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  1. Aaron: If you have sent me emails, they are not getting here. My email address remains rwhite@ethanolrfa.org. I have emailed you, no response. As I reported in May 2015 on the forum, and advised you personally at that time, station approvals are no longer automatic and must be verified. See post here: http://e85vehicles.com/e85/index.php?/topic/7051-huh-station-missing/. The stations you have submitted are in the cue, and are being vetted today. They will be added, and shared with DOE, as soon as we can confirm all of the information. Robert RFA
  2. As I stated earlier, we are working on it. I have also said that you can always email us with new stations and they will be added ASAP Robert RFA
  3. Bulk submission is now live on the website. Navigate to your "favorite stations" and select each station on the left that you wish to add a price. Once selected, click "bulk submit". Let me know if you have any questions. Robert RFA
  4. Both issues should be addressed quickly, we were already working on both. This is all taking much longer than expected, and definitely paying in delays for using the website and app's existing developers. I am sorry, and disappointed, that a few of you do not like the new website. As I have stated before, the app and future plans for both, were not possible without a change. Robert RFA
  5. Will check on this ASAP. Thanks, Robert RFA
  6. We have a price submitter using "roseyangelx" as a username. I have been trying for weeks to connect with this user. They submit prices from all over the country, and I am just trying to make sure this person is real, and understand how they can come to that information. For the most part, most prices are in line with current prices, but occasionally they are difficult to believe given the local market. Anyone? Thanks, Robert RFA
  7. Thanks for the detailed feedback, it is welcomed. You should already see changes to address your issues. You can now see the options of navigating to the main forum page, along with a way to report price, on every page. We will continue to work on other items. Robert RFA
  8. Sorry to hear you feel that way, that was not the intent, nor do I feel the outcome. First, can you explain why? You are the first person to report an issue with submitting an individual pricing experience, or with navigation. After reading your forum post, I navigated to E85prices.com, submitted a pricing experience and navigated straight back to this page in less than one minute. I understand the first time it could be slow as you learn some of the small changes in placement, but we need to understand why your experience is so different and see if we can minimize. Second, the previous website couldn't do what many of you want it to do. Your complaints, pre and post RFA ownership could not be fixed through the existing platform. We couldn't work with the database in a way that a database needs to be managed, and why it has taken months to work with DOE to try and eliminate duplicates, and other errors. We couldn't implement and debut a new app with the existing website, and the current one barely functions. The hate mail alone from the app was enough reason. The old website wouldn't allow any reports, something we need to implement rewards and cash prizes for those that submit. Something that outside interests are looking to fund to help drive traffic to the website. Robert RFA
  9. No, but it will return in some fashion soon. We have a few users that use that feature, and it is valuable. Thanks for the input.
  10. All issues are being addressed. Please keep sharing... Thanks!
  11. All: Starting now, you will begin to see changes at E85prices.com. The switch will likely take a couple of hours, perhaps more. The website visually doesn't have that drastic of a change, but behind the scenes, much has changed for the better. We ask that you give the new website a tour, and help us make sure that everything works as desired. If you see an issue or have an idea, please post here and we will be making tweaks and fixing issues all weekend until done. Once we have this project completed, a new mobile app will debut. Robert RFA
  12. Noted. We will have an announcement soon to fix.
  13. I have shared my email multiple times, and here it is again: rwhite@ethanolrfa.org. If you ever see a price that is not approved in a reasonable amount of time, please let me know. If you see station information that is incorrect, you can also email me on the issue. As for the current website and app, both are archaic and don't allow many functions truly needed to make this the site and app what it could be and what we want it to be. We are essentially starting from scratch on both. These new versions are way behind, as we went with the existing developers, and didn't expect the delays. That said, the new website and new app should be done by the end of the month, and I hope everyone will be happier with the new product. As for manpower, I appreciate the input. Robert RFA
  14. Then it must be a combination of several things then, as I verify that all prices are confirmed periodically, and did just that before I posted this morning. If a price submission doesn't appear as of 9am Central this morning, it was either not submitted as thought, or there was something off about the submission and it was excluded. The website and mobile app will both be updated soon. It has taken more time than promised by our developers, but we have been working on this since the purchase of the app and various domains. Both will help us better interact with consumers while reducing the demand of live employees for trivial things that technology can handle. We are also working on financial incentives that will hopefully soon debut too, which will provide the potential of winning a cash prize for those that submit prices. We will fix this interim issue though, that I can promise. I am trying to review the history of submissions vs approvals, but I am not sure that is possible with the current technology of this website. It is definitely part of the new one. Regards, Robert RFA
  15. We have one employee that is supposed to be approving prices, but apparently that has not been happening at the frequency that was expected. I assure you that the issue will be resolved, and business will get back to usual ASAP. Robert RFA
  16. The price was fixed, we noticed about the same time. We are also working on better controls, and hope to have them implemented in just a few weeks. Robert - RFA
  17. Price has been fixed, thanks! There are several reasons for inverted pricing, none justify the outcome. They are either intentionally pricing higher to make more margin, trying to demonstrate that no one wants the fuel (they will leave out price portion in story) or it reflects bad timing on their last purchase of their higher level blends and prices were off. There could be other reasons too, but hard to know. Robert
  18. Make sure you verify... we had a handful that were on the website, not offering E85 and vice-versa during the comparison with DOE.
  19. I had received several reports from the field stating the following: · Consumers can no longer buy the Yukon, Tahoe or Suburban as FFVs. Only fleets, no way around it. · Consumers can buy the Sierra and Silverado as an FFV, but now you have to pay an extra $100 for the option. GM Corporate really beat around the bush on this one, but finally admitted both were true. So, their most popular SUVs ever are not FFVs, despite what they told us and DOE pre-MY15. This will definitely put a dent in FFV numbers for 2015. Robert
  20. You left out one key element, and in my humble opinion, the greatest hurdle... oil companies. The combination of franchise, supply and branding agreements keep E15 and E85 from being major contributors today. It really doesn't matter that Big Oil now owns just 0.4% of fuel retail, they still control more than 60% of the decisions of those that own gas stations today. I have hundreds, if not thousands, of retailers that would install one or both, but they simply cannot until their agreements have expired. The next piece is money. More than 60% of all fuel stations are single station owners and they simply don't have the cash. Here is some of the statistics on equipment, both at retail and in vehilcles: 1. If E15 penetrated the market to the “full extent,” we would expect total U.S. ethanol consumption to be in the 18.5-19 billion gallon range. In this case, “full extent” means E15 is offered at 3 out of every 4 pumps across the nation. This is a conservative assumption, but we know that it is unlikely that E15 will be offered at 100% of pumps due to EPA’s misfueling mitigation plan requirements, demand for a little bit of E0, AND the fact that about 20% of the auto fleet is only approved by EPA to run on E10. Math and explanation is attached. 2. For E85, we know there are nearly 18 million FFVs out there today. If FFVs refueled with E85 (74% ethanol content on average) every time they filled up (i.e., “maximum extent”), those vehicles alone would consume 9-9.5 billion gallons of ethanol per year. If you add that to the ~13.5 BG already consumed as E10, you get something around 23 billion gallons. 3. We have also crunched numbers looking at the following scenario: a. All MY2001 and newer non-FFV vehicles use E15. b. All MY2000 and older non-FFVs use E10. c. All FFVs use E85 (74% ethanol). d. In this scenario, total ethanol consumption capacity is about 29-30 billion gallons. 4. These examples illustrate why vehicles are not really the constraining factor. The current fleet has plenty of room to absorb more ethanol. So, previously everyone believe that the real constraint was on the infrastructure side, but the new NREL report (we released this week) shows that the compatibility of USTs and even some above-ground hardware isn’t nearly as big of a concern as some have argued. As for your other comments, I too would like to see all vehicles as FFVs, but that isn't going to happen. We are actually headed in the opposite direction. We also have some stations that we all know sell E85 for more than RUL. Is that really trying? Robert
  21. The USDA just announced $100M for blender pumps. Here is the main text from the announcement: As part of that commitment, USDA is investing up to $100 million in clean energy infrastructure that will make more options available to American consumers. Through the Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership, USDA funds, administered through competitive grants and matched at least one-to-one by funds from States, will test innovative ways to distribute higher blends of renewable fuel. States that offer a greater than one-to-one ratio in funding will receive higher consideration for grant funds. A typical gas pump can deliver fuel that contains a maximum 10% ethanol, which limits the amount of renewable energy most consumers can purchase at the pump, despite the fact that our farmers now produce record amounts of renewable biofuels. At this point, I don't know if retailers will be able to directly apply or how the match from states will work. The information is not yet available. The announcement comes on the heels of the EPA failing to enforce the statutory levels of the RFS and citing the blend wall as the reason. Also in response to the RVO levels, RINs are dropping like a rock, which will affect E85 prices negatively quickly. I will share more once I have more to share. Robert
  22. The duplicates were part of the problem, along with stations that simply never had E85, or have dropped it for E0, diesel, or back to premium. We are all tracking the news stories, and we have multiple sources sending us updates. The ethanol industry has provided funding for close to 300 new stations, all are under development. We will know on the RFS numbers soon, but it doesn't appear the numbers will be increasing as the law was written.
  23. I thought I would give all of you a head's up, changes are coming in the E85 station count. RFA has worked closely with the Department of Energy to verify each station on their database and the one that lives at E85prices.com. In the end, DOE's number will be growing, and our number will be dropping. We are in the final stages of verification, but I anticipate a 10-15% drop, if not more. As always, please keep submitting new stations, changes to existing stations and deletions. The number of E85 stations will continue to grow. I personally know of hundreds scheduled for debut, and they are all over the country. Let me know if you have any questions. Robert
  24. In case you missed the good news this morning, Kum & Go will begin offering E15 in Iowa this week. This was part of a more major announcement, which included 65 total new E15 stations in 7 states. Three of those states will be new for E15. http://www.ethanolrfa.org/news/entry/kum-go-to-introduce-e15-in-seven-states/ Keep in mind, if these stations do not already offer E85, they will. Until E15 is offered by fuel terminals, the most efficient way to offer E15 is by diluting E85 at the station with E10. Robert
  25. One of our members driving through the Chicago area spotted a station offering Shell ClearFLEX E85. Neither of us had heard of it before, but it was easy to find on the internet. Thought I would share... We will make sure that the stations are included in the database. https://www.shell.us/products-services/shell-for-motorists/fuels/shell-clearflex.html Robert
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