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  1. If you missed the announcement, RFA has partnered with Hauk Designs to build a custom off-road vehicle that will feature E85. The build will feature a 2018 Wrangler JL and expectations are more than 1,000 horsepower. You can learn more in our press release (link below), and follow the action via mini-episodes on RFA's Facebook (link below). Once the 14-weeks social media campaign is over, the content will be bundled and expanded, then featured on Amazon Prime on the show, Hauk Machines. RFA Press Release: https://ethanolrfa.org/2019/07/rfa-hauk-designs-to-showcase-ethanol-benefits-with-e85-flex-fuel-off-road-project/ Follow the action here: https://www.facebook.com/EthanolRFA/
  2. All: If you are interested... Monday, June 11th at 10pm EST on Discovery Channel's American Chopper, Paul Jr. will unveil a new custom motorcycle for the ethanol industry. If you like E85, you should like this bike. Enjoy! Robert RFA
  3. RFA has announced that the Ethanol Days of Summer Contest will again return this year and start on Monday. Each day we will give away $50 in free fuel to a random price submitter! Good luck! Details at the link: http://www.ethanolrfa.org/2018/05/rfa-holding-second-annual-ethanol-days-of-summer-contest-to-report-prices/ Robert RFA
  4. All: In case you missed the news, the RFA partnered with Paul Teutul, Jr of Paul Jr. Designs to promote ethanol in motorcycles. Paul built the RFA a custom motorcycle that was unveiled for filming of American Chopper this past weekend. American Chopper has a sneak peek out that you can catch on Discovery Channel, and the show will officially return on May 28th. The first motorcycle to be featured will be for the Buffalo Chip Campground, a long partner of the RFA, and will be made to run on E85. The RFA bike will be featured in later episodes, and we expect that to air in late June or early July, and it will also run on E85. Both bikes will be featured with Paul Jr. during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August. The image of the motorcycle is embargoed until the show airs, but you can take my word for it that there is no mistaking that this is to promote ethanol and E85. Stay tuned! Robert RFA
  5. The specification for E85, now called the flex fuel spec, changed years ago. The classes still exist, but they are based on vapor pressure of the fuel first, not ethanol content. Depending on the blendstocks available, you can see higher or lower ethanol contents year round that you did not under the older provisions found is ASTM Spec 5798. For the entire state of Tennessee, you are in Class 3 now. That simply means that the vapor pressure of the fuel should be between 8.5-12.0psi. You can view the latest standard here in one of DOE's publications: https://www.afdc.energy.gov/uploads/publication/ethanol_handbook.pdf As for the E10, I have used these before for testing, but the standard kit only works up to E30: http://www.fuel-testers.com/instructions_alcohol_fuel_test_kit.htmlTesting ethanol content by water gets difficult even at E30, let alone E85. I have seen tests where E85 has absorbed up to 50% water and showed no phase separation, which is what these types of test really need. I did just verify with the supplier and the fuel is in fact Class 3, and has an ethanol content of 80% ethanol. Don't forget, ethanol is denatured with 2% hydrocarbon too! Hope that helps. Robert RFA
  6. I understand the theory, and said we support RIN market transparency. That said, we have never blended more ethanol than today and every year is bigger. This year saw the largest growth of E15 and E85 on record, and those gallons have truly not been realized yet. Minnesota is opening an E15 station a day, as an example. 2018 doesn't look too bad either with the extension of USDA's BIP Program for many states, and other infrastructure development efforts. Wayne's move to E25 standard dispensers, slow, but steady movement on an RVP waiver, and thousands seeing these fuels for the first time is good news. What Congress and EPA ultimately sees is that the obligated amount of ethanol prescribed by the RFS to be blended is being blended. I don't understand why we would care who is doing the blending if we just want more ethanol in the marketplace. Robert RFA
  7. I can guarantee that most retailers do not have the volume of RINs to manipulate the market, and there are really only so many players. Less than 150 obligated parties by most accounts. I am all for more transparency in the RIN market, and we have publicly supported that too. But, I don't understand the logic, although I hear it often. How would lowering the price of a RIN lower the price of ethanol, or the price at the pump? Today you are seeing some of the most favorable economics for higher blends of ethanol like E85. The price differential is more than what the gasoline and ethanol markets alone are providing, and that is solely based on the RIN and its value. Independent refiners have had 12 years now to figure this out and some have done it and quite well. Others have hedged that they would be successful in repealing or reforming the RFS, and that simply hasn't happened. They are recouping the cost in other ways, even they admit that. If you want the price of E85 to go up, capping RINs is definitely the way to do it, but in my opinion it won't sell any more ethanol. We have shown over and over and over that higher RIN prices have translated to savings at the pump, especially for those using this website. Robert RFA
  8. I am happy to respond to anything, but do you have any specific questions? I could ramble for days and potentially not touch your specific interests or concerns. Thanks, Robert RFA
  9. I just wanted to reach out and thank everyone for their continued support of E85prices.com, this forum and the mobile app. We have yet another update to the app coming soon, might be the first week of January with the holiday and end of the year, but some additional tweaks to make it even better. In 2018, we will turn our focus to the website, and continue to make it better for reporting, user interaction and data collection. As always, we welcome all ideas, and will do our best to incorporate what we can when we can. Happy Holidays! Robert RFA
  10. I will have our developer look into the issues on the Android version ASAP. As for the calculator, the prices are pulled from reported data at E85prices.com from your immediate area using your location. The MPG data is calculated using data pulled from DOE fuel economy tests comparing regular unleaded and E85. Your other suggestions will be considered for future updates. Robert RFA
  11. All: We have finished the update to our E85prices.com mobile app, and it is available for download on iTunes. The Android version is taking a little bit longer to get approved, but should be there yet this week. If you see any issues, please let us know by posting here or by contacting us through the app. Thanks, Robert RFA
  12. The main reason for Missouri's woes is MFA Oil. They have went from 120 E85 stations to around 40 now (according to them), and refuse to incorporate margins consistent with unleaded. The last time I met with them was a few months ago, and nothing has changed. The only reason the price spread in Missouri is not worse is because of Kum & Go venturing into the state, and the recent events in STL. Robert RFA
  13. The Andersons now have E85 at the rack in STL, which dropped the price substantially over the terrible prices seen for years. They have already signed-up numerous stations, and we are trying to get some that switched away from E85 to go back. There are also several slated in the future thanks to various other efforts. It appears the STL market will provide a fresh start to E85 soon. Robert RFA
  14. I am guessing, and only guessing, that they still have contracts in other states that are precluding that move at this point. They are $.50/gal discount in Georgia, as an example.
  15. Speedway has moved their E85/unleaded differential to $1/gal in OH, KY, IL and IN. If you are in those areas, enjoy! The price of RINS, combined with the large spread between ethanol and gasoline, have led to some favorable E85 prices for many. Robert RFA
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