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  1. New add station feature on e85prices.com seems to have a problem: I entered address, and it is now available to report a price, but there is no address.  Without an address, the submit of a new price fails.  This was on 2015-10-04

    Also - I buggered today by trying to add again, and accidentally entered a new station in Cedar Rapids, IA for "Dogwood Shell" - please remove.

  2. Add:

    BP 1496 US-30 and 305th St

    Tama, IA 52339
    Phone: 641-484-3303
    E10, E85
    -Cedar Falls Kwik Star - 2019 College St doesn't sell E85 (never has - only the 7500 Nordic Dr. location in Cedar Falls does)
    -Nevada 22703 600th Ave - doesn't have E85 - only E10/87 octane and diesel pumps
    -Duplicate in Nevada - should be Cenex - 80 W Lincoln Hwy (USPS confirms Lincoln Hwy as correct name - locals may refer to as L Ave or Lincoln Way) Nevada , IA 50201 
    Nevada Cenex Pump 24 Downtown 80 W Lincoln Way  
    Nevada Co-op Cenex Lincoln Highway



  3. Two observations:

    Fowler Oil in Spring Valley, MN is a BP branded station

    Five Star COOP in New Hampton, IA is a Cenex branded station


    I don't know the policy on e85prices.com naming - both of these are more visibly associated with the national branding from the tall roadside sign - the local name is only on the door/window on the store.

  4. Kum & Go, 5830 SE 14th St. Des Moines - doesn't have E15.  Only ethanol blends are E10/87 and E85 (they do have blender pumps - but they are now configured to blend clear/pure gasoline at 87, 89 and 91 octane - separate hoses: 1) E85, 2) E10/87, 3) blender for clear/pure gasoline).  I posted an pic over at my "buddy" website (linking feature isn't working here in IE11 - locked up my form).


    East Central Iowa Coop (has Cenex branding) 1444 Highway 63 North in Hudson, IA now has four blender pumps: E10, E15, E30, E50, E85 (3.499, 3.429, 3.379, 3.329, 2.809 today)


    Kwik Star, 7500 Nordic Dr, Cedar Falls, IA has a blender pump icon on e85prices, but no percentages listed.  This station only sells E10/87, E10/92 octane and E85 blends - but no blender pumps - there is a single E85 pump (2 hoses) and 8 other unleaded pumps that have separate tanks (e10/87 "Unleaded with Ethanol", clear 87 "Unleaded" and e10/92 "Premium Unleaded")




  5. Confirmed by driving into station - there is no E85 at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard - 7522 Northwest Blvd, Daveport, IA.  This station is Sinclair branded, selling E10-87, E0-87 and E0-91 octane.

    My *bet* is that the other Mother Hubbard's Cupboard doesn't sell E85 either.

  6. Granted I'm a bit of a noob on this site - but since 90+% (?) of the fuel sold in the US is ethanol-blended, isn't pure gasoline a bit of a boutique fuel (rarity) these days?  Outside of the mid-planes (IA, NE, SD) where sub-grade unleaded only became common in 2013, I'd venture than more stations selling E85 only sell ethanol-blended (E10 87, 89, 91, 93, etc octane) 'regular-non-FFV' fuels than sell pure gas.  

    My position on that other gas reporting site is that people usually look to buy the cheapest thing, that runs in their car, so I list the E10-87 price and make a comment note if the station sells E0-87.

    If e85prices.com wants E0 prices to compare against E85 - you are artificially making E85 look like a better deal from a pure BTU standpoint than if you compare to E10 - when there is a 5-10% price spread between E0 and E10.

    At a minimum, I recommend changing the "submit price" form from each state view where Gasoline Price is defined as "90% Gasoline /10% ethanol (Most Gasoline in the US contains up-to 10%E)"

  7. Newbie here (pse be gentle) - my take from price submissions on e85prices.com is for us Iowans lucky enough to have the option of E10 and E0 at most stations that serve up higher blends of ethanol that the E10 price be posted as "gasoline" then whatever else E15,20,30,40, 85... However, much like on GasBuddy I see many people posting E10 as "regular."


    I don't find a FAQ... what's the "official policy?"

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