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  1. That don't work at least on mine. I've had it set to "Always" for the app since day 1, still get the prompt to this day every time i open the app.
  2. Well don't feel too bad Dan, your not the first person with this bug. The Gas Tracker app had the same bug a month or so ago. ( fully's app )
  3. iTunes said new app was available so I installed it and a few days later going to try and use it to update the prices at the local speedway. When I click on any of the price boxes I get the phone number keyboard so there's no decimal point so I can enter an e85 price of $224 though I don't think that would be very accurate.. Iphone 5s on 8.0.2
  4. Would it be possible to add trip planing to e85prices.com? Something like.. Start here with 6gallons in the tank. I can go 20mpg. End here.. Spit me out a route from Start to end altered to hit e85 fill ups where needed so I don't run out of gas?
  5. I know the stations near large post office hubs get a lot of business since the delivery trunks run on E85, i see them filling up all the time at a speedway station near Chicago. So its just a hunch.. but i'm betting its on the Marquee because the station is a stones throw from the airport and they got some vehicles that run it for some reason.
  6. Keep forgetting to submit this one.. mostly cause the prices always suck.. Shell Gas Station 110 E Layton Ave Milwaukee, WI 53207 Currently: Reg $3:49 E85 $2.99
  7. Pumping gas at an unlisted station.. Kwik Trip #204 4701 Rib Mountain Dr Wausau, WI 54401 Phone: 715-843-5090
  8. I was going to start this myself but hey, looks like i'm too slow. milwaukee area ( for reference ), -20F last night, -12F today, -2X tonight.. Took some work to keep things fired today. Things would crank, fire, crank ends, dies. Wouldn't keep running. I took to fethering the gas a bit right when i heard it fire. This was enough for it to catch and stay running. Then backed off and let it idle a few minutes. Apparently some Subaru guys have taken to modifying tunes to fix this on there stuff. http://www.iwsti.com/forums/open-source-tuning/209908-e85-cold-start-issues-addressed.html Though since mine is flex fuel i'd hope GM addressed what ever for me..
  9. Over 11/16/2013 prices ( 5 days ago ) Now 2.82 e85 3.12 reg according to speedway site.. The heck speedway? Did someone pass a new tax and not tell me? This puts them 1 penny under kwik trip..
  10. I just made my own feature... Made one "CAR" with E85 in the name and one with out it.. Then i just report fill ups to one or the other.. Just need to realize flipping back and forth a lot will kinda screw up the $$$ calculations.
  11. It took some planing, but i managed to get from Milwaukee to Garrison and back on E-85. Normally I/We won't stop between Hudson and Garrison but I mixed things up a bit and made fill ups in Eau Clare on the way there and Princeton on the way back. Now i just need to figure out how to make my winter ski trip to Lutsen and back on only E-85... Don't think its possible w/o a new station north of Duluth along 61 though, since i'll burn a tank going back and forth from Lusten to Grand Marais or further to the casino every day for 5 days + the 110 miles each way.. More then my tank will hold. Thats what happened last year at least. Though maybe i could boarder hop and get some in Thunder Bay..
  12. Was off on vacation this last week, so i tried to update some stations using the iPhone app during my trip. Found this place eventually. e85prices site has right address but the map marker is WAY wrong. The map marker puts the location somewhere in a bunch of houses near a school parking lot. Actual location is 3 miles down the road. If you google the address "Minnesota, Princeton, 1100 7th Ave S" You get a closer marker, but its still off by like 3 blocks. Took a GPS reading on the phone right in front of the pump well gassing up to get it exact. ( took me 20 minutes to find the place, it was a personal Venda at this point ).
  13. You find some weird things when scraping web data. Maybe just because its humanly impossible. I REALLY hope that is a typo.. Cause thats a - (negative) 5.6% spread.
  14. Looks to be missing from the DB Kwik Trip #888 106 County Road Qq Waupaca, WI 54981 715-258-7245
  15. Looks to be missing from the DB. 504 Plaza Dr , Marshall WI, 53559, 608-655-4321 Store #721 [edit] Its a Kwik Trip
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