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  1. I live in Miami and the only place pricing makes sense is on the turnpike. It's $3.49 where I live, at Fall U-Gas so I buy regular at $3.58 instead. People must be paying the price though. If the station operator is making 20 cents a gallon more and people are buying, well, I would not lower the price either.
  2. Canoe Creek Service Plaza on the Florida turnpike.
  3. Not for years. Mid State out of Lake Wales planned to build one there, but no activity on the site yet. I made the trip this weekend from Miami to Lake Wales and back to Miami down I-75.
  4. Mid State Energy in Yee Haw Junction , Florida is closed. the address is a vacant lot.
  5. They are doing the Cash/Credit scam. For e85 it's 3.39/3.54. I got enough to get me to the snapper creek plaza on the turnpike. I hear e85 is 3.12 there.
  6. Ocean Gas 402 S Dixie Hwy, Florida City, FL 33034
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