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  1. Looks like we have a new Speedway now in West Chicago on the corner of Rt. 38 and Farnsworth Ave./Washington St. Just about a mile west of the Thorntons that opened earlier this year at Rt.59 and Rt. 38. Station opened up last week and is a nice one that has the Cafe like the Batavia store, but only has 4 E85 hoses vs a couple dozen like Batavia has.
  2. BJoe

    E85 pumps shutting down in Colorado?

    That's good to hear then.
  3. BJoe

    New Thorntons E85 locations

    New Station #318 1330 S Neltnor Ave. West Chicago, IL 60185
  4. BJoe

    New Thorntons-West Chicago

    Station is now open, looks a lot like the Farnsworth Ave and Bilter location in the store, has the same options for light duty vehicles, plus has a few big truck pumps with at least 1 DEF pump.
  5. It's currently a fenced off lot where State Route 59 passes over State Route 38 (also known as Roosevelt Road) that has had a bunch of work being done to it over the last year, but now there's a Thornton's banner hanging up on the fence where it runs along Rt. 59. Kinda looking forward to it since it's a mile or so from home and now that Thornton's has started selling E15 in the Chicagoland area, I have a much closer source to fill my 200 with E85 and for E15 to put in my XJ Cherokee!
  6. BJoe

    New Thorntons-West Chicago

    Sounds like this station will be having a meet and greet tomorrow, will have to check them out after I leave the office tomorrow night!
  7. BJoe

    New Thorntons-West Chicago

    Haven't taken pics in a while,but it is getting close to being finished, pumps are in, sign is up along Rt. 38, just waiting for them to finish things up and open the doors!
  8. BJoe

    New Thorntons-West Chicago

    Here's a picture I shot of the site for Aaron yesterday, it goes on for two blocks and I'm kinda wondering if it will be big enough to have at least a could medium and heave truck diesel pumps besides the car and light truck pumps. Being right where two major state highways meet, a couple pumps for the big diesel pumps would make fantastic sense, since the two closest to here are a couple miles west at the BP on Rt38 and Washington St./Fabian Pkwy. here in West Chicago as well as the newly opened (and having E85 pumps for all!!) Speedway near Fermilab at Kirk and Wilson in Batavia.
  9. Has he started playing with any of the Cadillac ELR's yet? I'm digging them too and their resale kinda sucks right now at least.
  10. Thanks guys, I'll be running around Suburban Chicago for TruGreen so having a plug in and hopefully something that I won't end up as attached to as I have become to my 200 and Cherokee. Actually been thinking that with the better income from this job that I can actually do some hotrodding to the 200 and start fixing the rust and other old age related issues on my Jeep as well as pay off bills that retail just haven't paid for.
  11. What do you think of the Volt so far? I just got hired at a new job that will have me driving for part of it and I wouldn't mind retiring my 200 from the daily grind once I get it and my credit card paid off (this new job pays about 1/2 again more than to twice what I had been making) at my old job. Been thinking about a used Volt or a new 2.4l Dodge Dart, since with all the rebates, the Darts are CHEAP and if you get the right 2.4l, they're flex fuel and the earlyused market Volts are comparable in price to the heavily discounted new Darts, and an extended warranty seems like it might be wise, just in case.
  12. I was running a couple errands for Dad a couple weeks back and discovered that there is a new Thornton's being built on the corner of Farnsworth and Bilter in Aurora just north of I88 and the Aurora Discount Mall (fancy factory seconds mall, basically) and when I detoured that way after topping of at the North Aurora Speedway on Rt. 31/Lincoln Way after work tonight, I noticed that two of the pumps looked to have Ethanol signage in yellow in that advertising spot at the top of the pumps. Not sure of the exact address, but besides the tollway and that discount mall, there's also a bunch of stores just north of there on Kirk and Butterfield/Rt. 56. There also a bunch of housing, businesses, a couple churches and multiple access points to the toll way near there. Hope I saw that signage right, it could make for a busy location and be closer to home that the North Aurora stations!
  13. Small update on this store, stopped by there for the first time in a while and discovered they have put up a new sign (no E85 listing though), new pumps, and did a light remodel in the store itself. The big news in all of this, those new pumps looked kinda funny as I rolled up, the outter pumps were all gas and diesel fuel, but all of the pumps on the insides of the awning all had yellow handle covers, so yes, they all have E85 at all but those 4 diesel pumps.....and then the big shock, those pumps all have 3 hoses like the ones at the new Speedway a few miles north do, so as I pull up to the pump, I notice that they have the typical E85 selection, and the gasoline octane selections read; 88, 87, 89, 92 So I get out of my 200 and go to take a closer look before I go in to pay to fill up and discovered that the 88 octane selection appeared to be intended to be pumped from the hose next to the E85 hose and that there were some E15 signs on the pump! Not only can you buy E85 at most of the pumps at this station now, but they have added E15 to their list of options of what kind of fuel you can now buy there too Needless to say, if we ever get the rear brakes back on my Cherokee and get it on the road again (it hasn't been driven since last March and has had no rear brakes since August, kinda needs a radiator too.......), I'll take it there to fill it up on E15. It's only a '98, but considering I've accidentally slashed up to E25 without issue, I'm more worried about somebody throwing a tantrum than I am an issue with it burning the fuel.
  14. BJoe

    Of all people, I accidentally "misfueled" with #E15

    I think it's a low grade gasoline that comes from natural gas wells, just don't quote me on that................
  15. http://www.speedway.com/StoreDetails?store=6207 Speedway 1495 E Wilson St N Kirk Rd Batavia, IL 60510 Phone: 630-406-0241 It's not on the E85 App yet, but is listed on Speedway's app and site as well as on GasBuddy's site and app. It's a huge station that has 10 pumps with the ability to fill 20 cars and/or light to medium duty trucks at the same time, plus each pump offers gas, E85, AND , Diesel, each with it's own nozzle to fill from! On top of that, they also have pumps for big trucks with DEF at all but one pump and a small kitchen that's open 24hrs with a small spot to sit down and eat! Almost forgot, Aaron and I were going to meet up there tomorrow around 1pm.
  16. It depends on the station, around here, Speedway is the only one with a positive spread around here ($.10 below) with the rest ranging from a mild negative spread ($.05 over) to a downright insultingly negative one ($.58 over?!)
  17. BJoe


    Aaron sent me a text about this a few hours ago, could be interesting to see what happens. Considering the stations that tend to overcharge, I wonder if this might work as a tool for shaming them into lowering their prices, or be a way for fleet operators to see who's selling for what and tell their drivers not to buy, or even for local regulators to monitor pricing without driving all over like Aaron had done just to get prices.
  18. BJoe

    GM refueling events

    That was an interesting read, it may have been started in '09, but has had comments made on it into last year, mostly positive too!
  19. This just popped up on my YouTube account, they're proponents on E85 as a performance fuel and have a number of their forced induction hot rod projects drinking the stuff. BTW, I kept hearing George Jones singing "White Lightening" as I watched Moog in the lab at the ethanol plant
  20. BJoe

    Why is ethanol a better fuel?

    I had a chemistry teacher in high school that would make her own ethanol for class use, and let us know what it was and that had made it undrinkable, yet wouldn't kill us if one of us were to try it. What she did was mix it with Phenolphthalein, which has been the active ingredient in many laxatives for a long time. Won't kill who ever drinks it, although they may wish that wasn't the case with that as the denaturant
  21. BJoe

    Why is ethanol a better fuel?

    Is that related in any way to Smokey Yunick's Hot Vapor Engine? http://www.hotrod.com/how-to/engine/hrdp-1009-what-ever-happened-to-smokeys-hot-vapor-engine/
  22. JUst curious, Dad and I are cutting out some old bushes from in front of the house and were going to rent a chipper on Tuesday for obvious uses. It woukd be nice to see this get put to good use.
  23. Has anybody else been following this story? I'm thinking VW could rightfully be in deep doo for this and now may have the IRS come calling on top of it!
  24. BJoe

    custom e85 tunes for FFVs?

    I've seen that Hemifever and Overkill Motorsports both do tunes for the Chrysler Pentastar V-6, including E85 tunes, although to really see the full capability of the Pentastar on E85, you may need to bump the injectors if I remember something that Overkill found working with BigNib on Avengerforumz.com correctly. Overkill just joined the 200 owners forum I go on and has experience with the older GM V-6's as well.