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  1. 1 Stop/Phillips 66, 10798 W Jewell, Lakewood Colorado - CLOSED Green Mountain Shell, 12410 W Alameda Parkway, Lakewood Colorado - NO E85 I'll keep looking around, but it's getting sparse in the Denver Metro area.
  2. Just for edification of my project I; 1. Replaced the stock ECU with the AME EMS 30-6052 Series 2 ECU (Specific to the S2000) 2. Added a Greddy Kit which included +1 Cooler Spark Plugs, 15psi Turbo, and an Intercooler. 3. Upgraded the Injectors to 750cc. 4. Upgraded to ultra light weight fly wheel (stock 13.5lbs to ~8lbs) 5. Upgraded the clutch to a Stage 4 6-puck ceramic clutch with pressure plate. 6. Replaced the Cat with a Berk 70mm High Flow Cat 7. Added Gauges: PSI, Oil Pressure, AFR. 8. Replaced the stock exhaust with a Greddy 70mm to dual 60mm exhaust (ETA 9/15/2011) 9. Upgraded my stock 16" 6.5" and 7.5" wheels to 17" 8" and 9" wheels (ETA 9/15/2011) It's a beast right now without 8 or 9 (although I can spin the tires in 1st and 2nd :-[ ).
  3. I'm making an E85 station finder for Windows Mobile 7. With permission from the Admin(s) (Dan I suppose) I'll release it to the public when it's finished.
  4. I think you would be surprised. There are quite a number of people I know who have high performance engines already converted to E85. I was debating switching, but my tuner has been using it for 9 years plus without issue, so I thought ok well what the hell. To be honest, the only thing I *needed* to do (from what my tuner told me) was to make sure my AFR was correct, so I dropped the stock ECU for an AEM EMS (6052 S2000 ECU Replacement) which was ~$1150. Nothing else was modified to make E85 work. From what he told me, there are at least (he has tuned) 10 Suburu WRX STIs, 3 Mitsubishi EVOs, 3 Nissan R33, and event a Nissan GTR. I know another person using it in his WRX and the tuner is using it in is his 1987 Buick Turbo Regal (T-Type V6). I'm currently boosting my S2000 engine up to about 13PSI, but when I had it at 5psi, switching from Gas to E85 gave me a 25hp increase. I'm sure it's much higher at the current 13PSI. (Stock = 201 whp & 116 lb-ft, my Turbo is at 306 whp & 238 lb-ft).
  5. Reply here (i'll just modify this post) or make a new post in a different forum? Posted here: http://e85vehicles.com/e85/index.php/topic,5099.new.html
  6. Converted my Honda S2000 to E85 at a tuners shop that RIGHT next to there. So now I'm into making sure I know where to get E85! 8) Now that I'm on E85, I didn't even look at the gas price.
  7. The reason I did not find this is because it is not located on the map (http://e85vehicles.com/e85-stations.html) at the correct Lat & Long (correct lat&long http://g.co/maps/8ydht). (Price was $3.09 last Saturday 9/3/2011)
  8. I actually called this Kum & Go while visiting the Kum & Go website, they do not carry E85 contrary to the Kum & Go website.
  9. 1st Stop 11614 W Belleview, Littleton, Colorado No longer Serves E85.
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