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  1. I posted in a separate thread. It is possible to retrofit a snowmobile to run E85, however there are steps that have to be taken to insure cold start in extremely cold temperatures. Previous sleds have been fitted with a pre-warmer for first start in the morning or have run lower concentrations of ethanol for the same purpose.
  2. I rode an Alpina years ago in Old Forge, NY. Great machines. We have worked with a few snowmobiles and the results were very positive, however being a cold fuel the owners had to fit a pre-warmer for the first start in the morning. After there is heat in the engine start-up is good for the rest of the day unless the temps are ferociously cold, however you can run a blend below 50% ethanol to ease starting in cold weather. Gains to HP and torque are around 8% to the ground.
  3. There are significant power gains to be had by running E85 in your high performance vehicle for the street, the track or even for pulling and towing. This thread is dedicated to answering the hard questions, dispelling the myths and helping performance enthusiasts and horsepower junkies get the most out of running E85. Keep it positive, keep it real and keep the questions coming.
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