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  1. A1 Auto Repair - 3041 Frederick Avenue
  2. Just went through Fort Morgan, CO. The Fuel for Less is out of business and the Texaco no longer sells E85.
  3. Let's cross our fingers for a dry week next week so farmers can get corn in the ground. From what I saw on the weather channel yesterday the Midwest will be around 90 degrees by Tuesday for the week.
  4. E85 is $3.43 and E10 is $4.09. Can't buy E0 here to my knowledge.
  5. A nice price point spread is essential for E85 to take off. I live in Southern California and the only station that I can buy from without driving 20 miles out of my way has around 65 cents as a diff. This week gas went up 10 cents but ethanol went up 14 cents? Not sure why but as stated for the average person to want to use E85 it needs to be much cheaper and available at more then 2 stations in San Diego, a city of over 6,000,000 people.
  6. 76 Propel - 1850 East Holt Blvd - Ontario Shell Propel - 701 Torrance Blvd - Torrance
  7. I do not know where the GOVT gets their fuel that they sell on base. I would think it is US made but do not have any idea.
  8. Yes, it is. As long as you are a current or retired GOVT employee you can. Both military and civilian are allowed.
  9. Address is: 3800 Belleau Woods Ave San Diego CA 92140-5199 Price is 3.55 for E85/3.51 for Regular
  10. I read that they were going to require that much as a minimum purchase to ensure that you knew you were buying E15. Not sure that will work.
  11. MCRD and Miramar in San Diego offer E85. Price is $3.59 in MCRD, not sure about Miramar.
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