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  1. I think it takes quite a while to edit and everything. I was thrilled to finally see it coming out!
  2. http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/pump/
  3. Very interesting article by "Oil Price." It addresses my biggest fears and is not from an ethanol source but an oil source! :-\ "Of greatest concern is how much oil is remaining. As noted, we currently use 30 billion barrels a year – 84 million barrels a day, or a thousand barrels every second. When it is trumpeted about some new and huge find of oil, e.g. the Tupi field off Brazil, thought to contain 8 billion barrels, in reality this is only enough to run the world for three months. Context should not be lost in these matters. The quality of the oil is also at issue. For example, much of the remaining oil is of the “heavy”, “sour” kind, meaning that it is not necessarily liquid at all, but bitumen, and contains relatively high levels of sulphur, necessitating complex and energy-intensive processing to get the sulphur out – which would otherwise be corrosive toward the steel used in the refinery – and to crack the heavier material into lighter fractions that can be used as fuel, or as feedstocks for industry." http://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/What-Happens-When-the-Oil-Runs-Out.html
  4. I just posted 4 today. 2 of the stations are no longer branded Conoco or Philips. Can you guys please make the changes that I posted in the comments? Thanks! I'll try to keep up with it. There is another location way on the other side of town but they only have it at one pump. It's too far of a drive to keep up with. These 4 I can handle!
  5. I just posted 4 today. 2 of the stations are no longer branded Conoco or Philips. Can you guys please make the changes that I posted in the comments? Thanks!
  6. I posted ours today. I will work on posting competitors. Not many sites with E85 in Wichita. We want to change that though!
  7. We're in Wichita. East Kansas Ag in Garnett is the plant that closed last year. Hopefully it will be able to reopen this year. There is another plant that is getting ready to reopen in Pratt. There will hopefully be some good options for us. I think that a bumper crop is expected this year. Praying that's true! We are getting a lot of rain in this part of the country lately. The corn isn't very tall in some areas though and has already tasseled. Think we could have used some rain earlier. It's been in the low 80's the last couple of days. Unusually wet and cool for this time of year. We are loving it! The drought was so severe last year. I reposted the petition on Gasbuddy. A "Champion" member had it deleted and then attacked me on my "whiteboard." Didn't have the nerve to go after me so everyone else could see what he was posting. So I just blocked him and reposted it. They can delete it again if they want. I won't give into their bullying tactics. I'm used to it by now. It's an ongoing battle but we're determined to keep it up! Nobody can discourage us. We really feel like we're doing the right thing so we continue to fight the good fight! ;D
  8. We're working on changing things in our area. We intend to sponsor some films at the local colleges. Actually my experience has been that the younger generation is that they are more open then you would think. This is going to take work! We are up for the challenge. I posted this petition in the "ethanol" section of Gasbuddy. They must have removed it. Gas Buddy is a tool for the Big Oil companies. If that was a petition to help the Big Oil companies then it would never have been deleted. There's one thing that I think that we can all agree on...it's all about price. Looks like there is going to be a nice corn crop this year. If corn prices go down, then we should be able to offer some pretty cheap E85. Dropped our price to $2.99 today. E10 is $3.45 today. Selling a lot of E85 today! We've been having to buy from the oil companies because the drought shut down production at the plant that we were purchasing from. The oil companies are keeping the price up to keep people from buying it. Gas Buddy just proved me right today! Knew it! But I tried!
  9. We'll never give up! > I was wishing that college was in session. There's a green group on campus at one of the colleges. I think that I could get them on board. Don't underestimate our youth. They are more open to getting on board with alternatives. This will affect them more then it will us!
  10. Up to only 19...arghhhh. We added about 3 signatures. I keep passing it on. Trying to think of ideas to get this going!
  11. "In a AAA statement to KELOLAND News, a company spokesperson said the ad misrepresents AAA's position on E-15. The statement also said AAA, "remains a strong supporter of the development and use of alternative fuels such as ethanol." "The AAA spokesperson said the company is urging API to take the ad down" http://www.keloland.com/newsdetail.cfm/ad-against-ethanol-causes-controversy/?id=150809 http://www.kdlt.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=28375&Itemid=57 Happy that AAA finally took a stance. Looks like this backfired on the API! ;D
  12. Hi Steve O! I'm excited for ALL of us! Hopefully this will help get the word out! We need all the help that we can get! ???
  13. He will also showing how these high gas prices are really hurting people. He is really a very good hearted person and wants to help others!
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