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  1. Err... this replaces the 4506 E. Lincoln Way Ames Iowa entry. There are no gas stations around 4506 East Lincoln way -- this was a typo.
  2. Kum & Go 2506 Lincoln Way Cross: South Dakota Ave Ames , IA 50010 515-292-9416 Has multiple E10, E15 and E85 pumps. Sells "Premium" which is e0/91 octane and Super Premium which is E10/93 octane. There is NO e0/87 octane unleaded here (newly refurbished station, September 2017).
  3. New Kwik Star in Clear Lake, IA http://www.kwiktrip.com/Locations/Details/223/ 3205 Willow Creek Ct Clear Lake, IA 50428 Phone: 641-357-5027 E10-87 E0-87 2x E85 labelled pumps (currently E70)
  4. New add station feature on e85prices.com seems to have a problem: I entered address, and it is now available to report a price, but there is no address. Without an address, the submit of a new price fails. This was on 2015-10-04 Also - I buggered today by trying to add again, and accidentally entered a new station in Cedar Rapids, IA for "Dogwood Shell" - please remove.
  5. Opened 2015-10-01, has e0/87, e10/87 octane and e85 ($2.559, $2.159, $1.919) Kwik Star 8835 Runway Ct SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 319-362-3096 http://www.kwiktrip.com/Locations/Details/283/
  6. Keeping with K&G announcement this Spring of new stores carrying E15 - this new station on the digital intersection sign lists E10 ("Super Unleaded") E15 and E85 prices. 1203 Blairs Ferry Rd Marion, IA 52302 (319) 373-3165
  7. I somehow filled the wrong favorite station on 2015-05-21 - is there an admin that can remove my posting for Hy-Vee in Ames, IA (it should've been Kwik Star in Waterloo, IA).
  8. Add: BP 1496 US-30 and 305th St Tama, IA 52339 Phone: 641-484-3303 E10, E85 Remove: -Cedar Falls Kwik Star - 2019 College St doesn't sell E85 (never has - only the 7500 Nordic Dr. location in Cedar Falls does) -Nevada 22703 600th Ave - doesn't have E85 - only E10/87 octane and diesel pumps -Duplicate in Nevada - should be Cenex - 80 W Lincoln Hwy (USPS confirms Lincoln Hwy as correct name - locals may refer to as L Ave or Lincoln Way) Nevada , IA 50201 Nevada Cenex Pump 24 Downtown 80 W Lincoln Way Nevada Co-op Cenex Lincoln Highway Thanks!
  9. Kwik Trip 9955 Hudson Blvd North Lake Elmo, MN 55042 Phone: 651-264-9514 http://www.kwiktrip.com/Locations/Details/248/ Holiday 757 Radio Drive Woodbury, MN 55125 (651) 731-0527 http://www.holidaystationstores.com/store/3535/Woodbury+MN.aspx Both are E10 and E85 only (no other blends, no clear unleaded)
  10. e85prices has only one Kwik Star in Dubuque, IA at 2035 John F Kennedy RD. There is E85 also at 2685 Dodge St location: http://www.kwiktrip.com/Locations/Details/495/
  11. Innovative Ag Services (Prairie Land CO-OP) 1410 Dewitt Street Ellsworth, IA 50075 Phone: (515) 836-4411 late last night: E10 $3.279 - E85 $2.499
  12. Two observations: Fowler Oil in Spring Valley, MN is a BP branded station Five Star COOP in New Hampton, IA is a Cenex branded station I don't know the policy on e85prices.com naming - both of these are more visibly associated with the national branding from the tall roadside sign - the local name is only on the door/window on the store.
  13. Cenex 1024 N Broadway Rochester, MN No E85 or other high-alcohol pumps: E10/87, E10/91 Premium and Diesel only
  14. Kum & Go, 5830 SE 14th St. Des Moines - doesn't have E15. Only ethanol blends are E10/87 and E85 (they do have blender pumps - but they are now configured to blend clear/pure gasoline at 87, 89 and 91 octane - separate hoses: 1) E85, 2) E10/87, 3) blender for clear/pure gasoline). I posted an pic over at my "buddy" website (linking feature isn't working here in IE11 - locked up my form). East Central Iowa Coop (has Cenex branding) 1444 Highway 63 North in Hudson, IA now has four blender pumps: E10, E15, E30, E50, E85 (3.499, 3.429, 3.379, 3.329, 2.809 today) Kwik Star, 7500 Nordic Dr, Cedar Falls, IA has a blender pump icon on e85prices, but no percentages listed. This station only sells E10/87, E10/92 octane and E85 blends - but no blender pumps - there is a single E85 pump (2 hoses) and 8 other unleaded pumps that have separate tanks (e10/87 "Unleaded with Ethanol", clear 87 "Unleaded" and e10/92 "Premium Unleaded") Thanks!
  15. Confirmed by driving into station - there is no E85 at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard - 7522 Northwest Blvd, Daveport, IA. This station is Sinclair branded, selling E10-87, E0-87 and E0-91 octane. My *bet* is that the other Mother Hubbard's Cupboard doesn't sell E85 either.
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