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  1. Great weekend -- car ran fantastic. Only issue was a clogged fuel filter when we ran out of gas. Probably sucked up debris from bottom of gas tank. We didn't notice an appreciable increase in consumption. Power was good. 2.99/gallon vs $4 for premium (3.59 for 87)
  2. These are supposed to be stock cars. If not anything you do counts against your Value and your value has to be below $500. That is the whole car (not counting safety equipment) :-) Don't think a new set of pistons will fall into that category. Although shaving the heads might....... Biggest thing is time and energy to do the engine swap.... Divorce isn't worth the extra HP in this series :-) mike
  3. We are the only one running E85 We are sponsored for 2012 by White Energy, the largest ethanol producer in Texas. They are expecting consolidation, so we'll be looking for a 2013 sponsor. Since it is endurance racing -- we're figuring that any HP adv we get will be offset by the refueling time. All types of cars are out there from Miatas to 5.0L Mustangs.
  4. If you don't care what the car looks like, smells like, and you are not afraid to pick up a wrench -- $500 Porsche 944/924S are relatively easy to come by. I've got 4 of them :-) 2 became universal donors for the other two race cars BTW, the conversion was pretty straight forward. 944 Turbos use Fuel Injectors that flow ~28% more fuel than their NA cousins. We simply swapped the injectors, purged the fuel tank and lines and both cars started right up. On the first car we noted that the Lambda readings were spot on with our uego and the exhaust ran cool enough to hold your hand behind it. Like I said we haven't taken the car to the track yet -- but idle, uego readings, unloaded throttle behavior has been very promising. We're going to run with the O2 sensor feeding back to the DME as well as a separate uego to monitor things. We were not scientific pre E85 -- but we used to get about 10 gallons per hour. Unfortunately that varied from track to track (how much WOT, accel, etc) The 924S and 944 are both 2.5L 4Cyl Engines putting out ~160HP back in the day at the crankshaft. The 924S has a 10.4:1 CR, I'm not exactly what the 944 has but it is close. Race weight is probably 2600lbs wet. keep the questions coming :-) Mike
  5. We are racing a Porsche 924S and a 944 We are sponsored by White Energy to convert and race our cars. ChumpCar World Series is grass roots endurance racing Take a $500 car -- put in the proper safety equipment and road race it for 12-24 hours. We have converted both cars -- and they seem to be very happy but we haven't had them out on the track yet. Next week will be our inaugural E85 race -- although the team and the cars have been around for a couple years. Should be interesting to see if there is an effect on power or fuel efficiency on the track. Most of the time you are wide open throttle -- not something most folks see on the street. Mike
  6. Thank you so much -- I called up there to confirm. 24hr access -- credit card only $2.99/gallon 2/24/12 Will be stocking up for the ChumpCar race when we visit next weekend. Mike
  7. Has anyone confirmed there is an E85 gas station in Decatur? I will be racing at Eagles Canyon Raceway and staying in Decatur next weekend and I am looking for an E85 station. If so do you have a contact information. thank you, Mike mike@lonestarrpm.com
  8. We have converted our ChumpCar World Series of Racing cars to run E85. ChumpCar races older cars in Endurance races. We expect to burn through 200 gallons of fuel during a race weekend. In some cases the closest E85 source is going to be 40 miles away. We have a old UHaul - which we are also converting to run E85. under the main bed -- we're thinking of welding in 4 or more 55 gallon drums. thoughts? ideas? mike
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