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  1. The blender pump at Primghar Iowa(ProGo) is set up right. When I put E30 in the 2000 Buick last evening I noticed things have changed to 87 E10 and E15 out of the black nozzle and E20,30,and 85 out of the yellow nozzle. They are getting E85 right from the close by ethanol plant to blend with.
  2. Around here the E30 is very popular with people using it in non flex vehicles since they don't see much of a mileage decrease from E10. Even a farmer/board member of the closest ethanol plant is using E30 in his flex fuel Chevy pickup instead of E85---I was surprised when he told me that.
  3. Look at the picture from domestic Fuel website. Not too bad.
  4. My aunt called my attention to the article yesterday. Sure glad to see the gas station guys banding together and trying to stand up to Big Oil.
  5. I combined corn yesterday putting most in the drying bin. I decided to take one load to town and found out I'm glad I have a bin on the farm---it was hard to find a place to get in line waiting to dump the semi load. Corn is running 22 to 23% moisture and yielding around 200 bushels per acre. After the drying charge of 34 cents per bu., if I sell right now, I can get $3.82 per bushel. The ethanol plant is bidding 13 cents more but won't take over 18.9% moisture.
  6. Interesting, if I understand what I read then it would be like me having 10,000 bushels of corn to sell but all anybody wants is 9000. Then I would say it is because of "inadequate domestic supply". Just boggles my mind.
  7. It's from the local refineries. In reading, there is-----
  8. http://rt.com/usa/koch-tar-waste-piles-chicago-285/
  9. I have to agree that E30 is a good blend. Too bad they can't put a sticker on the pump saying that in reality, it'll work fine in most non-flex vehicles.
  10. Makes you think the "no pipeline" folks that were against the Keystone going over the Ogallala Aquifer were pretty wise.
  11. Should remind Walker about when the USA was sending really cheap subsidized corn to Mexico and the farmers down there couldn't compete so didn't bother to raise as much as now when it is worth something. He shows his ignorance when he doesn't mention the third of the corn that is processed and goes back out as high quality distillers grain and corn oil.
  12. I just bought 87 E10. The nozzle next is 87 E0 and is priced 14 cents higher. Will be interesting to see what goes there when the 87 E0 runs out.
  13. Ethanol blends have been appr oved for use by every automobile manufactur er that does business in the United States. A primary advantage of ethanol for engine perfor mance is octane enhancement: a 10% blend of ethanol in gasoline raises the octane number by 2.5 points. http://www.afdc.energy.gov/pdfs/factfict.pdf
  14. I'm pretty sure that ethanol at 10% actually raises the octane 2.5 points. Also, my cousin that is on the board of a big agricultural corp. in Omaha says that because of loose blending tolerances, we've probably gotten more than 10% some of the time already.
  15. In the ethanol plant newsletter that came a few days ago, the manager thinks that even with cheaper corn, ethanol prices are going to struggle(be cheap) because of the glut. Unless E15 happens.
  16. I'm going to have some pretty good corn if the frost holds off for another 3 weeks. We got 5 to 7 inches of rain that came several different times in August. Not far away not so much rain.
  17. I agree, 4 doors on muscle cars just doesn't seem right IMHO.
  18. Good post gasisoutrageous. Outlaw's thoughts on the sand are definitely something to think about. Sand is being loaded on the train a few miles from where my brother lives north of Minneapolis and I said I wondered how long before WI was mined out. He didn't think it was anything to worry about--- oh well. Here is some info from long ago about silicates and it happened at one of my favorite places in West VA. http://tunneltalk.com/Hawks-Nest-Tunnel-tragedy-Sept09.php
  19. Dan, not really. I basically only drive 20 or more miles to another town so I'm mostly rural and interstate---very few stop lights per tank. I'm pretty much stuck on 30 mpg(readout in the dash usually says 32 to 33)doing 55 to 75 mph.
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