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  1. I sometimes think it's a power struggle between husband and wife. I had another instance a few years ago--- I was talking up ethanol and a lady said her farmer husband told her to put ethanol in her Tahoe. She said to me " I'm not putting that crap in my car". I said do it for your son then, to help the corn price since he farms too. I eventually saw her putting E10 in.

  2. Part of the problem is people. The guy that just applied my anhydrous ammonia is a big farmer and a big proponent of ethanol. He was telling me that he could never get his 85 year old dad to even use E10. And now his wife drives by a blender pump going to work everyday and he's asked her to put E85 in her flex fuel Explorer but she won't do it. He's pretty disappointed. He says he can't get the cost per mile to soak in.

  3. Another thought about the perfect world with E30. If E30 was the base, then auto makers could build the little, high compression engines and be assured that the high octane fuel would be everywhere without supply shortages. E85 would work better in those engines also, especially if we really had a glut of ethanol at times.  And, the old stuff on the road, like my 2000 Buick, 1995 Aspire, and 1992 Toyota 4x4 would have fuel that works too. But, we know we'll never have a perfect world.

  4. I'm not sure what to think. About everything I'm doing is wrong when it comes to GMO and insecticide. Here is a picture of a corn field I have that has an old building site that should be gone. There is a metal shed and an old house and if you look close, you'll see bee hives that a guy has put there for 10 or 12 years because of the protection and it is 1 mile to town and flowers. The corn is Roundup Ready, corn bore and root worm resistant. When the field is Roundup Ready soybeans and I have to spray for aphids, I tell my friend the spray pilot not to spray when the wind is blowing toward the hives. The guy just gave me another 6 gallons of honey for letting him put the bee hives there.


  5. cessna you have the Focus right?

    Still have it with just over 14000 miles. Just about all E85. Mileage seems to be a consistent 30-31 when I do the math. Readout in the dash always says a couple of mpg on the high side. If you remember, SteveV is involved with AVL and Ford doing research. E30 really cleans the air up and has some 100 octane characteristics according to what he tells me.

  6. Today I asked a second question and got another response.

    Todd, Thanks for the reply. I have another question. Most are using

    regular so how come there isn't a system flush/ sensor check recommended

    for that fuel? Seems that would be necessary also.

    I'm unable to answer this question. I recommend speaking with your

    service manager regarding these specifics.


  7. I remembered there is a Ford person to ask questions on the Focus Fanatics forum. Here is the response I got back about running a tank of regular at every oil change. I don't think I'll be doing it unless I go somewhere and can't get E85.


    According to my technical subject matter expert,this is recommended to help maintain the fuel system. It works like a flush through the fuel system. It also allows the PCM to see a tank of regular fuel as a way to check that all of its sensors are working correctly.

  8. Changing the subject slightly, it really bugs me that every vehicle can't have a real sensor. My aunt has a Mercedes that if the key is in close proximity to the car, all you do is tap the door handle and it unlocks. I'm finding out that many new cars have this and wonder if this costs very much. Here's what happened to her the other day. She rode with a friend in a Lexus to choir practice and when they went to leave the lady says she left her keys in her purse that is locked in the car. My aunt says to tap the door handle and it opens so that is good but what a joke---somebody could have stolen the car.

  9. The main reason I see the two fuels working together is their high octane ratings. Here is a link to an airplane company that is using a high compression engine that needs 100 octane aviation fuel and then using CNG as a duel fuel. Ethanol could also be a fuel that would work. Notice the 10 to 1 compression ratio---in aviation 8.7 is more less the norm.



  10. Got a point Cessna, didn't those subsidies get voted out of this year's farm bill too?

    CRP is still an option as far as I know. I'm not sure, but Direct Payments might go away----for me that amounted to about $20 per acre. My landlord and many others in the area are leasing land to Mid American Energy for wind turbines----that'll be good for about $100 per acre per year so will help with the reduced corn profits.

  11. I asked why Ford suggests running a tank of gasoline before every oil change if E85 is the main fuel over on the Focus Fanatics forum. I can't think of a reason other than to "exercise" the computer. Here are a couple of answers that I find interesting. I'm afraid Big Oil is going to win.



    That may be another reason for running gasoline every so often, just to pull moisture out of the fuel system.


    What I always understood was, because of the chemical makeup of ethanol, sediments and deposits will settle at the bottom of the tank instead of being pulled up into the filter. Running gasoline 'cleans' the fuel system. May also have to do with just keeping all of the components in good shape since ethanol is extremely corrosive when mixed with gasoline. And guess what E85 is? (Or rather, E70 right now in the winter blends). Ethanol mixed with gasoline!
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