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  1. Very good post. The "Wag the Dog" scenario is unfortunately the way our life is. Right now there is a big push by meat producers to kill ethanol since they like it the way it was a couple of years ago with cheap, subsidized grain. Watch TV now and all you see is how high priced steak is because of ethanol. I asked the feed ration guy yesterday about the cost of gain on cattle and you can make it the same as before or you can make  it a lot more depending on your buying "smarts". There are still opportunities out there if you look. I have been making my own biodiesel for about five years now since it is easier than ethanol----will be interested in how your setup goes---maybe someday. I'm in a couple of ethanol plants,one very successful and one so so, and keep saying, wouldn't it be nice to haul it 14 miles to town and sell it for a little over $2 a gallon to the locals. I guess it's not going to happen.


  2. Sorry Dan, I just thought we better not miss using a drop of E85. Those maps on NEVC aren't 100% perfect. Back in 2001 when I first got the Taurus I tried to make it to McCall ID and back on only E85. I could have come close except I drove by the pump in Rapid City and West Yellowstone because the map was wrong. The station in Boise didn't sell it anymore also.




    Source: CleanFUEL USA, press release May 23, 2007


    CleanFUEL USA, Inc., has announced that subsidiary CFT (Clean Fuel Technologies) has satisfied a request from the North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal to provide professional evaluation and assurance that CFT E85 dispenser equipment utilize E85 compatible components and will perform similar to a conventional fuel dispenser by receiving PE stamps on its drawings and component sets from Jonathon A. Gromatsky, a North Carolina mechanical engineer. This PE stamp now allows installation of E85 compatible dispenser equipment to proceed in the State of North Carolina.


    Until Underwriter Laboratories Inc., (UL) establishes new certificate requirements through testing and research, acceptance of E85 dispensers and components remains at the discretion of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (local Fire Marshal). The engineering report released by Gromatsky on April 28 th (which can be found by clicking here) is intended to be used as a proxy in North Carolina for UL approval until new UL requirements are published.


    The North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshal released the following statement:


    "The engineering analysis conducted by Jonathan A. Gromatzky. P.E. has been identified by the NC Office of State Fire Marshal as meeting the intent of the 2006 NC Fire Code. The engineering analysis satisfied the concern over the listing by alternately documenting the compatibility of the dispenser equipment with the E85 fuel.”


    Curtis Donaldson, president/CEO of CleanFUEL USA and NEVC chairman emeritus, thanked the North Carolina Solar Center at North Carolina State University, Gilbarco Veeder Root ( Greenville, N.C.) and the Office of the State Fire Marshal for their cooperation on this project. Donaldson also expressed hope that surrounding states would take note of North Carolina’s pro active approach. “Lack of new UL requirements for E85 infrastructure has delayed the installation of E85 compatible dispensing equipment across the country. North Carolina has taken a prudent and correct approach to solving this issue.”


    E85 is a clean burning, practical and renewable alternative high octane fuel combining 85 percent ethanol, distilled from corn (or other starch based agriculture feedstocks, sugar beet, sugar cane, switch grass, etc.), with only 15 percent gasoline. Upwards of six million automobiles in the United States are currently capable of using E85.


  4. I've been doing a corrosion test on 5052 aluminum and a rubber seal test for over two years on parts for my airplane. One guy on the airplane forum said it wasn't representative because it was in a sealed jar and the aluminum was submerged so I put the pieces( the aluminum was leaned up against the side of the can so it was half in and out of the fuel) in a coffee can and poked a hole in the plastic lid and placed in the same environment as my plane. After almost 6 months, still no problems. Six months ago I also put a comparable rubber seal in 100LL avgas and it actually looked worse with a haze on it but really no difference. Another test I just did for that forum was to put some E85 in a glass jar without the lid in at times up to 100% humidity for 30 hours and then placed in the freezer over night to see if it would have phase separation----no separation.


  5.     Grassley Demands Answers on Ethanol From Oil Execs

        By Jeremy Jacobs

        The Hill


        Friday 04 May 2007


        Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) demanded Friday that Big Oil executives explain why their companies' testimony on ethanol in a committee hearing last year contradicts the practices revealed in a recent article.


        In four similar letters to the chief executives of ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, Chevron and Conoco Phillips, Grassley says an April 2 Wall Street Journal article revealed ethanol policies that gainsay the protocols the companies discussed under oath in a March 14, 2006 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.


        "Your testimony before the committee clearly stated that ExxonMobil was perfectly willing to allow the sale of alternative fuels at ExxonMobil stations," Grassley wrote ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson. "However, a recent Wall Street Journal article … detailed many of the obstacles your company and other major integrated oil companies apparently use to effectively prohibit or strongly discourage the sale of alternative fuels."


        The senator also noted some of the specific practices oil companies have engaged in to deter the sale of ethanol.


        "Chevron's agreement with franchises discourages selling E-85 [ethanol] under the main canopy and includes policies that are claimed to prevent franchises from deceiving customers as to the source of the product," he said in his letter to Chevron chief executive David O'Reilly.


        Grassley, a staunch supporter of developing E-85 ethanol as an alternative to gasoline, said the article shows the companies are "a key obstacle to expanding the availability of alternative fuels" and asked each executive to reconcile their companies' testimony with the findings of the article by May 25.


        "Renewable fuels are a key factor in our energy future," Grassley said in a statement Friday. "And it appears Big Oil is throwing up roadblocks every chance they get."



  6. Greengenes wrote        Anyone familar with financials of some of these plants ?? Is it a 1-2 year turnaround for some of these groups

        to pay off capital costs ?? At our current rate of consumption , maybe ??


    It makes a big difference on management. I'm in two ethanol plants and one made 200% return last year and the other only made 36%---quite a variation.  While not in this one, if you look at the SEC filings for  www.granitefallsenergy.com  you will see that they about paid off the debt in a couple of years. When going to the SEC link click on the 10Q's and you'll see the financials.

  7. After mpersell finding water in his Dallas E85, I decided to test some I've had in a metal coffee can doing a corrosion test on 5052 aluminum. The test was for someone on an airplane forum I go to. I filled the can about an inch deep and placed the aluminum so it was half in and half out simulating a partially filled airplane tank. Started that the first of Dec., poked a small hole in the plastic lid for a vent and placed in my hangar under the wing of the plane. The plane has been wet several times when warm moist air hit the cold airplane so plenty of humidity for about four months. Today I poured the fuel in a glass jar and froze it for 7 hours---no water dropped out. This should be a worst case senario I would think. Are they adding water to the fuel in Dallas? Oh yeah, no corrosion either.


  8. Thune Hosts Ethanol Hearing


    Posted by Cindy Zimmerman


    Thune and Indy CarSenator John Thune this week hosted a hearing in his state on the growing need for ethanol research and availability.


    The Senate Agriculture Committee’s energy subcommittee field hearing on “The Next Frontier of Biofuels Production: Cellulosic Ethanol and the 2007 Farm Bill” included testimony from representatives of VeraSun Energy, Poet (the company formally known as Broin), South Dakota Corn Growers, South Dakota State University, Pheasants Forever, and Ceres, Inc.


    According to a press release, the senator also visited the Sioux Valley Coop in Watertown to fill up on E-20 and discuss methods for providing greater access to ethanol blends like E-20 and E-85 across the country. Senator Thune highlighted his legislation that would provide incentives to gas station owners across the country who install alternative fuel pumps that give consumers cleaner, more diverse, cost-effective options for fueling their vehicles.


  9. You can't take, take ,take from an acre of farm ground without depleting organic matter and fertility. I'd really like to see grass clippings, leaves and other stuff from the cities used. Also, there is a process called plasma gasification that uses solid municipal waste that makes a synthesis gas that can then be made into ethanol. All that is left is the metal and glass. I was raised close to the Chesapeake Bay in VA and they are hauling semi loads a waste from NY and PA down and making a mountain. Seems it could be converted close to the source and save the fuel of hauling. I guess it does create jobs.

  10. Dan, Not sure they have E85 in Brazil. When I was down there visiting in 2001 they had 25% in all gas for regular cars and the other option was "alcool" which was 100% 190 proof. My friend was neighbors with the owners of an alcool plant and I remember going to their office with him and even though I couldn't understand they kiddingly said they drank it even if it did have a little gasoline mixed in. Saw the trucks haul sugarcane to the plant and then it got diced up into short lengths and squeezed with the juice going to the fermenters and the stalk "baggasse" burned for steam production. If you want I can see if I can e-mail him. Luis's other neighbor had 22 Honda dealerships, although some were in family members names since Honda didn't want one person to have so many. Just outside the compound they lived in, I saw people cooking in the gutter of the street.

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