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  1. Truly what should be done is what Plymouth Energy and Plymouth Oil set out to do but because of 2008 never happened. Hopefully these two, side by side, companies can still make it happen. Do fractionation of the corn kernel and send the starch to the ethanol plant and process the germ into food grade kosher corn oil and food grade corn germ flour. That flour has no gluten and has water soluble fiber. Both are great for people and when pizza dough has had it included at the 20% level, it tasted even better. It makes great cookies----the list goes on.
  2. What's interesting, my cousin and I went to Leola SD, NW of Aberdeen to pick a new BoarBot. When we left I 29 and headed west on Hwy 12 the lakes are getting bigger and farmers land is being reclaimed by the water. Not sure where the water is coming from but it looks like some one should drill a hole at an angle and drain that water back into the Ogallala Aquifer. My cousin said that the only problem with that is some pollutants might go down also.
  3. Also, just got a newsletter from another ethanol plant and it talks about the IRFA working to get H. F. 640 passed so Big Oil can't restrict retailers from selling ethanol and biodiesel blends.
  4. Siouxland is where the E85 and E30 I get at the blender pump comes from. The E85 is a $1 less than E10 and a $1.10 less than E0. Maybe when I told the manager at the C store he ought to have a chat with Siouxland about their price, awhile back, it did some good.
  5. Seems pretty good---I'm on high speed and have a pretty decent desk top rig. I have one airplane forum that is super slow and the guy that has it thinks it's something to do with adware checking. It's the only thing that's is slow for me. You got any ideas?
  6. I'll say interesting in this post also. I just went and sat in my 2012 SEL with mechanical seats. With the seat all the way back and the seat back tilted back just a bit, I have about 5 inches between my head and the roof---no sun roof in mine. I might have exaggerated a bit when I said my feet couldn't touch the pedals but my legs aren't bent much. I am 6 ft 1 in and standing barefoot, it is 44 inches from the floor to my belly button. I wonder if your wallet is too thick---that must be the problem. On the mpg readout, mine doesn't change all that much. When I backed out of the garage the other day is was 31 point something and when I put it away after driving 70 miles it was maybe a tenth or two different. My temperature gauge comes up in less than a mile.
  7. I'll be interested also. Last summer my aunt, sister, and I sold an 80 acre field that had been in mostly CRP with about 30 acres of good tillable soil. We didn't get near 20K and not until Dec. I thought my aunt was crazy when the first thing she did was plunk her money into mutuals. She came ahead about $2000 an acre in three months and if the Dow keeps going with all the new paper being printed, who knows how high her land sale will go. P.S. I'm still waiting for the crash of both land and the Dow.
  8. It is a good deal for an ethanol plant that blends E85 for local delivery. Could make ethanol that is selling in the mid $2's actually look like over $3. The local ethanol plant has a 60 cent positive basis on corn today, although it doesn't sell any E85 out the door like another small plant that does blend some.
  9. Speaking of steering wheels, mine is adjusted all the way down and I never move it. Even in my John Deere tractor, the steering wheel can adjust down about to touch your knees or be about straight up when exiting. I never move it to get in or out and it is about 2/3's of the way down. I have a friend that has a like tractor and if I drive it and don't put the steering wheel straight up when leaving, he'd get very mad at me.
  10. Corey, that's interesting. I'm six feet one inch tall with long legs and weigh 175 lbs. I can put the seat back and just about can't touch the pedals. Is your head hitting the roof or what? It seems about the same as a new Toyota Camry to me. Is your Acura bigger than a Camry? If the 13 Focus is like the 12, it will get 30 to 31 mpg on E85 driving mostly highway at 60 to 72 mph.
  11. I thought I'd stir the pot on Focus Fanatics on the "Flex Fuel---Why" thread. So far no response. Around here E85 is $1.16 less than E0. I wonder if this is some kind of ploy by Oil to help get rid of the RFS.
  12. Anybody here go over to Gasbuddy and "mess with them"? Would be a perfect time!!!
  13. The 2000 Buick LeSabre with 3800 V6 I inherited from my mom has been burning E30 for years with no problems.
  14. If you want to read more newsletters for Jackson ethanol shorten the link to siouxlandethanol.com. The last newsletter is about a 4000 head feedlot using the distillers grain and how handy it is. West Texas hates what's going on.It has done pretty well and I think can go to California if they want since they are using some methane from the landfill next door----Low carbon ethanol. Not sure about the spreads down there at Jackson but up here I just put E30 in and noticed the E85 was $2.839 and E0 here in my town is $3.799. I told the manager at Primghar the ethanol plant was ripping them on E85 for the blender pump when they weren't sharing the RIN money. Looks like that might have changed now since the E85 price is lower than before.
  15. You're right Husker. Here is a link to the ethanol plant newsletter that features the people that built the station/convenience store. Scroll down to farm family business. http://siouxlandethanol.com/images/E0148401/Eth_NL_W2012_LR_18.pdf
  16. Good one. Should get that on the national news.
  17. That isn't the worst spread----about the same % difference as we have here in Iowa right now.
  18. Just caught my error---should have been a 3 instead of a 2 on the gas.
  19. Glennsan, Really shouldn't do that with ethanol still being 20 cents less currently. If you look forward to Nov on the CBOT and NyMex you will see RBOB at $2.60 and ethanol at $2.00. What is the current price of E10 in CA. Here in Iowa things have been going up---E10 at $3.599 and E0 $3.699. Our E85 should be $2.999 or less.
  20. I asked the manager of the local convenience store/farm co op why our E85 wasn't any cheaper. He is sending the truck to a small local ethanol plant and buying blended E85 and paying close to CBOT price and then the eth plant is pocketing the RIN money. I said they're doing pretty good for the plant but not looking out for us customers at all.
  21. Just talked to someone "in the know". Don't get your hopes up----politics wins over reality.
  22. Isn't the name of the game to go the furthest on the fewest gallons. We'd probably struggle to come up with enough ethanol to make a 30% blend for all gallons consumed. While I'm still using E85, most won't with the 20 cent spread from E10. So if we can go further on E30 and have better emissions than using each fuel separately, isn't that better? Ethanol would still be putting the bite on oil. On Focus Fanantics a guy was telling about how much smoother the engine ran and the better mileage he got when he used 91 octane vs 87.
  23. Dan, hope you realize that SteveV that used to frequent this site has a very big part in this. Sure hope it happens.
  24. Thanks Turboapc for the prices. If I figured right, your 5% ethanol is about $7.86 USD and E85 is $5.25 per US gallon. Maybe we are "smarter" when we pay less at the pump and actually pay for it somewhere else. :
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