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  1. Freeport General Store in Freeport Michigan was an original YellowHose.com station since the campaign began in October of 2013. Yesterday the station completed installation of 2 new Gilbarco- 3 Hose FlexFuel pumps. Carbon Green BioEnergy, LLC and Growth Energy are currently working with the owner to properly register the YellowHose site to become the first registered E15 station in Michigan. The goal is to become fully registered and legal to sell E15 to all 2001 and newer vehicles. The station now offers E15, E30 & E85 for FlexFuel vehicles only. YellowHose.com includes a map of 34 retail locations currently offering E85 at "$1 Less Per Gallon". Mitch Miller Carbon Green Bioenergy, LLC @ZL1DER on twitter
  2. Dan, This is a major problem for the ethanol industry. All of our trade organizations are working on this issue and it is a top priority. Many ethanol plants have slowed down because the rail is not performing. The high prices only bring out the critics. The YellowHose sites have not been impacted by the temporary spot ethanol price spike. Carbon Green BioEnergy is committed to growing the FlexFuel supply in our area and at this point we have 9 new locations under development. They are all planned to be on line in 2014. Other ethanol producers need to figure out how to supply, stabilize, and grow this market. It is not rocket science. St.Cloud MN locations have the support of DENCO II in Morris, MN which is why the price spread is stable. Best regards, Mitch Miller Carbon Green BioEnergy, LLC Lake Odessa, MI
  3. Dan, This station is up and running but is not on the map yet. Just a reminder to add it. Thanks!
  4. Dan, This station was developed by ZFS. It consists of a 10,000 gallon above ground tank with 2 E85 pumps. It is in a parking lot right next to ZFS.
  5. YellowHose pump #22 goes on line today in Zeeland, Michigan. Anew 2431 84th Ave. Zeeland, MI 49464 800-748-0595 Like all the YellowHose.com locations FFV owners will be able to fill up at $1 less per gallon.
  6. The $1.99 Price at Carbon Green BioEnergy, LLC is a temporary promotion to raise awareness in our area. As you know, many people drive flexfuel vehicles and have never taken the time to understand the benefits of higher level blends. We are changing this in Lake Odessa, MI. $1.99 gets people talking and is driving them to make the change. When they are at our pump they also learn about the 21 other YellowHose.com locations that are all at a $1 spread to regular. Look for the YellowHose program to roll out in a few other states in April in addition to a continued expansion in Michigan. Mitch Miller Carbon Green Bioenergy, LLC
  7. Dan, The cost for installation is highly variable and is majorly driven by the underground work required. For this station there was no underground work required. They simply had 2 diesel options and chose to replace 1 with E85. All in cost was approximately $15,000. This process is the least expensive and includes. 1. Material compatibility review for all underground piping, connections, & tank. 2. Cleaning the tank 3. New dispenser including a 1 micron E85 filter, stainless steel nozzle & of coarse a yellow E85 hose. J&H is installing new dispensers that are UL rated for E85. The basic 1 product dispenser is about $10,000 & a FlexFuel blender is about $20,000. I always encourage the FlexFuel pump that can deliver E10, E15, E30 & E85. We have found this combination or pumps like Peterson Oil in Greenville, MI which offer E10, E20, E30, E40 & E85 to move the most ethanol gallons. This sets the station operator up for maximum flexibility to meet future desired blends & get the maximum utilization of the expensive underground system. In this example of the J&H installation the cost difference between FlexFuel & E85 dispenser was not the reason for E85 only. The driver was there was not E10 piping to this dispenser location because it was a dedicated diesel spot. It was quick and low cost to add E85 and the owner wanted to complete the project prior to year end to take advantage of the federal alternative fueling infrastructure tax credit. Our FlexFuel Pump at Carbon Green BioEnergy's was a 10 year old Dresser Wayne 3 Plus 1. I paid $1,250 for the dispenser and added new graghics, hoses, nozzles & breakaways. Add 2 used above ground 2,000 gallon tanks fireguard style tank, concrete, electrical, permits, piping, installation, bumper posts, ruby system etc. and about 400 in house man hours and we have invested $70K. Well worth the 24hr sales of about 500 gallons total product throughput we are seeing in a very rural setting. Hope that helps! Mitch
  8. I forgot to thank Michigan Corn Growers for the $5,000 grant that helped in this conversion from a diesel product possible. They are really stepping up the game in our state and many improvement in this state are on the way because of their commitments to expand the higher level blend locations.
  9. We brought a new E85 pump on line yesterday at J&H Family Stores 3434 Remembrance Road Northwest, Walker, MI 49534 E85 is now $1 less the regular. Thank you J&H and Carbon Green BioEnergy for delivering a Clean, Renewable, Michigan Made alternative for every FlexFuel owner in Walker, MI!
  10. Dan, Your analysis is pretty good but I'd like to add a few points for the readers. 1. Every buyer of ethanol gets a free RIN 2. Oil companies have had plenty of time to offered higher level blends to the market in order to prevent high RIN prices and meet the conventional ethanol blend levels in 2014-2016 when they cap at 15B gallons. Let's not forget that they pocketed the blenders credit when it was designed to be utilized for infrastructure. They collected the blenders credit from 2009 when RFS2 was implemented until it expiration at the end of 2011. It was clear at that time there would be a blendwall to break through. They should have used those funds to bring higher level blends to the public but instead did everything they could to prevent that choice for the consumer while that money flowed to their bottom line. My point is, no one should feel sorry for them if they need to purchase a RIN from the companies that are blending beyond their obligation. E85 is not subsidized by the oil industry. A RIN is generated for each gallon of Ethanol that is blended into E85 and that has a market value. The market the oil companies worked to create during the RFS2 negotiations. All the oil industry has to do is not block E85 and E15 from getting to the consumer and RIN prices drop. Marathon is the exception, cheers to them. 3. The tradable RIN system was proposed by the oil industry. Don't forget that! 4. 14 Billion gallons of ethanol will be produced in the U.S. in 2014 regardless of the EPA's decision and we will still have a 2 Billion Bushel carryout. The EPA's will decide the export volume. Do we use it here, or do we export it. The RFS calls for it to be used here. Implement the law and E85 will spread like wildfire.
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