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  1. I just wanted to post that the convertor box bought from David Blume's outfit works fine. I had some problems with them sending the wrong connectors and their customer service left a lot to be desired, but in the end the car runs great on E85. Before the conversion, I couldn't run anything over E20 without the engine wanting to stall and running erratically. Could anyone explain how this box works? If I understand correctly it doubles the pulses - two quickly in succession vs. just one originally. I couldn't get a straight answer from them and I'm curious about this.
  2. The Spinx station in Honea Path stopped carrying E85, but the new Spinx in Greenwood does carry it. $2.69 a couple of days ago.
  3. The Spinx station in Honea Path no longer carries E85, but the new station in Greenwood does. $2.69 on 10/7/13. Thanks to Spinx for making E85 abundant in the upstate!
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