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  1. Here is the next set of winners! • August 7- ethanolkicksgas • August 8- Fueledup94 • August 9- altfuel • August 10- xprss • August 11- Chemeng • August 12- RudyBird • August 13- n0cf • August 14- SubaruH6 • August 15- Indiana • August 16- redjet • August 17- Bjoe • August 18- cguigar • August 19- TommyJoe711 • August 20- gogreen
  2. Here is the next set of winners: • July 24- Fueledup94 • July 25- cguigar • July 26- nurdco • July 27- bniblet • July 28- Fueledup94 • July 29- FEH05 • July 30- BJoe • July 31- ethanolkicksgas • August 1- AtlasFBG2 • August 2- GR864 • August 3- SubaruH6 • August 4- CornProne • August 5- AzDragonLord • August 6- James48843
  3. Here is the next round of winners - congrats! • July 10- jdj • July 11- gogreen • July 12- Jeffery25 • July 13- Fuelverine • July 14- James48843 • July 15- Chemeng • July 16- AtlasFBG2 • July 17- xprss • July 18- NissenGB11 • July 19- Wesleypalazzo • July 20- CornProne • July 21- altfuel • July 22- colchiro • July 23- glennsan
  4. Here is the next round of winners: • June 26- RacerX • June 27- colchiro • June 28- RacerX • June 29- Indiana • June 30- DC70 • July 1- Bjoe • July 2- n0cf • July 3- jdj • July 4- douglas685 • July 5- shonalex • July 6- blackburn • July 7- Bailey • July 8- GR864 • July 9- colchiro
  5. Here is the next round of winners: • June 13- clodhopper • June 14- altfuel • June 15- jtorres@ohiocornandwheat.org • June 16- ethanolkicksgas • June 17- colchiro • June 18- synapser2005 • June 19- hvanmeter • June 20- paulschlueter • June 21- xprss • June 22- hvanmeter • June 23- James48843 • June 24- synapser2005 • June 25- Salalmaguer
  6. Here are the first two weeks of winners. If you won, you should have already received an email from an RFA employee seeking your address. Congrats! I hope to see more of you reporting as this summer-long contest continues. Robert CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS• May 31- Alchysteve • June 1- prince3911 • June 2- Chemeng • June 3- synapser2005 • June 4- glennsan • June 5- nurdco • June 6- csigafus • June 7- gporter • June 8- Mountaineer • June 9- clodhopper • June 10- Donna-RE • June 11- nurdco
  7. Submit prices for a chance to win $50 IN FREE FUEL PER DAY! The Renewable Fuels Association is sponsoring a summer long contest that could get you $50 worth of free fuel per day! All you have to do is report the price you see for E85, and other ethanol blends on your mobile device or the website: E85prices.comYou must have a registered account at E85prices.com, and submit prices for a chance to win. No purchase necessary, just report the prices you see on the street at the website, or via the mobile app, for a chance to win. You can submit prices for multiple stations per day for multiple chances to win each day. Daily winners will be drawn from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and announced every two weeks Tell your friends on social media by using hashtag #ethanolsummer and start reporting those prices!
  8. We have randomly drawn our winner for March 2016. The winner is "alchysteve" - congrats! Robert RFA
  9. We have randomly drawn our winner for February 2016 from hundreds of submissions: User - "buellfuel" Congrats! Robert RFA
  10. Yes, we are responding to user requests. Robert RFA
  11. FYI - RFA commissioned today a Windows version of the E85prices.com Mobile App. Hopefully it will be done in a couple of weeks. Robert RFA
  12. Raise Your Voice or Lose Your Choice: RFA Launches #FlexMyChoice FFV Awareness Campaign NEW ORLEANS — Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) President and CEO Bob Dinneen announced today at the National Ethanol Conference (NEC) the launch of the “Flex My Choice” campaign, which is designed to voice consumer support for flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs). This effort is aimed directly at automakers, auto dealerships, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dinneen said the time is ripe for such a campaign because, as the government phases out CAFE credits for producing FFVs, automakers have begun to limit the total number of FFV models that roll off their assembly lines. “The auto companies claim there has not been meaningful consumer demand for these vehicles and the incremental cost, albeit trivial, cannot be justified in the absence of a more balanced CAFE regime,” said Dinneen. “The ethanol industry needs to demonstrate the continued enthusiasm for FFVs. We want to raise our voices so that E85 and other mid-level ethanol fuels remain viable options for consumers.” As part of the campaign, RFA intends to distribute 75,000 postcard pamphlets to targeted parties across the country in the hopes of changing the conversation on the future of FFV production. The postcard pamphlets will contain five panels: the first panel is a brief introduction to the issues; panels 2 through 4 are individual postcards to General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (the “Detroit Three”); and the fifth panel contains a pledge that consumers can drop off at their local auto dealership. Additionally, the campaign launched two petitions on www.Change.org directed at the automakers and the EPA respectively. “It goes without saying that when consumers’ choices within a given market are limited, everyone loses,” said Robert White, RFA’s vice president of industry relations. “The ‘Flex My Choice’ campaign intends to ensure that consumers have choices when it comes to buying and fueling their vehicles. Thanks to USDA, the ethanol industry, and agriculture, 2016 will mark the largest expansion of E85 stations in history; it is not the time to stop the momentum. This campaign will send a clear signal to the automakers, their auto dealerships, and the EPA that there is a real demand on the part of consumers for more vehicle choices, more choices at the pump and increased access to higher ethanol blends.” For postcard pamphlets and additional information, go to www.FlexMyChoice.com. Consumers are encouraged to amplify their support for FFVs on social media using the hashtag #FlexMyChoice.
  13. This could be a blessing and/or a curse. Gas Buddy has never been a fan of ethanol, and is usually vocal about it. Guessing someone paid them to do it, but it wasn't us. As long as the numbers look good, they will likely be quiet on the prices submitted, but I could definitely see them saying, "hey, told you so..." if some bad price spreads appear. They are also owned by OPIS, which was recently purchased. It will be interesting to see how the assets adjust, if at all, during the changes coming ahead. Robert RFA
  14. We have randomly drawn our winner for January 2016 from hundreds of submissions: User - "storky" Congrats! Robert RFA
  15. We have randomly drawn our first winner for December 2015 from hundreds of submissions: User - "ethanolkicksgas" Congrats! Robert RFA
  16. If anyone is interested, a few things happening in the regulatory world... ASTM has been attempting to set a minimum octane standard for quite some time now. The proposed minimum that would be required at the dispenser is 87. The oil companies have successfully introduced suboctane as low as 83 today, and I know of E85 being created with that 83 octane and denatured ethanol. The conversations with the autos continues on the future High Octane Fuel (HOF, formally known as Renewable Super Premium, or RSP). They believe that they will need a minimum of 98 RON and part of the reason for the ASTM movement. RFA and the automakers have both approached EPA recently to eliminate the one pound waiver for E10. This would eliminate the discrepancy between E10 and E15, and solve some issues the automakers seem to be having with catalysts failing with higher RVP fuel. You can read more here: http://www.ethanolrfa.org/2015/12/rfa-to-epa-new-gasoline-volatility-regulations-needed-to-level-playing-field-encourage-investment-in-higher-ethanol-blends/Autos letter went in the day before to EPA. Finally, EPA has a draft proposal that will be released as formal in the next couple of months for blends of ethanol from E16 - E50. There seems to be a strong chance that they will classify these blends as an alternative fuel vs gasoline, which will eliminate the need to register these fuels, do health effects testing, etc. It will also remove the concern of RVP. More to come. Robert RFA
  17. RFA Announces Contest on E85prices.com WASHINGTON — The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) announced today that users of E85prices.com will now have the ability to win free E85. Each month, RFA will draw one random user from those that have submitted E85 price experiences during the past month and reward them with a $100 E85 fuel card. The more users submit prices, the better chance they have of winning. “We want to drive consumers to the website in order to capture more data and reward them for doing just that,” said Robert White, RFA’s vice president of industry relations. “Data has never been more important for expanding retail availability of higher ethanol blends and defending the Renewable Fuel Standard against the ‘blend wall’ rhetoric. This new effort will help ensure that our station database and associated price reports are the most accurate possible.” RFA purchased E85prices.com in February and has since released a new version of the website and the associated mobile app. Users can submit prices for all blends of ethanol like E15 and E30, but must always submit prices for E85 and regular unleaded. Existing users do not need to do anything new in order to qualify. Non-users need to register at www.E85prices.com and submit your pricing experiences.
  18. Where did you post? While I am not the one to verify the stations, there are none in the cue for approval. Just need to connect the dots. Thanks, Robert RFA
  19. We are working on the blurry pics, update should happen very soon. Happened with Apple too. Just didn't want to wait any longer, been in the works since early June. Uploading and updating pics was in the original plan, but was more complicated than we thought. It will happen and is planned for the next version. We wanted to capture ALL issues from all users first though and incorporate all. Will explore other issues. Thanks!
  20. http://www.techinsider.io/mclaren-12c-spider-ethanol-sports-car-2015-10
  21. Check out the original post, followed by the reply from a fellow E85 user: http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e60-m5-e61-m5-touring-discussion/485577-please-please-please-get-rid-ethanol-mandate-possible-soon.html
  22. Developer is working on the date issue, definitely frustrating. It does it randomly with single price submissions and bulk. Thanks for posting the issue, it will be resolved. Robert RFA
  23. All: Other than having the ability to sort posts, what additional features would you like to see on the forum? Robert RFA
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