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  1. Fun to read some comments from 5 years ago. Don't forget about when cheap subsidized USA corn was going to Mexico and the farmers down there couldn't compete so didn't grow as much. Also, I was talking to a friend from Ohio about ethanol and the RFS a couple of days ago and reminded him that not too many years ago, Big Oil was complaining about not enough refining capacity in this country----not a problem today. Funny how everything swings back and forth.


    P.S. I sold some new crop soybeans for $12.60 on the CBOT last week after they rallied back from being about 80 cents lower----looks pretty bad today. :'(

  2. Appendix D & E are the references for using aggressive ethanol.  CRC especially, in the past had used aggressive ethanol during testing.  You will see on page 3/39, some comments about different hydrocarbons.  Using a straight run of toluene isn’t really testing aromatics effects when consumer gasoline has much more variation.

    Look at 3.3.4  ionic compounds----


    I have the whole PDF in an Email but don't know how to post it here.

  3. Can you post on the E85 website.  I have not visited in some time but wanted to see if some of these guys could start contacting the salesmen in their area.  Ask these 3 questions and we will see if BG will respond.  Unfortunately BG is right here in Wichita.  I visited them 3 months ago and now it has turned very negative against me.




    If the oil companies want to make aggressive ethanol by adding salt, fine.  I can make aggressive gasoline by concentrating just the upper 20% of gasoline as see what happens to seals and fuel hoses.


    How ethanol contributes to free radical oxidation?

    How does ethanol contribute to carbon deposit?

    How does ethanol create GLOP?

    To find your nearest source for BG Products; http://www.bgprod.com/bgdistloc/distloc.php


    Recently, there has been an increase in the attacks on ethanol and one of the largest companies for various additives is still going too far.  B&G Products is putting in auto garages and parts stores in certain areas of the country an ad campaign the mixes facts and myths.  Current emails exchanges with this company indicate this isn’t going to change anytime soon.

    First let’s separate off road issues and this is to include vintage vehicles.  Most of the fuel systems for off road and 25+ year old vehicles are open vent which means long term storage has the potential for allowing outside air to breath in and out during temperature changes.  This issue comes up a lot in various articles which is the target for many to say ethanol attracts water.  What isn’t stated is that this is likely one of the biggest reason for gasoline problems as well.  Ethanol is blamed in most cases but gasoline going bad is not due to ethanol but mostly gasoline being exposed to atmospheric conditions.

    Products that treat the fuel for both long term storage and protecting small engines is good preventative  maintenance especially when exposure to outside environmental condition are likely.

    Gold Eagle, producers of STA-BIL has written a very informative White Paper which covers both gasoline and ethanol which is beneficial in understanding the overall issues of gasoline today.




    Our suggestion is to locate BG’s regional distributors in your area and ask if they are putting out Corporate B&G Products displays as the one copied below.  Ask these regional contacts if they can support the data being stated below.



    width=700 height=525http://i1274.photobucket.com/albums/y428/cessna15/Whatsinyourtank_zps18044f09.jpg[/img]

  4. Just read on DTN where RIN's are trading at $1.46 and there is plentiful ethanol supply. Big oil is doing everything they can to not use anymore ethanol and make it look bad. Steve-O, you're right about the youtubes showing midblends being used in older unmodified vehicles.

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