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  1. wyochimneysweep

    Couldn't do it.

    The station I fill up at is 2.689 for e 85 and 2.999 for e10. premuim fuel was 3.499 so a 0.81 cent price margin for me isn't bad. I got to run premuim or e85. no other fuel for the engine I built. ;D
  2. wyochimneysweep

    Ethanol More Expensive than Gasoline

    price spead here in fargo is 50 cents
  3. wyochimneysweep

    Honda S2000

    My change to e85 required bigger injectors. I run out of fuel at 4000rpm under pe.
  4. wyochimneysweep

    UOA + E85 = Run it 8,000 miles

    you ever get a virgin oil sample?
  5. wyochimneysweep

    Chevy software

    I been using hptuners