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  1. Your observations are spot on. I've since learned that at least some GM product (those with direct injected 4 and 6 cylinder engines) are now using a sensor again. Seems the virtual sensor had its share of drawbacks. The new sensor is not likely to be interchangeable with the old Siemens part.
  2. No sorry I had read that thread it is not of any help. The Replicator is for those folks who have to deal with an original sensor gone bad and are willing to sacrifice the capabiliity of using E85 in order to save some money. The post by kidsonly1 with the ebay link is for the Siemens part. What I am after is whether a new part made by Continental has found its way into use. For more info run a search for Continental fuel quality sensor or email me and I can send you some links.
  3. Time was GM and Ford FFVs used a fuel composition sensor sourced from Siemens. These sensors too often didn't last the life of the vehicle and were expensive to replace, and thus went away in favor of a virtual sensor by the mid-2000s. Far as I know this solution works well. Now there is a new fuel quality sensor by Continental which can among other things measure the ethanol concentration in a gasoline/ethanol blend - does anyone know which if any FFVs use it? I'm trying to substantiate reports that some GM vehicles use it. And why the switch from the virtual sensor?
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