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  1. That's because your computer is a POS .. in all seriousness jamie .. How am I suppose to help you if you cant even give me the basics? What Computer are you using What Operating system What version What Browser What's the Browser version What version of Flash Player are you using ..is it up todate ? http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html Java ..what version and is it working http://javatester.org/version.html Have you tried using a different Browser? Coding is a funny thing and not all code works in all combination of operating systems , browsers flash versions etc.. never mind i seem to try to post a simple little thing and get attacked then get told it is my fault i guess it is also my fault iran has a nuclear program secretly trying to destroy the world seriously - when a person tries to do a simple little thing then attacking them is a sure way to get me and every person i personally know to stay away from a business or a web site if there is certain things you want to always know then have a report a bug form to ask all the stuff - i am not a psychic
  2. i agree with winterminute on the fact of just get rid of e10 and have e15 in that spot but then we go back to my original post of just need to build a pump that blends on the fly and for telling prices just have it as a digital price display for different mixes you want to offer and custom mix between can be a pay in advance inside and the cashier can dial in from a formula and have the standard prepaid method cut it off at so many gallons as i said before the technology to build the pump to do it exists just need a place that is willing to build it that way and not the 1 per mix nozzle new pump design has the ability to expand as blends become popular just add it to the pre programmed menu offering i tend to think of how to maximize space limits and offer as many blends as possible - i think the new pump design i thought of would maximize offerings and limit space needed
  3. since when is a bug report bickering needlessly and if it is having bugs then they should be fixed or people will not want to use it and this get to know the system - helps if bugs and error pop ups do not keep the site virtually unusable - bugs get fixed and easier to even use otherwise what is the point even reporting bugs if you have no interest in learning some people get them i am not interested in fighting but bug reporting is bug reporting and if i go on one of the pages this site operates and get bugs like pop up error boxes i will report it happening as for your constantly updated and fixed comment - how do you fix a bug with no bug report stop this huskerflex
  4. that would be easier to do if stop getting the adobe flash script error all the time adobe script not working the way it should makes a site hard to even use
  5. the ability to custom blend then you can have just 1 nozzle for all technology to do it already exists - just need to build the pump custom blending on demand can help those non flex that can use e50 and not forced to multiple nozzle blending - just dial in on a computer program what you want and it can calculate and pull the mix on the go from a tank of e0 and a tank of e100
  6. direct selling like here is my stuff and buy it here link - make it a separate forum but if a person is thinking to use a product proven to be made extremely poorly then directing the person to a better quality brand should be ok in any forum that post happened to be in
  7. i see no way a oil company would give up space by choice from a product they make to a product they buy from others i like ethanol and would use the full e85 if could but oil companies have to make ethanol above e10 available easier than they do in fact only about less than half of the stations where i am even have a e85 nozzle at all so they really have to be forced to have it same thing happens with these 100 miles per gallon cars - oil companies spend billions to buy the patents then bury it to save the business and i see really the same kind of thing with ethanol of any blend what we need is a coop that is ethanol only and do what mcdonalds does - put yours across the street from theirs when they compete with places like burger king all over the world we need to do the same thing just to get availability going equal to what oil is i just wish i knew for sure if my kia could run full e85 like the lake area tech non flex tahoe did for the study - if could i would up from the e30 pump to the e85 i even seem to remember reading a few times that gas stations had to be forded to put the e10 pumps in and tried to block it back when e10 was new - forget where i found that but is out there to find again
  8. now for error i get this after trying to submit The order was unsuccessful 1 order failed for the following reasons: E85 Price: Kings Mart (3725 North Cliff Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD operating system - windows 7 ultimate 64 bit browser firefox all is up to date as i update daily - including flash and java so far not been able to find a different browser that works well on 64 bit - people like to program for 32 bit forgot to answer - i do clear history and all privacy related every time a tab is closed and i have a program that does all that every few minutes for me
  9. this time i got a different page first time i had to pick state and city then station and almost nothing was there at all i had to fight the script in this movie flash player errors - totally freezes the process
  10. i did that and the station drop down list would not give the station - in fact the drop down list only had about 4 or 5 stations on it for sioux falls
  11. it is the same station - there is only 1 it is able to be added to my favorites but going to add a price in the post a price page it is not there - in fact over half the stations in town is not there at all i have it listed as a favorite but the post a price does not have it at all
  12. the station is listed as far as able to add it to my favorites but it is not there at all in the report a price list for sioux falls south dakota it is kings mart on north cliff - this is the only e30 pump in sioux falls the station lists should be merged so when you add it is not just limited to either a favorites but giving prices is not possible or able to give price but pick as favorite not possible
  13. i keep getting the error of a script in this movie is causing adobe flash to run slowly and if allowed to run could make my computer freeze i am just trying to set up my account so i can get prices posted for where i actually am also the error will not let me get far enough to find the contact us over there so post it here - they need a e30 slot for prices since some of us can use e30 but not e85 but still want to track it let us all make that site a strong competitor to the gas buddy site and a better one i meant to say e85prices.com - accidentally left out part of the address
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