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  1. I just dont know who to believe, 1st were using like the worsted plant know to mankind in the alcohol fuel game of plants to produce e85 CORN. Then I have read we can produce 3X the amt of fuel or CORN by using Hemp - which of course is illegal to grow in the u.s.a.. I have also read that the way some or most of our farmer grow our food can be out done by using other techiques of growing, (farming in america has got to get with the times) of course if they didnt have to jump though hoops to get funds that make all the damn sense in the world, That of course is a bit hard to do when your climbing the Energy Agency agenda. I use to be all for electric cars and still am, but my God why in the heavens of logic r we spending something like 800 billion bucks on oil/gas from foriegn courntries, when we could have an absolute boom in this country if we set aside an additional 5% of land dedicated to growing fuel, I mean you want a military that doesnt need a cord / called foreign oil, boom again you'll have it and it puts the money where It belongs in our pockets the TAXPAYER OR like I like to call us AMERICANS. ;D gosh sorry for the soap box. Im very young and cant accept all the corruption of our goverment. working on it.haha
  2. so I'm doing alittle reading on the site and a question pops into my mind, what if I get into an accident with this fuel (e85) in my tank. Seeing how it only has 15%real gas in it, and alcohol burns differently then reg.. gas. Well it burn like it had a full tank of regular gasoline in or would it burn for alittle while and then go out. In other words if the firetrucks dont get there fast enough, well my car burn to ground or well in go out.
  3. I have an 83 CSR, 650 with 12,000, its a real beauty, Ok from a distance. One think I notice about it had it now for 3 yrs. But I be damn if it doesnt run better on the higher octane gasoline. So after a extremely low amount of time of reading on conversion on this page, is it possible to convert this bike, I thought for sure you have to have fuel injection to pull it off. I also talk with my mechanic, he said stay away from in E85, dont know why he said that, he is great mechanic, I dont think he would make a statment like that if he didnt have some experience or maybe knew someone who tried this and had bad results. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. :-\ Im new here so, that explains my next ?. When you say that a new e85 station is opening r they just e85 stati0ns or r they a combo of reg. gas and E or just e85? Is there anyone out there that know people that r selling e85 on their own, like a co-op. I read that people r doing this in the bible of e85 Alcohol can be a gas. Is there another book that I dont know of that is better then the a.c.b.g book. Testimonies would be great. If I had the land I would plant yesterday, but hease that aint happening renting a room.lol.
  5. is there anyone thats making e85 with the use of corn. Seems to me corn is a weak plant to use to make moon shine. am a newbie so try to be kind.lol ;D
  6. I did put on a pipe and header muffler, Ya c I wanted to scare the dear from crossing the road when I came down it. BTW they havent crossed me yet. Your also reading a post from a guy who put a Mac Header on a 83 650 for the same excuse. Lots of dear in the valley dont ja know. I read your post from another topic, you said you put a turbo on your and now your spinning the rubber off the front tires. I wasnt looking for that, just alittle help. do you think the car will run quiter, I would have to take out the baffle, lol, Its those dear, I dont want one playing tag with the front end of the car and killing me. so I'm thinking of putting the converter on in the spring and summer fall months. Maybe not the winter which seems like 6months out of the year now. What do you think, I wouldnt run it in the winter cause of the battery situation.
  7. I think this is great, I really dont know why they produce cars like the volt or any other 4 door sedan, Even the leaf kinda makes me shake my head. I did test drive the leaf - it was nice right up untill I pick myself off the ground from sticker shock, I also test drove the I by Mitsubeshe, it was alittle more of what I feel could be a 2nd car that was a EV. But I'm still looking for a 2 seater stripped model that looks like the orginal EV1, something like a miata with batteries. I would think this is the best way to go, if you wanted an EV, then DIY some solar panels to help you with your electricity bill. Just my 2cents.
  8. First off, thanks for the quick replies, I am just beginning my research of this product, I'm not in the postion to buy a unit just yet. Reg. gas in solon ohio is 3.27 if memory serves me, which most of the time it doesnt, all I rember thinking was holy shit. Just that thought is such a shame when ya think about it. I would love to know what that sunoco station is asking for a gallon right now of E85. I was wondering though if I go with a converter, and change out the fuel filter at say 500 miles. do any of you think the car will have a little more torque. I love my fit, but man I'm getting tired of this no power. The car isnt made for speed by any stretch of the imagination. And it isnt the reason I bought it, Its a honda - most of the parts r made by them, and the interior rocks, Its like a super mini pick-up truck with a cap. Is there a phone number I can call and talk this over with a tech, I did ask a Head Mechanic at my honda dealership he was mostly thumbs down. I would love to educate him, b/c from what I'm reading from the book alcohol can be a gas, there is a ton of miss information. I have another ? about the winter usage of this fuel, is anyone keeping the fuel tank warm in the winter time, I have heard of blankets. If I stored my car indoors would that help with starting it in the morning? I'm a bit concerned about this, even though the dealership replace the junk battery that was sold with the car, Its still has its moments, of course leaving a overhead light on doesnt help. ;D ;D
  9. I'm a newbie hello everbody, I've been reading the book called alcohol can be a gas. anybody read this one? Anyway this is a gas station on state or ridge road in parma, Ohio. That sells e85, its about 40cents cheaper then regular gas, I've been thinking that when I pay off the fit which is at the end of the year. After the party I was thinking of converting it so it can also run on e85. we got anyone doing this to a car like this. I must say my fit is as slow as a old 69 beetle, but it works. But I also don't like sending 700 to 800 billion to the oil companies anymore. I would like that money to stay in our communities where it belongs anyway. anybody got a mechanic in the Cleveland area that does the convertion, even though from what I've been reading I might be able to pull it off myself. ;D ;D
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