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  1. Talk to Rob at Boostbutton.com He can configure a dual play chip for you so you can flip a switch and run either E-85 or Gas at the boost level you set it up for.. so Yes the factory computer controls everything... you also need to see what mods my engine had done w/ +40 injectors and a higher flowing fuel pump..
  2. I wonder who I can talk too to get that done now that you mention that! I live in the Cincinnati Area..
  3. Will be doing a software update to the programming, I believe the car is running too rich but I might have a vaccum leak as well..find one to fix the other or just fix both right? ;-) Will post updates later after I swap out chipsets. Bearcat
  4. Meijers behind the old mall and next door to Krogers 3651 Towne Blvd, Middletown, Ohio. $2.99 and it's been this price for months...
  5. I can tell you the pricing in the area varies from $2.94 -$2.99 Also mileage has been in the low 40's and the power comes on very nicely, the engine does sound different and the exhaust smells sweet :-) After a couple of tank fulls I should be able to give a better report. Mark
  6. Last year I had the idea to convert the car over and then found out how easy it was..and let me tell you the old Turbo Dodges are good candidates for this job! 1.reprogram the computer- easy to do and I now have a dual chip setup for both gas and E85 2. Larger injectors 3. larger fuel pump just remember to replace the fuel filter after a couple of tankfuls and it should be fine and lines all cleaned. The only issue I would have is during winter time - E85 does not like to start up well without extra fuel or needs the tank warmed up. ;-) I can say the car runs smoother under E85 and the exhaust smells good. Mark
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