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  1. Im just frustrated. Guess I understand its all about supply and demand. Just kills me to see the price climb as much as regular gas on a daily basis. Just this morning the little pump on the side here said national E85 average was $3.19 but now that just climbed .03 to $3.22 in last few hours..
  2. Ive given up with E-85. The milage per price is awful. In Detroit area the price is only .20 less per gallon so only saving at most $5 a fill up and getting -80 miles per fill up. Its a scam I'm telling you. A scam.
  3. Marathon 24960 Telegraph Rd Southfield Mi 48033, 248-357-3221 Don't see this one on the list E85 price $3.19 Regular gas $3.39
  4. No same one, I just didn't see it on the site.
  5. They have had E85 but this station does not show up on any list
  6. I just purchased a 2008 Impala flex fuel and I'm trying to make heads and tails about the best percentage to use E85 ? It seems with my driving habits regular gas at $3.19 gets me 40 Miles further on a tank full than E85 at $2.99. its all about how much I'm putting out weekly in gas budget. Guess I may have to do a month at a time on each blend to see what price difference makes the most sense ?
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