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  1. I started running 100% e85 since April. I wish the sales man had told me my truck was a FFV but I only discovered it when I read the label on the gas cover.
  2. If you have the Alternative Fuel tag, Absolutely! Here's a link to the form: http://motor.etax.dor.ga.gov/forms/motor.aspx They warned me to keep my receipts up to three years in case they decide to "audit" my purchases but said it would probably never happen. Jic I've been keeping them anyways. You have to run the alternative fuel 85% of the time in order to qualify for the tag. This is one of the main reasons I decided to switch to e85 only. Also, once the HOV lane on 85 switches to the toll lane, you can still ride for free but will have to have a PeachPass in addition to the AF tag. 313_.pdf
  3. I switched to e85 in April 2011 and was so excited to receive the new tag for my truck! It has really helped my commute to be able to ride in the HOV lanes on 85. I saw where the onetime specialty tag fee has now become an annual fee ($35) and I am wondering if anyone else is considering surrendering their alternative fuel tag for a standard one? I also read that to receive a PeachPass you have to deposit $20 when opening an account. I am not sure if that will apply to alternative fuel vehicles since we will still be able to cruise the dedicated toll lane for free (if you have the AF tag) but I will not be happy if Georgia wants to hold my $20 ransom... and collect an additional $35 annually. I am just wondering if I am alone in my thinking and am willing to get involved with any groups who are active in promoting e85.
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