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  1. i think (not know for sure, i believe it's made in VTT which is our goverment research center) that tech is ours and st1 i just making it for real... in here on liter of 98e which have amount 5 procent alcohol cost 1,586 euros and E85 cost approx 1,066
  2. Never heard any other than trionic ?? So is the engine 2,0 or 2,3 liter? in here aeros are only 2,3 liter. can you give me by pm your car v.i.n number?
  3. hard to explain, here's some information. .st1.eu/index.php?id=2901 Put some www on front off the line
  4. We have here in finland strong community of saab owners (saabclub of finland) and we are happy to have some gyus who have been studying trionic and they made lots of trionic "tuning" and they are very good in it. So i try just put E85 to my chrysler i'd think to first tank about 50/50 % and try that. We have here E85 which is made of waste, not new organs. only waste ;D
  5. Saab 9-5 aero with tuned engine management system (saab own trionic 7). Car is not factory made ffv. i think that chrysler engine is also found in Pt cruiser.. I was just wondering that if it have in stock so wide range to tune afr that i have to do nothing ? like i said i think injectors is same than 2,4. i'll have to check that out. Not tested yet..
  6. had no problem with power(less) ;D the other car i own is swedish made and much more quicker (running also E85). i just keep thinking idea driving that chrysler E85. cant get more power of that if i cant adjust the ignition when driving E85.
  7. HI! new to here Does anyone try to drive Chrysler 2,0 petrol engine on E85? I have Chrysler voyager 2,0 -1998 (i think it's quite similar engine than Neon ) I'm interested to converted it to E85. I think it have same injectors than 2,4. And fuelpump is same on 2,4 and 3,3. anyone try it ?
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