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  1. 'Intensive Irrigation' LMAO. Corn is one of the most resilient crops there is. <10% of the farms around me irrigate that
  2. Big brother the Oil Company. I chalk it up to the old chicken vs. egg debate. Customers complain there aren't enough stations selling it, stations won't build because there arent enough cars, and car companies won't build them because there isn't enough customer base. I don't think it will be solved unless people quit laying down and start demanding it. I know about 30 people with FFV's who haven't once used it. E85 needs a MLK type figure.
  3. Hello Dom..I called a few minutes ago 248-451-1400 but the person that answered had no idea.. I'll call in the morning when a Manager is around Dan, just dropped in to this station earlier today. It is indeed a Shell station and they do sell E85.
  4. I think it's a misconception that GM introduced this just to make money (though it is likely a perk). The first post lists a whole bunch of other reasons why. In terms of cost, I just got my oil changed + tires rotated the other day on my Silverado that uses Dexos for $39 bucks. I can live with $0.0039 dollars/mile and a free tire rotation. On another note, I changed the oil in my 91 Buick myself the other day. Bought a case of off brand conventional for $47 (for 12qts). I used 5 of 12, or spent $19.58 (5/12*$47).. to go 5k miles. Ttl cost of that change using conventional oil ~ 0.0039 dollars/mile Virtually same price for both, and the new technology allowed me to reduce oil waste by half by allowing me to go twice as far... and I got the tires rotated.
  5. Just posted my first +15% or more spread in Michigan. Brighton E85 is $3.09, while gas jumped to $3.69. Looking better! I hear ya. Little off of my path though. Going to check out the Shell in Bloomfield Hills for my next fill up... ahrm, I mean after my next pay check clears :'(
  6. They changed their name - does that mean they still sell e85? The Valero quit selling nearby >... this one is the next closest station.
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