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  1. Here are the latest stations not in the database that have been confirmed by DOE. Robert




    Ionia, MI - Address should read State vs Stare




    Thorntons #707

    2356 W Hillsborough Ave

    Tampa, FL 33603





    Sheetz Store #58

    4736 US Hwy 29 N

    Greensboro, NC 27405





    Lewis & Clark Mini Mart

    89001 Hwy 121

    Wausa, NE 68786





    Young's Family Market

    9277 State Route 159

    Kingston, OH 45644







    Salmon Oil Co

    500 S Challis St

    Salmon, ID



  2. I receive monthly reports from DOE on stations that were added or deleted. They are gathered through various sources and verified by a DOE contractor. Their process is typically very slow, but thorough. I wanted to report that the following 19 stations were not located in the database.


    Pride of Lake County BP

    20915 Rand Rd

    Kildeer, IL 60047






    4502 Indianapolis Blvd

    East Chicago, IN 46312





    Family Express

    22 E 400 S

    La Porte, IN 46350





    All Star

    5208 Broadway

    Merrillville, IN 46410





    Speedway #1426

    6325 E Lincoln HWY

    Merrillville, IN 46410






    10350 Woodward Ave

    Detroit, MI 48203





    Meijer #257

    1201 Lears Rd

    Petoskey, MI49770





    Kwik Trip #250

    1509 10th Pl NE

    Austin, MN 55912





    Kwik Trip #230

    4978 Miller Trunk HWY

    Hermantown, MN





    Holiday Station #338

    3225 40th Ave NW

    Rochester, MN 55901





    Allied Energy (may be duplicate with Cenex listed)

    Highway 281 & Highway 13

    Edgeley, ND 58433






    401 HWY 2 SW

    Rugby, ND 58368





    Petro Serve

    1020 8th St Ave SW

    Valley City, ND 58072






    Intersection of Highway 83 & Highway 200

    Washburn, ND 58577





    Speedway #1219

    799 Arlington Rd

    Brookville, OH 45309





    Stripes #1033

    7784 Fairbanks N Houston Rd

    Houston, TX 77040





    Stripes #1036

    14550 JFK Blvd

    Houston, TX 77032





    Valero Corner Store #1564

    1301 N Loop 340

    Lacy Lakeview, TX 76705





    Kwik Trip

    305 W Prairie St.

    Boscobel, WI 53805











  3. Here is my second part of new E85 stations that I did not find in the database. All of these stations are also offering E15 to 2001 and newer vehicles:

    • PetroServe, 309 6th Street SE, Mandan, ND 58554
    • PetroServe, 205 NP Avenue, Fargo, ND 58103
    • Cenex, 9245 Hwy 1, Langdon, ND 58249
    • Uncle Neal's/Phillips 66, 2700 Plum Creek Pkwy, Lexington, NE 68850
    • Navarre Minnoco, 3360 Shoreline Dr., Navarre, MN 55391



  4. Post below is accurate, you typically gain 1.5 octane points with an additional 5% ethanol. Keep in mind, every station offering E15 today is diluting a higher blend to make it. All of these stations are using E85, but that could be made from unleaded or natural gasoline. Could also vary tremendously in ethanol content depending on the region. We encourage any station wanting to post a minimum octane guarantee above one octane point higher than E10 to have it tested.


    The station is Plymouth was advertised as VIP Minnoco, not sure how I didn't get that down in my original post - sorry.


    Not all Minnoco stations offering E15 also have E85, some chose E30 as their highest ethanol blend. Not something I support, but others are pushing this effort in the ethanol industry.


    My email is rwhite@ethanolrfa.org, if anyone wants more information. I will share what I can.

  5. Here are some new stations across the country that now offer E15 and E85 that were not listed in the existing stations. There are several hundred more in the works. This is not a complete list, but all I am going to get to this week. Have a great weekend. Robert



    380 Warfield Boulevard

    Clarksville, TN


    Latitude: 36.569476472986

    Longitude: -87.287278175354



    404 South Broadway

    Portland, TN


    Latitude: 36.576201517376

    Longitude: -86.513822972775



    401 South 4th Street

    Mapleton, IA


    Latitude: 42.161888440999235

    Longitude: -95.79352587461472


    Star Energy

    903 32nd Avenue

    Spencer, IA


    Latitude: 43.1473836649635

    Longitude: -95.19230872392654


    K&H Cooperative

    101 First Street NE

    Buffalo Center, IA


    Latitude: 43.3859709739495

    Longitude: -93.94780799746513


    Cenex (Chandler Coop)

    320 Trosky Road

    Edgerton, MN


    Latitude: 43.87794513707548

    Longitude: -96.13426968455315



    1214 Southview Boulevard

    South Saint Paul, MN


    Latitude: 44.8891716797265

    Longitude: -93.04977223277092



    16825 County Road 24

    Plymouth, MN


    Latitude: 45.019640106096

    Longitude: -93.494381904602

    (interesting... almost directly west of the Meijer in Gaylord, halfway between the equator and the north pole)



    9950 County Road 9

    Plymouth, MN

    (having some trouble with this one... is it a former Holiday, or the location listed as "VIP Car Wash"?)


    Red Lake County Coop

    106 Highway 59 South

    Brooks, MN


    Latitude: 47.813058451517

    Longitude: -95.999028682709



    12908 Minnetonka Boulevard

    Minnetonka, MN


    Latitude: 44.941883438960

    Longitude: -93.443570137024

    Minnoco Minnetonka.jpg



    2178 Marshall Avenue

    Saint Paul, MN


    Latitude: 44.948201402406

    Longitude: -93.192193508148

    Orono Minnoco.jpg



    3360 Shoreline Drive

    Orono, MN


    Latitude: 44.934922446976934

    Longitude: -93.60875934362411

    St Paul Minnoco.jpg


    (pics thanks to user insiderperson on GasBuddy)

    Minnoco Minnetonka.jpg

    St Paul Minnoco.jpg

  6. I have posted on this before, but it would technically be a Clean Air Act violation to intentionally misfuel a vehicle that is not approved for the fuel in question. It is why we now have common hose rules for E15 and E10/E0. Those include the 4-gallon minimum and the dedicated fueling position options. Not a single person has ever been charged or fined, but the law is there. Same would be true of putting E85, E30 or E50 in a non-flex-fuel vehicle. 

  7. I have received two new updates from prominent retailers on their E85 station locations, thought it might be of interest. Who is the appropriate email recipient for those to ensure the station database here is accurate? Once I have that, I will forward and then continue to share our updates like we do with AFDC and others.




    Robert White


  8. Murphy is planning a few more locations with both E15 and E85 in Iowa, and they are still shooting for early February. Beyond that, they have stayed quiet on their plans, like most retailers. All of these stations, with the exception of one, will be in front of a Walmart Supercenter.


    As for one question about their first station, it is not a blender pump like we are used to in the Midwest. Last I heard, their stations in Iowa will all be using an old tank previously used for midgrade for their E15. Shouldn't be any blending at the station.

  9. If folks still are interested, been out on vacation and just getting my desk cleared, here is the information that I referred to earlier on FTC labeling: http://www.business.ftc.gov/documents/bus30-labeling-alternative-fuels


    There are several links on color, type, font and size required, but it is pretty straight forward. If an alternative fuel is sold, in this case E85, it has to be labeled with the minimum ethanol content, which is also defined in the language here as 70%.


    As for enforcement of the FTC requirements, it would fall under the Division of Enforcement, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. 20580 (202.326.2996), or your state or local weights and measures office. If neither care, or knock on the right door, all is good.


    If anyone has any questions on this topic, feel free to email me at rwhite@ethanolrfa.org. 

  10. Speedway was cautioned, and provided the FTC language that does not allow it. Thus far, they have chose to leave it that way and until a regulator takes issue, doubt they change. They are taking full advantage of that ~34% range in ethanol to make the most money while all being sold as E85. The percentage of ethanol in each load they purchase could vary based on economics. I don't want people to get confused, the RFA, nor anyone else, is going to call them out to regulators, because we are happy they sell our fuel(s). The caution we provided was simply to make sure they understood the legality of labeling. In the end, I have helped hundreds and hundreds of stations put in E85 over the last decade. The number that care about regulations until they are an issue are few. Doesn't make it right. All I was trying to do was provide the background. Have a good day.

  11. You can label ANY blend of ethanol above 51% as flex-fuel, but that doesn't mean E51 is also E85. You can even label anything above 10.5% as flex-fuel too, but again, it is not E85. It doesn't have to be the FTC, local fire marshal or state fuel inspector can bag the pump, if they choose. It has happened before, and expect it will happen again as people interpret the change this way, including DOE.

  12. Jim: I respectfully disagree, my co-worker wrote the changes. ASTM does not have the authority, nor have they made a recommendation on how these fuels are labeled at retail. All labeling requirements come from FTC, National Conference of Weights & Measures (NCW&M), and/or state regulations. To date, E51 should not be labeled E85. It is illegal. As I mentioned earlier, we expect FTC and NCW&M to make a decision on this issue in the coming months, I am personally involved with the effort, but I expect the outcome will be the same as it is today. E85 will remain E70 and above, and E51 and above will be flex-fuel.

  13. Let me clarify, you can sell E51, but it should not be labeled as E85. You would be violating FTC regulations. The ASTM spec 5798 specifically called out E85 in Class 4 with a minimum of 70% to protect those needing E85. Most of the time that is a federally-regulated fleet. We at the RFA oppose E85 having the ability to contain 51%-85% ethanol for many reasons, you mentioned a few. People should know what they are getting and if that information is blinded to the consumer, we know how the retailer will price it more often than not no matter what us actually in the tank or being dispensed. We know that some retailers are mislabeling it as you mentioned, and we are reaching out to those as they are found.

  14. Just FYI, it has and still remains 70% for ethanol to be considered an alternative fuel in the eyes of the multiple definitions found at the federal level. That said, current efforts are underway through back channels to change that to 51%, which would reflect the current ASTM 5798 spec that covers ethanol blends from 51% to 85%. Keep in mind, 51% would not be E85, it will likely be referred to as a "flex-fuel". E85 will likely stay the same, minimum of 70%, but this will allow lower levels of ethanol to capture available incentives and also fulfill federal fuel usage requirements should E85 not be available.

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