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  1. Hey everyone, hope this is the right place to post... I've been looking around trying to find E85 stations closer to Akron/Cuyahoga Falls. I just found out that there is a Getgo Kitchen being built in Cuyahoga Falls. There are only about 11 of these in the state of Ohio, offering a lot more than the standard Getgo stations. I can't find anything about them offering E85. I'd link an article on the build but don't have permission. Does anyone else know how to find out if they will offer E85 or how I might be able to find out? Currently they have the structure for the building and canopy up so I'm assuming all the tanks are in the ground. EDIT: I sent an email inquiry and was then given a customer service number of 1-800-553-2324 available from 9am-9pm. Just posting it here so I don't lose it in case I need it.
  2. Do you have the Econ button in the '08? I haven't been able to test it being on and off to see how much it helps on paper but it CERTAINLY changes the shifting. It doesn't hold out in each gear, it will shift to the next gear very quickly and seems to try and use the torque from the motor to turn over a taller gear. It seems the most beneficial around 40-50mph where it will be barely turning 1200rpm. I never really romped on it with the standard gas, I've laid into it a few times running the E85 with Econ off and it REALLY pulls hard all the way until I lifted at 80. ;D Surprisingly quick actually.
  3. What's good mileage for a Caravan/T&C? I picked up a 2014 Caravan R/T. Put about 1,000 miles on it before making the switch to E85. My wife drives it %95 of the time, she commutes 2 miles to work with 4 traffic lights and then it's used for grocery running and around town running. Lots of stop and go, rarely on the highway. It also has remote start which she LOVES to use when it gets cold out. Needless to say the mileage as of late is horrid, especially with E85. We're averaging about 12mpg right now. Plus the tank on these is way smaller than I thought they would be. Probably because of the stow-n-go. I'm used to have 20g or more but it seems these will only take on about 16-17, at 12-13mpg it's around 200 miles between fill ups. I've taken a few trips on the highway with it and with econ on and easy driving getting 20mpg+ on the highway isn't all that hard.
  4. That makes sense. Speedway seems like the best option. It looks like there is a Get Go in Wadsworth but it's always around a %10 spread (so are all the other Getgos listed). Speedway is the only one that seems to generally be around %20.
  5. I will certainly contact them. There are a couple other Speedways that are close by I'll try to talk to as well. Is it up to the Store Manager or Owner to choose if they carry E85 or not? Speedway #3671 103 East Ave Tallmadge, OH 44278-2310 (330) 630-2479 1045 Graham Rd Stow, OH 44224-2934 (330) 923-7255
  6. Anything that can be done to try and add something? It's such a central location with quite a few main expressways that it seems like a good option? We live in Akron and I work in Twinsburg. Just bought a 2014 Grand Caravan and planned on using the E85 as much as possible but the closest place to get it is Barberton or Twinsburg. I actually work right next to the speedway in Twinsburg but I never drive the van to work.
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