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  1. The information I obtained via various forums and stock market experts, is the $35,000 vehicle has been vaporware and was put out to gather cash for the company. As of this posting, the $35,000 vehicle has been removed and is no longer exists. Some one from a different site claims Tesla has gathered/obtained/purchased various PHEV cars (including the Ford C-Max which I also own) for the service departments to be used as loaners.
  2. E10 prices continue to rise in southwestern Pennsylvania with some as high as $3.09. Unfortunately, E85 prices often rise in tandem at these stations such as the GetGo one in Pine Township/Wexford. However, a Speedway station in Lyndoria, near where I live, bucked the trend and reduced the price of E85 to $2.25 while the E10 price rose to $2.95. Nice spread. This is what most of the stations should be offering as the price of ethanol on the Chicago Board of Trade does not march in tandem with Oil that is traded on Wall St.
  3. Modifying a snowmobile? One that runs on a recommended octane 91+? One that produces 85 ft. lbs of torque for work applications such as cross country ski grooming, pulling transportation sleds, campers or even trailers with forestry logs/tree trunks? Alpina Sherpa snowmobile is the brand I am referring to.
  4. How about modifications to a snowmobile that is designed to run on octane 91+?
  5. The $35,000 version has arrived. But, I need AWD which bumps the price up and with the options I desire, a little over $50,000. Well, someone has to save a few bucks now.
  6. A lot to read about at the Tesla Motor club forums. Interesting experiences during winter weathers.
  7. Reports from owners at another "site" have posted about "cold weather headlight flickering"? Some claim this is related to a software issue. How are yours managing real winter cold weather?
  8. Yikes, I just read the Supercharger rates have been doubled to 0.31 cents a kWh which is similar to what a 30mpg fuel vehicle obtains. Is this correct? Of course home charging is a lot cheaper. Electrify American is bringing out fast plug in stations at at rates of 0.30-0.36 kWh. Some Tesla owners have free lifetime SC usage, others 6 months and some none.
  9. Yes 5 cents a gallon in Central and Northern Wisconsin at the Kwik Trip stations
  10. The C-Max Energi plugged in at a National Park in Virginia, next to a Tesla charger.
  11. It helps to have warmer weather to obtain consistent higher mileage.
  12. A lot to learn about the various Tesla "modes" and software items. and other. Want to see what model Y brings. Want to see what the competition does during the next two years and improvements/additions to the supercharger/roadside charging locations.
  13. Thanks for the reply. It seems as if the AWD Tesla has sufficient ground clearance for snow. I'm likely headed/moving to northern Wisconsin for retirement within 1.5 to 2.5 years. I need to have a vehicle to handle 2 to 3 inches of snow on the road and ground clearance is one of my thoughts. (I enjoy Nordic skiing and occasional downhill skiing). I still have the Escape Hybrid now with 183,000 miles on it and it works well in winter conditions as it is 4wd capable. My CMax is low to the ground and with the stock tires (doesn't make sense to obtain winter tires if I still have my Escape Hybrid), probably not the best for real winter conditions. From what I recently read, Ford and VW are now going to share VW's BEM (battery electric modular) platform for future EV. Could be interesting to see what new battery electric vehicles arrive in the future. Tesla is suppose to bring out the "Y" (smaller crossover based upon the 3 series) late in 2019 and this might be an option for me if it can provide over 300 miles of EV range. I wonder if the Tesla allows one to degrade performance (0-60 time) for improved battery range?
  14. I wonder how high TD is recharging his Tesla battery? To 90%? How high does it charge at the supercharger location?
  15. With 183,000 miles on my Ford Escape Hybrid, I can not really tell any difference with the MPG figures compared to when it was new. It is possible that a small change in battery capacity has occurred as I remember Ford buying a 200,000 mile Escape Hybrid and finding like 3% loss.
  16. Yes I have a 2017 version that can run on E85 up to around E50 before the check engine light comes on. Still have my 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid that has auto 4wd.
  17. As a follow-up, I have not notice such a change at the Kwik Trip stations that I have stopped at during the past two years. Then again, I actually live in Pa, but our family has a home in northern Wisconsin.
  18. I finally got back on this site after being locked out for multiple months. During this vacation I picked up a Ford C-Max Energi at 35% off the sticker with all 301 miles on it! Rated at 21 miles of EV driving but that can go up and down depending upon weather and driving style/conditions. Basically switch between auto EV (computer controlled between EV and ICE) for slower and in town driving and EV later for faster speeds and hills. 7kWh battery but real usable amount is like 5.6 kWh. Cabin cooled battery doesn't work the best when it is really hot during the summer months. Some owners in warm states have significantly degraded their battery due to heat and excess driving in EV. Have a E85 add on kit for the ICE and can run around E50 before the check engine light comes on. Tesla continues to look interesting especially with their network of superchargers. However, customer service and quality control issue exist as report in the forums that I sometimes frequent. TD, what range hit do you occur with the winter weather? I'm assuming 25%.
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