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  1. Considering I've had to force literally a thousand of these events, I'll clarify what the engine computer is actually looking for. Their 3 gallons and 7 miles is a guideline and only the first is used to calculate when a refill event occurred. The vehicle looks for a certain change in volume between being on & off for over 60 seconds. When the tank is mostly empty, it's around 1.32 gal (5L) in our 10-16 gallon fuel tank test vehicles. When fuller, it looks for closer to 1.75. Personally, we always add 5 gallons (due to container size) during every refill event. As for the 7 miles. The value the computer uses is actually based on several other factors to include: volume of fuel consumed, MAF (air flow) within a certain range but above idle and <~75% load, # of times the oxygen sensor sees a lean/rich switch over, plus about a dozen others. For our tuning, we have access to hundreds of tables that all change the compensations for ethanol based on the blend rate and temperatures. I have to hand it to GM, they did a pretty slick job with it. But Ford did the algorithm better. Haven't gotten to test Chryslers.... yet
  2. If you're running a lean burn by turning off the closed loop function (lower O2 sensor Rich/Lean switchover amperage) and always running open loop, then you can run lean burn IF you are sticking with a single fuel with known stoichiometry. Since E85 is commonly E70-E85, and one might have to fill up with regular gasoline on occasion. Lean burn quickly becomes possible detonation with the wrong timing. You'd also be stuck with running a single timing table that was optimized for a slightly richer burn, where lean burn requires additional advancement in timing. I'd also be concerned with catalytic converters clogging with running lean burn too often. The reason we run 5% rich, is to feed the catalyst and maintain 3000 degrees. By running lower temp and lean burn, we increase NOx and allow any carbon/soot/particulate matter to start filling up the fine mesh. I have ZERO research that indicates this happens nor have I read any white papers indicating that is the concern with vehicles. It certainly is with generators we use in the oil fields. I'm in the same boat as other Volt owners, I just don't use enough fuel to do decent testing in a timely manner. I've run 4 tanks total through my 2013, all E50-E80. Even with my settings for E55, I got the P0171 lean code on E80. As I improve the tune, I will release my findings. Working with TD, I should be able to get some good numbers and iterations that improve the already epic Volt.
  3. For some reason I can't get subscription updates so had to rehunt down this posting roosterk: The preferred method is to use the virtual FFV sensor to change the compensation and spark tables correctly for high ethanol blends. This will provide the best results possible with the fuel. My method is more of an inbetween option due to the low engine usage times. TD: Still on the stock injectors, when I tried to datalog the injectors with HPTuners, I couldnt' get a good Inj Duty Cycle reading so I'm not positive on how much room I have to play with full E85 yet. I also chose not to change the spark timing. One thing that is great about the Volt, is its 3 RPM operating zones. No real transitionary tuning required. The E78 ECU will almost always provide a maximum spark advance, detect knock, and pull timing immediately. The E85 tables were not really advanced compared tot he stock numbers, so I've just been running the stock gasoline values. I did verify there is no knock retard occurring with HPTuners though. Even on 91 octane I'd get knock with this vehicle. If you have the Cruze injectors properly scaled and the right stoichiometry value in the HPTuners file, then there should be no issue with the MPG estimate being off. What have you been getting on E50? While I haven't had to use fuel in 7 weeks, I will be forcing it to run in mountain mode for a couple trips to the ski resorts. I'll burn off some more fuel and do some data logging at that time. I'm 2 years away form this project, but really tempted to find a junked Cruze with the 1.4T and seeing how well that turbo, manifold & piping fit in our engine bays....
  4. Greetings Gents, I decided not to rely on the virtual-FFV algorithm when running on the Volt The virtual algorithm determines if the vehicle was filled up, then goes into a relearn procedure until a certain volume of fuel is burned; however, if the vehicle turns off in that time, it will be stuck at a different guesstimate. If you were on a road trip, this would be fine. In my case, after 3 months of ownership and only 20 gallons of fuel with 3000 miles, I would have never run the vehicle through this correct routine. Instead, I reprogram the ECU to think the fuel stoichiometry is always E55, which only requires fuel trims of ~10% for pure E85 (we know it's usually E70-E80). This has allowed me to have no DTCs and still get 38-44MPG @ 65-75 MPH. This was using HPTuners; however, I'm working with Wait4Me performance on an EFILive based tune right now that will give the car a lot more kick. Not that it needs much more, I LOVE driving it as is. Never been so satisfied with a vehicle. I have had no issues with cold starts and knock has disappeared. Ask anyone with a 'Torque' or 'HPTuners' who has datalogged on 91 octane and they'll confirm that these vehicles are knock happy due to their advancement. That isn't bad though, the E87 ECM & its knock sensors react REALLY quickly to prevent damage. This is why I get such great fuel mileage, the spark automatically tries to maximize.
  5. Whatever happened to these kits? Are they just the White Lightnings kits? Anyone know why they went out of business? Also, I can't find a single record about them being EPA approved in the records (EPA.gov Test Results & Certification Data). I've personally gone through the EPA approval process and agree 100% it is STUPID expensive. 1 year, 1 model, 1 engine, 1 transmission, easily $250-500,000 to go through the process. As for your Cruze, check out my website (Projects section) to see what we've done using just a software update to make it into an FFV. I love the 2011 Cruze we have and have not needed to upgrade injectors. If you want to make it into an FFV, drop me an email. Time to let you make a fuel choice.... www.fuelverine.com
  6. I have tested non-FFV engines as FFVs using HPTuners & EFILive to properly fill out the alcohol related tables. The 3.6L DI engine from GM has been my favorite so far, only had a 10-15% drop in fuel mileage where many MPFI engines give a full 15-20%. The injectors for all the non-FFV GM vehicles I've looked at have the exact same flow rate rating as the FFV versions of the same engine. For example, the 2.4 & 3.6L (.6L/cyl) have the same injector flow rates whether FFV or non according to the HPTuners files I've looked at. No part swapping should be needed.
  7. Ever try testing it again? I had a similar issue when one of the connectors loosened.
  8. TD- hoping you can confirm in this post for other folks that you successfully swapped in the Cruze injectors to run full E85 and used HPTuners to set the computer right. Do you concur? Also, have you confirmed that the stock injectors did not have enough rated flow to maintain desired stoichiometry? My HPTuners has not logged the injector data yet unfortunately, still working with HPT on correcting that. www.fuelverine.com
  9. I know this is an old topic, but I spent my entire day researching Ford tuning. HPTuners provides support for up to the 2011 Escape and from 2007-12 for the Fusion. Have you had any luck getting the vehicle tuned? I've got HPTuners but am located in Colorado. Would love to help out since I've been doing this with GM vehicles for 5 years now...
  10. Bought a 2013 Volt, tuned it with EFILive and HPTuners, running E85 and still getting over 40mpg.... boo ya GM... booo.... yaaaaa
  11. Met with Colorado Corn who sponsored this team, very dedicated & knowledgable group hoping to spread some ethanol love around. They came to my shop to see some of my research as well. www.fuelverine.com
  12. Long time member of the forum, converter of over a score of vehicles to E85, and I was in the documentary PUMP. Wanted to hype it up a bit by letting y'all know it's on Netflix now for free & streaming. There is definitely some great info on it for anyone, even the informed! Since y'all are also fuel choice activists, please check out my website Fuelverine.com and let me know if you have any additional info to add. I get a dozen emails every week from random folks hoping to make a fuel choice like y'all have.
  13. PUMP is now available on Netflix, iTunes & Amazon! Hopefully we can gain some traction with mass E85 conversions. We're darn close to having several GM vehicles FFV certified that were not sold that way from the factory.
  14. Now on Amazon as well! http://www.amazon.com/Pump-Jason-Bateman/dp/B00TE8LL16/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1423756391&sr=8-3&keywords=pump+the+movie
  15. Howdy Folks, I've been tuning General Motors & Subarus to run on ethanol & methanol for a few years now. About 2 years ago, a group came in to record what I've been doing and to discuss what it would take to enable fuel choice across America. They talked to people across all industries and put together a well done documentary that is very fair to all involved. They don't tell you what fuel to choose, they just make it clear that not having a choice is killing America. Y'all already know the benefits of running ethanol, give the documentary a gander & see if you learn something new. Check out PumpTheMovie.com for more information or on iTunes in the documentary section. They've been #2 for 3 weeks now. I am not making money off this film, just trying to give us more ammunition to fight the status quo. Even with E85 being more expensive out here in Colorado right now, I fill up my WRX anyway.
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