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  1. When doing a quick search and you select MO for Missouri it shows cities for Mississippi. You have to pick MS to see Missouri cities. It would be a nice start to fix that bug. It would also be nice if the app showed the price discount as a percent like the website does in the app or even better yet allow users to enter their mileage for various ethanol blends and have the app calculate the cost per mile for the various fuels offered at the station using the dollar per gallon in the app. Ward
  2. Mississippi and Missouri and swapped again.
  3. I thought I would start a thread to discuss outlandish and incorrect news articles and opinion articles. For a long time, the craziest story I had seen was a story in the KC Star about how ethanol was causing the price of movie popcorn to increase. It was obviously absurd since the cost of the corn in movie popcorn is such a small amount compared to the price they charge that the corn price could go through the roof and not make a dent in the price the theater charges. Now I have seen an article that has so many things wrong that you have to realize it must be on purpose. You can read this titled Ethanol Is an Enormous 'Social Justice' Mistake. You can read it at http://www.theintelligencer.net/opinion/local-columns/2016/12/ethanol-is-an-enormous-social-justice-mistake/. I think the only things it gets right is that currently most ethanol is made from corn and that V2 rockets used ethanol for fuel. Add your thoughts and nominations for most outlandish ethanol stories to this thread.
  4. If you select the magnifying glass and select MO it shows Mississippi cities and if you select MS it shows Missouri cities.
  5. The MFA Petro Card 24 at 305 Locust in Harrisonville, Missouri does not sell E85.
  6. Just wondering if there is any possibility of the app becoming free now that the RFA owns E85Prices.com.
  7. Saw an article about the contest and thought others here would be interested.
  8. The Kum & Go at 3807 Miller St Bethany, MO 64424 carries E85. Today's price was $2.59 for E85 and $3.25 for regular unleaded.
  9. Was in Garnett, KS today for the Ethanol Hydroplane Shootout. Petro Plus at 120 S Maple St. is permanently closed. Its tanks and dispensers have been removed. Bills Quick Stop has changed names and no longer carries E85. Town has an ethanol plant but I could not find any stations carrying E85.
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