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  1. I heard there be switching to more expensive summer blend gas mid month. However we won't see the change from E70 to cheaper (and better) E85 until sometime in April.
  2. The thing is r+m/2 doesn't take into account ethanol's cooling effect. E85 has a higher protection limit (antiknock) and performance envelope then even lead based C16 race gas witch is 116 octane. Here is a great article by Kenny Bell. A leader in superchargers:http://www.mustangandfords.com/news/1310-kenne-bell-e85-fuel-testing/
  3. Let use know what kind of improvement in mpg you get now that the engine warms up even faster. My engine takes forever to warm up and its mpg stinks until it reaches operational temp. So I'm thinking of getting a block heater as well.
  4. Well the chart says they lowered the chamber volume so I'm guessing they milled the heads.
  5. The funny thing is the overseas versions run 14:1 Mazda had to lower it because of our crap gas. If everything was E30 or higher we'd get the 14:1 and the better power and mpg that comes with it.
  6. Looks like their expanding to include public petitions. Anybody want to sign it? http://domesticfuel.com/2014/11/24/supporters-petition-chicago-for-e15-ordinance/
  7. BP has always been a rip-off when it comes to E85. Shell is a rip-off when it comes to anything! I'm NEVER going to fill up at one of those. I'd rather walk!
  8. Well if its for $1.09 a gallon I'll take a full tank of coffee!
  9. Good to hear about another yellow hose station. All the BP stations I've found have had negative spreads, so this is a full 180 degree change. Yellow hose is really going "out there" to find every partner possible. Good for them.
  10. What testing kit are you using? How are you testing?
  11. That's what I'm hoping for as well. Adding E85 at the same time as the E15 goes in. Plus if this passes it will open a floodgate for other cities to flow suit.
  12. If this ordenace passes it with be epic: http://www.committeeonfinance.org/news/item.asp?nid=284
  13. As a non-smoker I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand a better feedstock is most definitely needed to help biofuels replace gasoline. One the other side I'd hate to support a plant cigarette companies have used to destroy peoples health. Does anybody think using tobacoo as a feedstock for biofuels will decrease cigarette companies access to production? Is this just a case of choosing the lesser of two evils?
  14. Looks like the next few months will be exciting: http://domesticfuel.com/2014/06/10/i-75-green-corridor-project-adds-17-new-biofuel-stations/
  15. Does anybody know the changes between these to conversion kits? It's looks like Johnny energy uses the 3 and change2e85 uses the 4.
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