tuning the dial will not change the MPG, the car's ecu will put in more fuel to maintain the correct fuel mixture (when the car in in closed loop mode). The dial only will affect open loop when the car is cold, or at full throttle when the ecu uses a map instead of feed back from the o2 sensor. The kit's will throw off the factory economy gauge if that's important to you as well. Current Focus with the 2.0 FFV would be my choice of a new/used car, manual or old auto tranny instead of the AM6(automated manual) if still available, but the AM6 does drive nice and 2 years of production it should be getting more reliable. (rented on last year and younger brother has a 2012 Focus Titanium with AM6. I can't seem to post a link, but search samsriverside in Des Moines has several 2014 Focus with light hail and 27-30 miles for 13,500 & 13,900 with clear titles so still full warranty (salvage titles even with 10 miles = 0 factory warranty, some recall coverage) I'm have E30 in my 09 Cobalt XFE right now, half way thru and at 39 mpg. Could be better but did 90 miles of 70-75 that I usually don't, going to do another 50 miles today at 70+ so will drop my tank average a few mpg. E10 nets 42.5 average last 3 tanks. David
  13. By same in gas, you mean it's lieing to you. that's what I expect. I used the scanguage more with my other cars than with the fairly new to me Cobalt, changing from E0 to E10 to Ewhatever blend I made that day it's not accurate, and neither is my blending. I guess/expect the factory guage to be consistant as it's working off injector pulse vs scanguage's airflow to fuel via 14:1. Even though JE kit adds a 25%(guess) 2nd pulse of the first. So today when I got 40 mpg with E40 via factory guage, with JE extra pulse adding 25%(guess) more fuel with the same blend the factory guage would actually say I'm getting 50 mpg cause it doesn't know that 2nd pulse happened. If in the JE standard setting at 29% 2nd pulse (guess based on energy contend) then factory MPG wouldn't change or atleast be pretty close to E0 or E10. IMO once the car goes closed loop it doesn't matter what number the kit is set to, the O2 & MAF takes over, but hammer it to get it to go open loop, I'm not sure what happen, I think it uses open loop map plus Long term fuel trims, if it didn't why have long term fuel trims. JE kit cheats to keep LTFT's with a lower density fuel within the ECU's normal range. Dang, ment in previous post when I get close to 50%E with the cobalt, not 0, but can fix it.
  14. With the Cobalt been running E40 for last month or 2, get to close to 0 and get a CEL, but did have it light up tonight. Haven't taken the time to learn the xguages to see long term trim. Also have 2010 impala FFV so it get e85 most of the time, dodge stratus and nissan altima generally go 50/50 when I fill them for my girls. Never a CEL on the Stratus, always a CEL on the altima(emission leak)
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