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  1. At a 60 cent spread here in Michigan, Speedway is once again the best game in town price-wise. The yellow-hose price spread here does fluctuate a bit, but it is far more consistent than the Speedway price spread. I will say, and while this is not totally pertinent, I had no idea GetGo still had even a shred of interest in E85, considering how it looks like they’ve been ripping it out at a lot of stores.
  2. Could have sworn this was in the database, but apparently not. New Thornton’s station to add in Bellwood, Illinois. Brand new build that’s been open dating back to at least May. Got E85 in the rental there yesterday Thorntons 1125 South 25th Street Bellwood, IL 60104 708-649-3090 Latitude: 41.872229356386 Longitude: -87.862848043441
  3. Oh I’ve been to the Speedway in Tinley Park, but even with an extra set of E85 pumps at that station, it is a pain in the behind to get in and out of. The intersection there is always slammed, and good luck getting a spot at a pump. Very much worth the extra few cents to go to the Gas N Wash. The free car wash also makes up for it, and I’m doing business with a place that actually wants to sell E85. Speedway, through their continued installation of just one E85 pump (technically two) out of 12-18 makes it clear that they do not care about how hard it is for so many of us to get to the E85 pump. When I finally do make it out to the Pacific Northwest (Idaho and Montana have a max speed limit of 80!), I’ll be carrying at least 20 gallons of E85 in the trunk. I’ll also have to not only call and confirm that they have E85 and that the pump is in working order (had that happen in October where I confirmed they had E85 but got there to find the pump was out of order). As far as E15, I’d be happy to express my feelings via DM. Let’s just say I’m using E85, and only E85.
  4. Well hey, congrats and welcome to the E85 club! As I mentioned earlier, I’m going on 6 years with the stuff. My very first car, a 2008 Chrysler Sebring, was flex fuel. I sold it to my dad when I got my Charger, which I ended up giving up about 3 years later in September 2017. I’ve been struggling without a car, and have been trying to save up for a down payment. Using my dad’s when I can. Oh trust me, I know how to find the cheapest E85 price and maximize the cost benefit. I’ll use E85 no matter what - and will never switch to gasoline under any circumstances - but I won’t shy away from reaping the rewards. Back when the Yellow Hose program (they sell pre-blended E85 directly from an ethanol plant 45 minutes to my west to retailers across Michigan, on the condition that they keep a minimum fixed price spread) had E85 at a $1 below regular, gasoline prices began plummeting. The spread didn’t drop below $1 at these stations until the New Year in 2015, so I got to see some pretty awesome E85 prices! Do you have any idea how weird it was to see, and how hard it was for a then 21-year-old kid to wrap his mind around, the Total Gallon amount exceeding the Total Sale? Trust me, I only had $12 at the time, and I still can’t believe even 4 years later that I couldn’t stuff $12 worth of fuel in a 19.1 gallon tank. Last June, I had someone challenge me on Twitter to find a lower E85 price than he had. He found $1.27. Darned if I didn’t make a 90-minute each-way trip to the downriver Detroit community of Woodhaven to get $1.17 (before a 3 cent/gallon discount). I take E85 challenges seriously. Oh and as for E10 being that cheap in February 2016, well. Found plenty of that too! Oh and I can personally attest to the fact that this wasn’t an error with their sign. This station in Lapeer, Michigan (which no longer sells E85) really did have a spread nearly $2 in the negative in February 2016. I have a station I always go to in Tinley Park IL any time I’m near Chicago. It’s the Gas N Wash at 19420 South Harlem in Tinley Park (Exit 148A off I-80, right at the Cook/Will county line). Not only do they have 6 pumps with E85, but you get a free top-of-the-line wash when you purchase at least 12 gallons of E85! Feel free to shoot me a message here, I’d love to connect with ya. To make sure we’re on the same page, which road are you talking about in that last paragraph there? Michigan spends the least per capita on roads of any state in the country. So naturally, many of our freeways are poorly designed and are prone to massive pileups. Oh, and we have the highest auto insurance premiums of any state too.
  5. It’s funny, because when I began using E85 back in December 2012, one of the major appeals to it was in fact the fixed price it had (I’ve long since discovered many other benefits to the fuel, that more than make up for losing that fixed price concept). At one point in June 2013, gasoline spiked to $4.29, and E85 was at $2.99 (yes, to all the people complaining that gasoline is getting expensive at $2.99, remember where it was just a few years ago?). However with Speedway entering - and subsequently dominating - the E85 market here around Lansing, a fixed price spread is now the law of the land. So I have to rush to get fuel before a hike like everyone else. I should say, on a slightly unrelated note, I go by South Bend/Mishawaka any time I go out to Chicago. Even though the 80/90 isn’t in the best of shape, it’s not a threat to my personal safety like I-94 in Michigan is. I’ve not kept up on E85 availability in northern Indiana like I used to because of how few interchanges the 80/90 has on it. I have a fuel stop in Tinley Park IL I always go to. Past couple times I’ve gotten fuel in the city of Mishawaka, whose name is hard for me to say without the occasional chuckle, I’ve gotten it at the Marathon on Cleveland Road just off the Indiana 331 exit. Good to see you guys have some competition.
  6. After much waiting, we got two more Speedway stations with E85 that raise an eyebrow for a couple reasons. In Lansing: This Speedway station is about 300 feet from a Meijer station which filled in a sizable E85 gap in the area back in September 2014. Until now, Meijer has only set competitive price spreads when Speedway had exceptional price spreads elsewhere in the area (back when it was close to $1). That was due to a lack of direct competition in that part of the area. Now however, Meijer is competing directly with Speedway. Good to know though that Speedway still doesn’t care how hard it is for some of us to get to the E85 pump. I guess they can only be bothered to install one pump out of 7 double-sided pumps. Heres the station info: Speedway 6041 South Pennsylvania Avenue Lansing, MI 517-318-3327 Latitude: 42.669459915038 Longitude: -84.537767171860 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and the other location, in Charlotte, fills in a major gap to the southwest of Lansing. I’ve been wanting E85 in Charlotte for a long time. This makes 17 total E85 stations in the Lansing metro, and 10 Speedway locations with the fuel. Here’s the info: Speedway 687 Lansing Street Charlotte, MI 517-543-5800 Latitude: 42.574242030048 Longitude: -84.821791648865
  7. Can we merge La Porte and Laporte, Indiana? Two names for the same city. Correct spelling is La Porte, with the space.
  8. On my stroll off the toll road back in March, I went back east to intercept the Eastern/Central Time Zone sign at the 80/90 toll road, when I happened to run into this Marathon station owned by the chain Gallops. They have been adding E85 and trucker conveniences (i.e. diesel exhaust fluid) at several of their stores. Marathon 1877 West US-20 La Porte, IN 219-362-8505 Latitude: 41.685903095650 Longitude: -86.737406551838
  9. Because there aren’t a million places to buy diesel, EZMart, which acquired the Blodgett Shell chain in Michigan a few years back, has been replacing E85 at several stores with either diesel or E0. The Shell locations in Ithaca and Mount Pleasant now sell diesel, and the location in Coleman sells E85. All 3 no longer sell E85.
  10. We too just saw a hike to $3.09/gallon for Regular E10 here in the mitten. If you exclude the handful of stations which spiked above $3 back in 2015 (this was not adopted en masse, so I don't count it), this is the first time we've seen regular spike above $3/gallon since the oil glut began in 2014. Not to brag, but one location in the Lansing Metro has not touched their E85 price since February.
  11. Two years after pulling this stunt, I noticed the freeway sign for the Speedy Q in Lapeer had a new, more reflective diesel banner at the bottom of the Speedy Q logo (as opposed to the E85 label). Sure enough, they no longer sell E85. Given that the hoses and nozzles are now red, I can only assume that they’ve succumbed to the E0 craze. But it hasn’t happened yet. As of tonight, they’ve just dropped E85.
  12. I was in nearby Miner last month. Frankly the spread was exactly what I expected from Break Time.
  13. I win! $1.14 spread at Speedway 8789 in Lansing, before 6 cents/gallon in reward and prepay discounts.
  14. I should also note that once again, those lucky ducks in Illinois are even luckier... they have $1.10 spread at Speedway stations there.
  15. I first ran into the $1 spread back on the 2nd at the Speedway station in old town (the first Lansing area station to get the fuel, back in 2013), and initially thought it was a glitch. The station on south Cedar now has it for $1.39. Guess where I’m getting fuel next! For a while there, I actually got cheaper fuel in Texas than I had last month here.
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