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  1. Verified. E85 is available on the island nearest the store, two pumps, 4 hoses.
  2. Initially showed up on *<gasp >* Gas Buddy: BP 1220 W Touhy Ave (@ Delphia) Park Ridge, IL 60068 as of 08/16/2016 13:00 CDT E10: $2.19 E85: $1.49
  3. A few years ago, when production EV's and PHEV's were making their public debut, a large fraction of buyers were complimenting their vehicle with solar panel installations. I cannot find the stats, but I recall more than 30% of Plug-in purchasers included a solar installation in 2013. With the mainstreaming of these vehicles, the latest data indicate that that ratio has declined to 14%. Offers surface, from time to time, regarding package deals of solar products with the purchase of a plug-in vehicle. Those offers should be sustained to more effectively decentralize the grid and supplement its local capacity.
  4. Farmers like to feed their families, too. University studies of profitable ethanol approaches are welcome before fields are committed to particular crops. Miscanthus is a non-native plant and needs to be considered regarding impact of local flora and fauna. Cellulosic ethanol production from biomass requires investment in more specialized harvesting equipment and methods to determine the optimum amount of corn stover or wheat chaff captured from a field. These types of research assure healthy crops and healthy income for the current and future seasons
  5. New study on ethanol feedstock albedo effects confirm that Miscanthus derived ethanol is most effective at mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. http://www.greencarcongress.com/2016/08/20160811-albedo.html LUC: Land Use Change
  6. Despite the "success" of this study, Toyota emphatically insists their power plants may not use concentrations greater than E10. The study convinced me and a couple of colleagues sharing membership on a Prius Yahoo group to try using ethanol blends. We quickly discovered the threshold for triggering the Check Engine warning lamp. When a nearby Speedway starting carrying E85 fuel in 2006, I started using it continuously at various concentrations between 50% and 85% using a conversion kit. Two failed conversion kits, and 110,000 miles later, I'm back to splash-blending E60 for my semi-monthly fill-ups. I recently filled up with E10 and was surprised by a cold engine stumble and a startling lack of peppiness. While the fuel economy improved dramatically under E10, I happily returned to E60 and the improved performance. I replaced the gas tank a few years back, but could not determine whether the failed internal sensors were a result of the ethanol concentration or an animal strike years earlier that caved-in one side of the tank. Without a long term study, all we have are lame anecdotes like this one.
  7. Also recognize that the internal combustion engine is at its most inefficient and produces the greatest amount of emissions when it is not at normal operating temperature. If your PHEV all electric range is just short of your commute, you get a cold startup. Your engine would be subjected to the worst scenario for an internal combustion engine: fuel washing lubricant from cylinder walls; production of soot through incomplete combustion and poor response to throttle input. Since PHEV's are derivatives of hybrids, most of the cold engine cranking issues are mitigated. Like cold cranking to 1200 rpm in 1/4 second and fuel prohibition until minimum oil pressure is reached. Release of warm coolant into intake manifold from a thermos storing warm coolant from last trip. Exhaust system Soot Trap active until the engine warms. Valve timing configured for speedy warming as opposed to preferred throttle response. Being the member of a Ethanol enthusiast group and an experienced ethanol user, it is important to note that increasing alcohol concentration increases warm up time. I know that BEV's, battery electric vehicles, allow one to program cabin heating while on a charger. I would assume that capability exists on PHEV's. The batteries also heart up while charging. So the issue of reduced capacity becomes problematic only if the car is not on a charger when parked. HEV's use cabin atmosphere to heat and cool batteries which returns them to their normal capacity minutes after the engine reaches normal operating temperature. Since engine use is optional, I am unsure if this capability exists in a PHEV. Would heating the cabin sufficiently replenish battery capacity and if so, how much driving range is lost to heating the cabin and batteries?
  8. If you continue drriving in suburban traffic, opt for the hybrid. The regenerative braking will increase your fuel economy dramatically over a conventional drivetrain. Especially if the traffic signals in your area are like those in mine: Timed perfectly to allow one to reach the 45 MPH speed limit only to be met with a red light at the next intersection.
  9. Made my last fuel purchase on the card Friday. Two months of free fuel was an awesome, welcome gift. Thanks again to those who made it possible.
  10. It is very revealing to learn that at latitude 42° N, I get actual 85% ethanol, at most, four months out of the year.
  11. The presentation od E85 prices in the Gasbuddy app stinks. When I set options to E85, it still lists all nearby stations, but most have no price listing because they do not carry E85. The app does not filter out stations that do not sell E85. Screw Gasbuddy! Editors took offense to my continued promotion and defense of Hybrids and E85 vehicles, they banned me. Although my posts have all been deleted from all gasbuddy forums, a google search reveals many people's reactions to my posts which included MIT cradle to grave studies regarding carbon footprint, University of Michigan study regarding use of e85 in 2003 Prius, and many other debunks of commonly circulated misinformation regarding each technology. Apparently my posts drew the ire of the ignorant who repeatedly reported me.
  12. My 2001 Prius achieves 38 mpg CITY in the summer months on E-85, 51 mpg CITY on E10. Don't we all wish! Hybrid technology improves the efficiency of all vehicles, regardless of fuel.
  13. NONSENSE! Ultimate fuel economy and more than a decade of cradle to grave studies demonstrate hybrid-electric vehicles are more efficient and have a smaller green footprint than conventionally fueled vehicles of similar size/capacity. . . . if you ignore higher resale prices and fuel savings. Used hybrids lose less value via depreciation than the typical car. Mechanically, hybrid engines last longer due to the lack of wear and tear. Engines are operated in optimum ranges for longer and are rarely stressed.
  14. Typically the only use for municipally collected yard waste is composting. http://swancc.org/yard-waste
  15. Converting Chevrolet Volt To Run On E85 Is Easy http://insideevs.com/converting-chevrolet-volt-run-e85-easy/
  16. We'll learn it wasn't JUST VW, but a significant portion of the industry has tried or is trying to circumvent EPA regulation. Decades ago, when unleaded fuel was sold along side regular leaded gasoline, auto parts stores sold "Catalytic Convertor Test Kits." They were comprised of a pipe that was the exact length and had identical fittings to a catalytic converter and a device that cut out the fuel-filler neck restrictor (Leaded fuel filler nozzles were larger than unleaded fuel nozzles). Of course once the "test" was performed, owners would neglect to reinstall the catalytic convertor and take advantage of cheaper leaded fuel (3-8% advantage). A courier company altered their entire fleet of thousands of autos. EPA discovered the circumvention, fined them $ thousands for each non-compliant vehicle and required them to apply a sticker on each vehicle stating something to the effect of "Breathe easier -- Maintain Your Car's Emissions Equipment" I cannot recall the company name, but the business folded less than two years later.
  17. I'm finding that under the Fav tab, the Back button is unresponsive. It turns green to acknowledge the input, but does nothing.
  18. Yesterday, there was price posting for a structure-free, fenced property that was former a Speedway station at 885 E. Touhy Ave., Des Plaines, IL 60018. This station has been closed since mid-August. Moreover, the Speedway IOS app acknowledges its absence. One wonders what station it is mistaken for because no other station in Des Plaines carries E85. http://e85vehicles.com/e85/index.php?/topic/7050-closed-stationsstations-that-have-pulled-e85/ BTW, still getting incorrect data for the BP station at 217 E Irving Park Rd. Wood Dale IL
  19. I had a less than encouraging email exchange with a White Lightning representative. I explained my issue, requested troubleshooting instructions and received no further correspondence. I'd be willing to try again provided I can get some guidance, but White Lightning offered none and I have little confidence in the product. If anyone can offer assistance, I would certainly be willing to give it another go and get some value from my purchase.
  20. Here are some images from directly west of O'Hare airport.
  21. Alternately the contributor is mistakenly posting prices for a different Citgo location.
  22. The station identified in the app as the Citgo, 217 E Irving Park Rd. Wood Dale IL, is actually a BP station with E85 prices much higher than reported. I diverted from a local station to take advantage of a significantly lower price only to learn that the station changes hands at some point and the currently reported price (same day) was false. E85 cost $0.45 more than reported. I would like to think this is a one time error, but today's reported price, from the same party, is false yet again. I would be suspicious of prices reported by that contributor.
  23. Speedway 885 E. Touhy Ave. Des Plaines, IL Closed for remodeling. They appear to have acquired adjacent property for the rebuild so they may have a new address when reopening. . . and hopefully more than one E85 pump . . . under the canopy for a change. . . and a marquis that promotes the E85 prices
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